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Day 2,776, 06:22 Published in Belgium Belgium by Ely.nea

At first i'm not a judge, i'm not god (yes sure i'm titan in the game, but it's not the same), i'm not racist, but i'm oldest like a lot here, i assume that.

I have no religion (maybe several players will not understand that or will see me like a lost person, already lost in my head 😁)
I believe in lessons of life, in the nature.
We are not bad because we don't share your view. It's just the freedom.

I miss so much the past here :
When we were in a war and we saw "trolls" in articles, with a lot of humor and respect

All are so serious and are discuting about the real life.... it's sad ... the goal of a game it's to have pleasure and it's not a big place where we can insult all.
When we see the death of a player, we are a strong community together.

When a person is sick and she has a lot of pains.
she doesn't have time to make stupid discussions about problems of real life.
A game is normally created to give one evasion, some pleasure.
Private messages are done for that or irc.

We don't see the life like others... We don't need to cry a river... rivers are already on the planet.

I'm not your mother, i'm not maybe your friend right (maybe some players will say, omg Elynea again, we are bored... you are not in the obligation to read, and you can really say bad comments. I don't care : the life gave me a good armor).

Before being born (i don't know if it is the good word in english) my mother didn't asked me... you want to come in Belgium?

Wait, it would be easy... hey mum, i want to come in a rich country, with a lot of sun, you are crazy, there is always rain in this country.
Sorry to my mum -) if she could read that.
All is ok ! She doesn't have internet and i don't understand why my sisters said her happy birthday on facebook.

For example : i fight always against eSerbia (ok it's not maybe a problem i don't make billions of damages 😁). I received a message from a new player from eSerbia (maybe a multi, we don't know) who asked me some foods. I was surprised... did i refused to give foods? No, i just said him : i'm pretty sure you can find help in your country, and i gave a little.

You will maybe not vote for this article, you will maybe not comment... it's not the goal. I don't write to be in the top international.

All can change something in this game, and think about that !

If you are angry, if you want insult, close your computer and go in the nature, put your hands on the ground (not a road).

I write a lot in this moment, but it's just a moment.
Take your moment, enjoy the life, we just have only one.

To finish my article on a positive thing.

Come here and click on this link to have fun : we are waiting you.

Hey men, high lvl or not, we see you in battles like musclor... You want fun, right ?
Maybe are you afraid to see moqueries ? We need persons to do this contest!
ok, i take the iniative.