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Wyoming: Personal Politics is Greater than the War Effort

Day 2,063, 14:50 Published in USA Canada by DMV3

What happened in Wyoming?
Yesterday we began a strategic push in Wyoming in an attempt to push Hungary out of the US and establish a more defensible Capital for the eUS. Before we started this operation I asked the President to request money from SCI (Select Committee on Intelligence).

SCI is a secret committee in Congress that has the ability to pass emergency funding for things such as important battles or intelligence operations. They are typically long time members of Congress who have the security clearance to hear sensitive information and decide funding based on need and likelihood of success of an operation. Yesterday this did not happen.

Yesterday a single member hijacked the process to protect his budget. Oblige, the CO of Special Forces decided that funding for his branch and the rest of USAF was more important than our war efforts. His exact reasons for holding up funding were that the Executive did not back him up on funding of USAF in Congress as he had requested and instead were letting Congress decide the matter as is its power under the constitution.

This type of move is entirely political on the part of Oblige and hurts the war effort when we desperately needed to win a key battle for our strategy to continue unhindered. What Oblige does not seem to understand is that the budget is strictly under Congressional control and that due to current income levels cuts are being suggested by their economic advisors and the Executive branch has no real say in what Congress does with the budget other than how it is distributed to the branches of USAF once the budget is passed.

By publishing this information I have violated the laws of the eUS and I am more than happy to live with the consequences of these actions as decided by the President and Congress, but personal power can not be allowed to be put ahead of the needs of the nation. National security and the war effort must take priority over personal ambition and petty grudges. Until we are able to act in the best interests of nation instead of our own we will never be free of our enemies.



Ilies Daniel
Ilies Daniel Day 2,063, 14:58


Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,063, 14:59


seeker1 Day 2,063, 14:59

You did good DMV

Tyler Bubblar
Tyler Bubblar Day 2,063, 21:06

Hey Seeker1! Been 4 years how are you?

Oblige Day 2,063, 21:28


I applaud your leak and will be requesting that the Speaker allow me to make public the entire thread.

Your tantrum demonstrates both your immaturity and your inability to hold a position as important at the national level as the NSC Chairman.

A single individual cannot hold up SCI funding. In fact, even if I had voted yes, you still wouldn't have gotten the money as the measure requires FIVE yes votes!

The most you have demonstrated with this "leak" is that you can't be trusted not to vent FOR YOUR OWN PERSONAL GAIN! Reply Vote 0

DMV3 Day 2,063, 22:07

Yes, because political suicide is a personal gain. I hope they do allow the SCI tread to be published publicly because this kind of behavior had become very common from you. I like you, you're a nice guy but you have an issue with putting yourself above everyone else and doing whatever suits your interests and then hiding behind secrecy to do it.

My faults are plenty, but what I don't do is use secrecy to justify pushing my own agenda.

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,064, 00:11

In case you did not notice: this shows that even at the request of the PotUS a bunch of oldfags holding the SCI have the power to do as they please. And the way you comment shows the general oldfag attitude toward those, who act in the best interests of the eUSA!

Drew Blood Day 2,064, 04:13

Comment deleted

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 2,064, 04:15

I think that thread and a complete list of serving SCI members should be made public, but then again I think EVERYTHING Congress does should be made public within 7 days of happening; my bet is there is a 'Pfeifferist' majority in SCI...after all that's where the money is....

StrahmDude Day 2,064, 09:18

They need to keep some things secret, so Serbian spies can't get important information.

Relorian Day 2,064, 21:18

Lol strahmdude... Serbia already knows everything. They have for a LONG time despite ever increasing "secrecy". With the way some people in the governemt act (IE Long term members who are "trusted" simply because they brown nose enough) i wouldnt be shocked to find out they tell serbia everything in hopes of advancing their agenda (Oh wait... that already happened several times... Silly me)

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 2,065, 05:07

When you have RGR serving as MoFA in Serbia, have 'Fluffer' serving in the Parliament of a TWO country; unless your secret is up you a$$ Serbia knows it....

crashthompson. Day 2,063, 15:09


Magnanimous Day 2,063, 15:09


DonH0mer Day 2,063, 15:11

USAF hurts the US.

DMV3 Day 2,063, 15:13

I wouldn't say that, but one person did put his interests ahead of the interests of the nation.

