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You said "Special offer" ?

Day 1,803, 06:05 Published in USA Argentina by Leuch

Special offers are a way for Plato to "force" you to buy gold with real money.
Well, even if eRepublik is a free game, it’s normal that admins want to make profit in order to pay their bills.
Special offers give you real advantage in the game face to the others players who don't pay.
They are in eRepublik since the beginning, and they are always proposed for a limited duration. A special offer often introduce a new game mechanics (new company, new building, new weapon).
This article will try to analyse 2.5 months of special offer.

Who bet for a FP for this article ? Even if I don't violate one of the Republik laws ?

You will find here a short resume of special offers from day 1729 to day 1803 (75 days):
(One colour = one type of offer)

Larger version

Some interestings informations:
27 offers in 75 days
Max duration for offer: 122h
Min duration for offer: 24h
Most seen offer: 30% more gold
8 differents types of offers
2 076 hours of offers = 86.5 days ! Reminder: I analyzed 75 days.

You will find below the detail of the 2 076 hours of offers by type of offer:

You will find below the number of apparation of each offers in 75 days:

Finally, the calendar of "special offers".

Larger version

Personal analysis about Special Offer:
Few months ago, a special offer was really... a special offer. We used to see one offer per week, for a very limited duration.
Now, you can easily bet on a special offer (or 2 or 3 cumulated) every week, for a period which increase more and more.
I’m totally agree with the fact that admins need RL money to keep this game free for everyone. Because yes, nobody is forced to buy golds and they are lots of players who played this game since 4 years without spend 1 euro/dollar.

If I had published this article few days ago, I will have wrote than Admins use all their energy to create special offers instead of fix/implement news games updates.
The last updates about wellness, congress elections, government titles, creation (useless) of the battle of Alliances.. enable me to think that, maybe, all is not over here.

I’m less agree with the fact that now, if you don’t spend money here, it’s impossible for a player to become “someone” (you can check my last article if you don’t understand).
Moreover, it seems that we passed from "limited offer" to "offer everyday"... After the creation of lots of contests on Facebook in order to convince players to join the official eRepublik Facebook page, admins tried to implement Special Offer on Facebook...

So, what will be the next step ?

You said "Special offer" ?


zdrug4ever Day 1,803, 06:11

good as always \o/

OkanOzcelik Day 1,803, 06:12


New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 1,803, 06:14

Voted xD

DaddyCooL88 Day 1,803, 06:14

Good Job bro. But I think, plato will delete this article 😕

Leuch Day 1,803, 06:15

I think too : D

smash3r Day 1,803, 06:16

Great Job


d0nsherpa Day 1,803, 06:17

Ceki is special too....
Nice article - shame on u greedy Plato

Tenshou Day 1,803, 06:25

True story 😕

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,803, 06:27

true story indeed. nice o/

Sinan Ks
Sinan Ks Day 1,803, 06:28

THank you for your hard work 🙂

Lexutza Day 1,803, 06:29

nice one baby 😘 voted.

LordRahl2 Day 1,803, 06:30


good work

DMV3 Day 1,803, 06:31

Greet information, keep up the good work.

Absinthium Day 1,803, 06:38

great article


Derfo Day 1,803, 06:47


Ante Tony
Ante Tony Day 1,803, 06:48

great stuff.... keep'em coming 😁 Voted

Gyurak Day 1,803, 06:49

Good job!!

Publius Day 1,803, 06:53

Contract is with Lana, not Taina 😛

JackieB Day 1,803, 06:54


simust2 Day 1,803, 06:54


Giuliana Daniela
Giuliana Daniela Day 1,803, 06:55

Very good job!!!!!!!

smif Day 1,803, 06:55

actually her name is Taina 😃 look it up on Facebook. Taina Ionita 😃

Janko Fran
Janko Fran Day 1,803, 06:56


Gabinheta II
Gabinheta II Day 1,803, 06:58 for those who wanna keep something of this article before it gets erased ^^ .... oh wait i need to vote it up too ; )

JohnCV Day 1,803, 07:01

i got dizzy from so many colors:)

Otto Von Max
Otto Von Max Day 1,803, 07:01

Excellent article!!.. V+S!

xam xam
xam xam Day 1,803, 07:01

good job

Ivan Alexashenko
Ivan Alexashenko Day 1,803, 07:03

Okay I tell you why.
There were questions about gold buying,remember?
As I heard most of people wrote that they bought gold when was 30% more given. So due popular request special offers made almost everyday
Simple as that.
Anything else?

loftedraptor Day 1,803, 07:09

V&S for fun!

candymanson Day 1,803, 07:09

1 FP to say the least.

Great article!

kapahii Day 1,803, 07:10

nice article, lots of useful info, Voted

Persian Tiger
Persian Tiger Day 1,803, 07:10

vote sub!

Koska de STRAH
Koska de STRAH Day 1,803, 07:10

that's it : D

idk why we still play this that's the worst part : )

B O R D O Day 1,803, 07:12

V&S !

GREGORI TR Day 1,803, 07:15


Ante-os Day 1,803, 07:16

voted!! :😁

Ivan505 Day 1,803, 07:17

Vote for good and useful article.

cexinho Day 1,803, 07:17

if u want more updates then... BUY MORE GOLD!!!!! 😃 that's erepublik LAW!!!!

Josh Whitehead
Josh Whitehead Day 1,803, 07:18

Your article has been featured

Tute Cabrero
Tute Cabrero Day 1,803, 07:18


And last one too.

fairgr Day 1,803, 07:20


Pasok na goustaroume
Pasok na goustaroume Day 1,803, 07:20


AlexFran Day 1,803, 07:22

You only said the truth and there´s nothing wrong on it.

In fact the way I see its a good propaganda of the Special offers so, I bet this article will last for ever

Good job! Voted!!

Derviriles Day 1,803, 07:23

V from Catalonia!

Lavrenths Day 1,803, 07:26


armbeno Day 1,803, 07:30

True. Good article.

Marcomannius Day 1,803, 07:33

Now thats what I call a good article! Awsome man! vote, shout and sub!

drMystique Day 1,803, 07:35

Good job! Voted!!

Vote Alert
Vote Alert Day 1,803, 07:36

böbrekleri sat diyor 🙁

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