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Zamiatinist Republic of eBelgium

Day 1,979, 13:19 Published in Belgium Belgium by Kylero

Dude...wait, what?

That's right, it is on! Our homegrown, unfallible spiritual leader of eBelgium,Aldous Zamiatin, will now live on as the spiritual figurehead of our nation.

The Zamiatinist Republic of eBelgium (ZRB) will work to ensure the meek, the downtrodden, and the poor of eBelgium are given every chance to succeed, just as Aldous the Meek preached.

Before Aldous left our eWorld for the "Real Life" as he called it, he confided in me a special request. Aldous told me to continue being a disciple of Zamiatinism, to continue fighting for the meek of the eWorld, and to make sure that his generosity is not forgotten. It was then that Aldous blessed me and designated me as his Voice in the eWorld. He insisted that when ready, I assemble a following of Beerists to gain control of our executive offices and to begin the Zamiatinist Global Revolution. He stressed that eBelgium become a Zamiatinist Republic that will eventually change the world and place the power in the hands of the innovative meek that the powers that be wish to suppress.

It is time to rise up and fulfill the will of the Zamiatin, Aldous the Meek!

Join me.

Join the Zamiatinist Peace Party and the Zamiatinist Revolutionary Army!

Supreme Leader of the Zamiatin
Zamiatinist Peace Party Secretary General
Zamiatinist Revolutionary Army Commander

Articles about Aldous the Meek:
They call him, Aldous the Meek
Aldous the Meek: The Parable
The Zamiatinist Revolutionary Republic of eBelgium



Ely.nea Day 1,979, 13:44

wait ? What ? A beer kylero !

Jeiry Day 1,980, 01:29

In Aldous we trust !

Pertazeta Day 1,981, 05:23


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