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My views on New Media System

9 Day 1,242, 01:26 Published in North Korea North Korea Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

This time, Plato changes the media publish system.

Dear publishers and future publishers,

Are you tired of searching endlessly for those interesting warfare reports? Sick and tired of seeing the same political
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So here comes Plato again..

6 Day 1,239, 02:23 Published in North Korea North Korea

Plato | 8 minutes ago
Dear citizen,
Having a hard time changing your residence? Confused about what moving ticket to buy? Or you got stuck in a country because there were no more moving tickets left on the marketplace? I have some good news

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History will change, again..

6 Day 1,238, 22:49 Published in North Korea North Korea

In the memory of the past days, I snapshot the current properties I have.

Did you come here to die?
No, I came here YESTERDAY!

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Hunting for sth? Collecting sth?

8 Day 1,235, 00:32 Published in North Korea North Korea

Easter Day is coming. I'm hunting Easter Eggs recently (in another e-world). They're beautiful and I enjoy the hunting very much.


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April Fools' Day

9 Day 1,227, 23:22 Published in North Korea North Korea

Be Careful and Watch Your back.

Have you received a message titled 'Please tell me what do you think...' from Plato? Plato wants to know what I think of eRebuglik, wow!

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