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You can`t airstrike unless you have a plane, right ?

Day 1,724, 05:01 Published in USA Romania by Dan Pop
What do you say about this :

or , maybe this ?

You can`t airstrike without planes, right ? Let`s start to build them !
q1 - small bomber plane (carying out x number of bombs)
q2 - medium bomber plane (...)

Oh, but wait ! Is the airstrike enough to win a region ? Of course not ! We need paratroopers to occupy a region ! So , let`s build cargo planes , too !

Want some more epic erepublik fun ? Then let`s defend the region ! Build anti aircraft weapons , build Hurricanes ... Messerschimtts !!!

OMG ! Plato , you`ve just opened a new war module !

P.S. : I forgot to tell you that this article is a joke , just like Plato`s


Black Amorphis
Black Amorphis Day 1,724, 05:23

and, let's put them on hexagonal map

Squirrel Day 1,724, 05:30

And call it Civilization.

Zimniy Veter
Zimniy Veter Day 1,724, 05:56

Or Panzer General II.
I want v2 back 🙁

przekumIHG Day 1,724, 09:34

We want Q8 weapons - PLANES with 300dmg and just 1000gold for upgrade!

ElvenCRO Day 1,725, 00:16

Messerschimtts!!!! : D

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 1,725, 06:05

"And call it Civilization." +1
Only eRep is like the slow-learner of the class, 5 years of beta and still no strategy : /

Krontzo Day 1,739, 16:58


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