You made it into congress... what´s next?

Day 949, 07:26 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by Independent Party
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Congratulations to all congressmen who made into congress!

Independent Party secured 4 seats in congress, which is a bit less then we might have hoped for, but nevertheless a nice result.

First thing to do is to report to congress here
(just copy the last post, paste it in a reply, add your name to it, submit, done)

you have to pay congress tax. yes, it sounds annoying, and you might spend the gold on other cool stuff, but it´s goes to the good deeds the government has in store for us, such as signing alliances, so we get battles we can fight in.
yes, It´s mandatory, but it´s only 1 gold a term (or 20% if you get more then 5 gold out of your treasure-map), but still you need to donate it to this organisation

that´s it!?

Well, don´t forget to debate and vote in congress regularly here. Law proposals or other suggestions made in congress followed by a good and earnest debate can have (after voted upon and being accepted by a majority in congress) a great impact on the runnings of the country. We urge all citizens to read and join the Congress debates, and all Congress members to propose new ideas and to vote upon every vote being held while keepings these rules in mind.

cannot reach that forum? please register and
subscribe to UNL citizen group

While your at it also register to the to your local party´s private forum.
Here for example is how to register for Independent party´s private forum.

greetings from,

Markus Bell
Party President Independent Party
Daniel Parker
Vice Party President Independent Party
Party Secretary
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