Your Re-Introduction to the Canadian Progressive Front, Part 2

Day 1,318, 17:35 Published in Canada Canada by Funky 24

At the beginning of the week I talked about where the Canadian Progressive Front stands on the political spectrum and what our focus is. Just go to the bottom of the article to see the link to Part One.

What Are the CPF's Plans?

First off we are accepting any last minute platforms from CP candidates on our forums here:

Last month our candidate and former Country President Aeriala ran a competent and close campaign that I'm sure if he had one, eCanadians would have a lot more faith in their government than they do now.

I intend to run for Re-Election for the party presidency to help oversee our efforts to grow and gain influence on the political field. But that doesn't mean I will be PP indefinetly and hopefully as the party grows to what we once were there will be a slew of members to takeover and take the party in new and exciting directions.

In the meantime our forum remains a great place to start adding to the fabric of a young and ripe political party. On the forum you and I can charter the course forward with new ideas and connectivity with the eCanadian community. Our future can and will only come from individuals ready for a change in how things are done. The CPF was bred to be run by collective decision making and making sure every party member felt relevant and heard. This was something we were good at.

There is simply nothing we cannot achieve. This party is both experienced and open to growth in the hopes of renewing the politics of today. Even as ONE closes around us, you can make the decision today to join a party that will be the best again one day.

After July 15th we will be fielding a small array of candidates to run for Congress under the banner of other parties. We are ready to send people to congress because whether its just been two or thirteen congress members, the CPF has helped guide eCanada to some of its best days and provided real opposition and organization from our elected members.

This is Funky Hum24n, your Party President of the Canadian Progressive Front.

Join us today.

And join us at our forum.