DonH0mer Day 2,063, 15:30

Such a small part of the eUS draining almost all the money hurts us because the eUS rarely has money for the important battles.

Azazel Romanov
Azazel Romanov Day 2,063, 15:30

Please remember that the USAF is more than one person.

Pompous Day 2,063, 15:48

Please elaborate on your reasoning. Just saying "USAF hurts the US. " without reasoned logic is nothing more than voicing an opinion which <b>could</b> be self-serving or just sour apples (I'm not making that assertion, mind you). We are supposed to be a team, aren't we?

Aramec Day 2,063, 17:56

Have to say, friend, that you're wrong. The people who work in the USAF, both in Flight Training, the Special Forces, and the Air Force proper are dedicated to helping win this war. To say such a thing on account of one person is ill mannered and ignorant.

n4n0 Day 2,064, 21:25

Well, you're mature.

NightMares951 Day 2,063, 15:18


Paulus G
Paulus G Day 2,063, 15:21

voted, and bloody well said 07

Jasher Day 2,063, 15:21


saltibagos Day 2,063, 15:22


bigcdizzle Day 2,063, 15:23

Oblige can be a douche.

shiloh13 Day 2,063, 21:36

No, Oblige is a douche.

bigcdizzle Day 2,063, 23:42

No, there are times where Oblige is completely reasonable, and most of the time I actually enjoy talking to him on IRC....but there are times like this...

George S. Patton Jr
George S. Patton Jr Day 2,064, 09:35

Oblige is a douche

Daz840 Day 2,063, 15:25

voted, nicely done

Blacksheep Counselor
Blacksheep Counselor Day 2,063, 15:46

baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa o7 DMV

Chance Harrison
Chance Harrison Day 2,063, 15:48

Reported for truth.

Henry William French Day 2,063, 15:51

Comment deleted

Henry William French
Henry William French Day 2,063, 15:52

Baaaaaaa o7 Nice glad you said it

Haselrig Day 2,063, 15:54


ligtreb Day 2,063, 15:57

Assuming what you've posted is true (and I'm not saying you're wrong, just giving Oblige the benefit of the doubt) -- You did well.

As a former congressman, I would hope that you are not punished for your options (assuming everything above is true).

It's good when things like this come to light.

DMV3 Day 2,063, 16:03

I figured publishing screen shots would cross a line I didn't think should be crossed, but yes it is indeed true.

Texas_ironman93 Day 2,063, 19:46

As a current congressman if anything comes up to censure or punish you for whistle-blowing I will oppose it!

Tyler Bubblar
Tyler Bubblar Day 2,063, 20:53

So will I

Pfeiffer. Day 2,064, 12:31

So was he the fifth vote you needed and was holding it up? I'm confused. There isn't a procedural mechanism for a single person to stop SCI funding (unless they're the CBO and they refuse to fund it, or the President overrides a request from the DoD or something).

Either you have the votes or you don't. Please elaborate for those of us enjoying our popcorn.

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 2,065, 05:11

From what I have read, yes Oblige was the deciding vote; and because the Exec wouldn't support what he wanted he basically told them to go F themselves....

Chance Harrison
Chance Harrison Day 2,063, 16:08

The truth shall set you freeeeeeeeee.....

olivermellors Day 2,063, 16:10

--- this is about spending a part of the millions of dollars in reserve money
---- The President or the Secretary of Defense must attain 5 approvals from SCI members before spending any reserves except in an emergency, which only requires 3 approvals.

So apparently the president couldn't get 5 approvals. Wonder who is on the SCI?

"The Select Committee on Intelligence shall be staffed by The President. The Committee must include no less than 5 current Congressmen and the CBO Director(s), as well as the Speaker of the House, or Deputy Speaker of the House..."

REVIEW: the president chooses 5 congressmen. In addition the CBO director and the Speaker are members. That makes 7. President needs to get 5 approvals to spend reserve money (million $) held by the CBO. If he doesn't get approval what does he do????

--- he simply leans over to one of his cabinet members, almost all of whom are members of congress, and says "hey, do me a favour, introduce a regular measure into congress to have this expenditure approved okay??" ..

AND of course, all of this is hidden from the public. Unless of course DMV publishes an article. The article probably gets him expelled from meta congress so his voice can't be heard.

