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Help your country by donating Gold, Currency and Food! The President and Congress can use Gold to declare wars and issue money. The currency can be donated to Organizations or used to sign Mutual Protection Pacts with other countries. Launching Airstrikes requires both Currency and Energy from Food.
1,320 .33 Gold GOLD
38,867,278 .06 HRK HRK
484,242 Energy ENERGY

Tax Revenue (60 days)

The tax revenue is based on the number of regions a country owns. Conquered regions will generate additional income at the expense of the country that originally held that region. More info
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Gross Domestic Product (60 days)

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Productivity Information

Country Bonuses


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Country resources

Resource Regions with a Trade Route Regions without a Trade Route
Grain (+25%) Lika and Gorski Kotar Not available
Fish (+10%) Lika and Gorski Kotar Not available
Fruits (+15%) Lika and Gorski Kotar, South Dalmatia Not available
Cattle (+20%) Lika and Gorski Kotar, South Dalmatia Not available
Deer (+30%) Kangwon (Concession) Not available
Iron (+10%) North Dalmatia Not available
Saltpeter (+25%) Hwangae (Concession) Not available
Aluminum (+15%) North Dalmatia Not available
Oil (+20%) North Dalmatia Not available
Rubber (+30%) North Dalmatia Not available
Sand (+0%) Not available Not available
Clay (+0%) Not available Not available
Wood (+0%) Not available Not available
Limestone (+0%) Not available Not available
Granite (+0%) Not available Not available
Neodymium (+0%) Not available Not available
Magnesium (+5%) Not available Lima
Cobalt (+12.5%) Not available Canterbury
Titanium (+15%) Lower Carniola Not available
Wolfram (+0%) Not available Not available

Resource Concessions

Resources in concession from other countries.  
North Korea Saltpeter (Hwangae) Expires in 17 days
North Korea Deer (Kangwon) Expires in 2 months
No Resources conceded to other countries.

Trade embargoes

This country can trade with any other country in eRepublik.


Work Tax Import Tax VAT
Food 1.00% 1% 1%
Weapons 1.00% 1% 1%
Aircraft Weapons 1.00% 1% 1%
Moving Tickets 1.00% 1% 1%
House 1.00% 1% 1%
Food Raw Materials 1.00% 1%
Weapon Raw Materials 1.00% 1%
Aircraft Weapons Raw Materials 1.00% 1%
House Raw Materials 1.00% 1%


Minimum 1.00 HRK
Average 1915.11 HRK