In order to be taken seriously, DMV has to accuse Oblige of some moral turpitude and overlook the likelihood that at least one other person also objected and that there are other means to take this forward.

ALTERNATIVE: To have started a continuous public discussion about money months ago so that the public and the electorate know what the heck is going on. To have ongoing public discussions about budget so that readers can have a context within which to intelligently judge, including making judgements about the likelihood of moral turpitude, selfishness etc.

ohhhh..... and ehhh... 🙂...yes.... I'm in Turkey now so no need to pay me any attention.

kind regards and best of luck.

DMV3 Day 2,063, 16:19

The fact is the information supplied to SCI regarding strategy is sensitive in nature, if this information is disclosed publicly our enemies would have access to our battle strategy. I am not in fact a member of Congress but the NSC Director in charge of our nation's battle strategy at the moment, and the actions of one individual have set back and hindered our efforts to retake a large portion of our nation for his own political gain.

olivermellors Day 2,063, 16:33

who else voted it down?

The cabinet is full of Congressmen.

NSC/ SCI/ FBI/ IES/CBO there are so many acronyms and functions in meta.....

Denis.... a discussion about who has how much, what is sitting in reserve, the expected revenues etc etc... these can be / could have been discussed for months. Unless of course everything is national security.... everything is national security except that Oblige frustrated a secret plan.... oh and I can't tell you anything more cause it is a secret.

I'm not trying to give you a hard time. I sympathize. The problem is the endemic secrecy and paranoia and distrust of your own players' intelligence/capacity to contribute.

Darian Dracona
Darian Dracona Day 2,064, 09:18

I have requested what the reserve is several times as a Congressman. All I got in return was that it was posted somewhere and had been discuss (basically being dismissed). I have requested in the past that the amounts of the accounts being held by private reserve holders be disclosed while maintaining anonymity for the account holders (ie account a, account b, etc.). This, too, was thrown to the side with the idea that telling me that the SCI and CBO were handling it. To be honest, I don;t think we have a reserve... I think it has left with players and/or been spent. If we ever get an actual battle funded I will be astonished. Who has physically checked these trusted accounts and how? Did the "trusted" people provide screenshots or access to their accounts to allow our SCI to verify funds. I highly doubt it. Just very skeptical that much of what has been put in the "reserve" is still in the "reserve".

olivermellors Day 2,064, 09:43

1. you are a Fed congressman

2. you are being asked to help create a budget for the Team

3 you will be expected to vote on the budget

4 there are other Fed congressmen maybe even one or two on those special committees

5 the President is a fed and lots of his cabinet are Feds

6 You ask for information so that you can do your job intelligently

7 You are ignored, or told it is too secret, or trust us

8. All of this, and just about every conversation on every topic in congress, takes place in secret, away from public view. There isn't even read-only access.

9 Every now and then, old congress threads are published. The last was from about 3 months ago.

Quaere: Do ya think the Federalist Party might now actually re-thing the whole transparency thing and make it a policy to pursue changes?

Quaere: If the party will not aggressively pursue change, will you?

Quaere: whaddya think of ---


Darian Dracona
Darian Dracona Day 2,064, 12:05

I am not a Congressman this term... But I always push for transparency. No need to hide the amounts only the players that hold them.

Reason I do Congress every other term is because I get sore beating my head against the wall and need to recuperate. But I will not stop and the Feds do believe in transparency... I think that how it is defined might be the issue at hand. Many believe you can't say anything or you will give it all away... That is just a BS line that I don't buy...

olivermellors Day 2,064, 13:18

If the Feds, or any other party, or any other congressmen actually DID believe in transparency we would have it. But no one really does. It isn't hard to write articles about it, push for it openly in elections, push for it openly and vociferously in congress. But it isn't done. Instead, there is a stream of insipid articles with boobs and butts, talk about patriotism and beating AJAY, anti-PTO and taking over their party. But has anyone actually introduced a measure into congress. Anyone made a point of rounding up the support for openess. NO.

Not trying to give you too much grief. Just bit. I think your heart is in the right place. It is just that the culture is one of paranoia, secrecy and disrespect for the majority. You are not immune but maybe today can be one which convinces that you can make a difference. Hmmmmmm.... maybe talk with Wingfield a bit 😉//.

Kind regards

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 2,065, 05:16

The reason you never hear a voice raised supporting transparency is because anyone who does support it is trolled and belittled into silence....

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