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World News - Day 2105

Day 2,105, 03:55 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Salvator3

Thanks for reading the latest edition of Daily Dose - regularly bringing you news from around the world in eRepublik. Our goal is to help regular citizens keep informed and hopefully encourage them to remain active and participate in their country and international affairs.

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New mission arc
Plato recently informed us that Katherine Kesler, the CEO of Kesler Inc has recently captured the training instructor. To return her, players must complete a multi arc mission sequence, before finally confronting Kesler. Rewards for each mission can be found here.

As anticipated, to tie in with the time sensitive mission there are a number of specials available on combat equipment.

Congress elections are upon us
On the 25th of each month each citizen is able to vote for members of congress. The Daily Dose strongly encourages you to read through the recently published papers in your country and cast your vote based for what party you think best represents your goals for the future of your country.

Country Showcase - United Kingom (Part 2)
In each edition, we will be doing a showcase on a particularly country. We will start with their history and move on to their current day activities. After that, we will focus on their current administration, how they operate and their plans for the future.

In Part 1 we looked at the UKs tumultuous early years, and we’ll now cover their more recent rise to the position they now hold.

In early 2013, UK occupied Norway to allow its citizens to gain true patriot medals. In the meantime, the United Kingdom’s ally Spain attacked Canada to cover the UK’s rear flank and in doing so, had occupied Canada for some time.

The United Kingdom then became a member of the alliance TWO along side majors players like Hungary, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain and Poland. While doing so, they remained on friendly terms with many CoT nations.

In march 2013, the United Kingdom was attacked jointly by Ireland and Argentina in what became known as the eFalklands War. Argentina was determined to colonise Great Britain and allow their ally Ireland to to reunite their island into one. The alliance TWO was preoccupied in many other conflicts around the world which allowed Argentine and Irish forces to success in temporarily conquering the United Kingdom.

Supported heavily by the Polish, the United Kingdom was able to win back their territory. With Argentina removed from the United Kingdom completely, the UK then turned their attention to Ireland and was successfully able to control their capital.

Since then, the United Kingdom has remained mostly whole (with a single region they allowed the Polish to control). The United Kingdom has focused most of their attacks on helping their allies around the world, most notably Australia in their war with Indonesia and the USA in holding their territories.

Non Aligned Nations (NaN)
Things are still looking difficult for the alliance. The unity cup was somewhat successful in helping the remaining member states bond. NaN’s problems are partly due to their head consul mhifzan being inactive.

World Organization of Loyalty and Freedom (WOLF)
Three former members of the Non Aligned Nations, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia & Egypt have recently formed a new alliance: World Organization of Loyalty and Freedom or WOLF for short. Details are quite scarce on their intentions as they are still in the early stages of formation.

South Africa
South Africa is currently engaged in a war with Brazil. While Brazil is a much larger country with many more active fighters, South Africa is determined to remove Brazil from their territory. They have been relying heavily on their allies and recently signed new mutual protection pacts with Romania, Argentina and Poland.

It appears peace between Spain and Canada is finally a possibility. With initial talks falling apart, both country presidents entered into private dialogue to help resolve the situation. The peace deal returns 10 regions to Canada for 100k (to be paid over 2-3 months) while 4 Canadian regions are freely given to Spain. Also, both countries with sign a Non Aggression Pact (NAP) and Canada will assist Spain in retaining their Canadian holdings.

The Filipino government has been successful in their negotiations with China and have gained more regions. The Filipino’s have been assisted by Pakistan in recovering their territory. However, rumours have been spreading that Pakistan is only assisting as they want these regions for themselves. However, this is unconfirmed.

While Cyprus currently remains free, tensions are quite high between Cyprus, Turkey and Greece. Some time ago, the latter two nations believed that Cyprus aided their enemy and the government passed a number of laws simply for the sake of annoying their neighbours. Cyprus denies this and current and former members of the country are pushing hard for peace. It is yet to be seen how Greece and Turkey will respond.

Macedonian's remained hopeful that they would be able to hold onto their lone region they had recaptured in order to elect a congress. The Greeks however, were able to overcome the Macedonian forces defending it and have since wiped them from the map. It looks doubtful that Macedonia will be able to regain territory in time for the election.

Czech Republic
The Czech republic recently launched a resistance war attempting to regain territory they have lost to Poland. The resistance war was unsuccessful with Poland holding on to the territory.

The war to regain territory lost to Serbia continues. Mexico has reformed their country and is now continuing northward taking Serbia’s holdings in the southern USA.

The USA has been able to successfully regain a number of their regions from Serbia. It now appears to be a scramble between Mexico and USA to retake what is left of the Serbian holdings in North America.

Poland currently holds regions of many other countries and as such, faces a regular stream of resistance wars. They have recently been able to repel attempts by Germany, Czech Republic, USA, Netherlands and France.

Emboldened by their recent alliances with China & Spain, Belarus launched an air strike against Albania attempting to take some of their holdings in India. Their attack was unsuccessful and Albania was able to hold their territory.

India is attempting to regain territory lost to Bosnia and Herzegovina. So far, their attempt looks to be unsuccessful with Bosnia and Herzegovina able to hold onto their territory.

The battle between Australia and Indonesia rages on (as it has for some time). Indonesia has been calling on their allies in Circle of Trust (CoT) with Australia calling heavily on their allies, The World is Ours (TWO). While the war was initially going in Australia’s favour, with them able to regain all their regions and take territory from Indonesia, that war now looks to favour Indonesia with Australia losing half their territory. The battles seem to slightly favour Indonesia and CoT, however Australia and TWO are throwing in all they can.

France is attempting to regain Corsica which is currently under Serbian control. Initial reports look as if France will be successful, however the battle is far from over.

France has a region in the Russian mainland which will allow them to elect a congress.

Serbia is currently controlling a various number of territories in locations around the world and are facing uprising within a lot of them. They have lost a lot of territory in Central America, North America, Croatia and if current trends continue, will lose territory in Italy too. They have recently signed new alliances with Australia, Greece and Romania and are hoping their new allies can assist in controlling their remaining holdings.

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Thanks for reading! Keep an eye out for the next issue 🙂


Invalidation Day 2,105, 03:57

Awesome paper.

sirjames244 Day 2,105, 04:13


good to be updated.

GazonkFoo Day 2,105, 04:18

always a nice read

Luke Braferd
Luke Braferd Day 2,105, 05:02

you have my vote + sub.

starscreamzz Day 2,105, 05:13

Always a top read

010901 Day 2,105, 05:34

Yes, i think Pakistan is only helping Philippines to get their regions later on. Pakistan already attacked Palawan.

Boy Pick Up
Boy Pick Up Day 2,106, 06:22

Yep, fight for Pakistan in Palawan, our government sold our regions like a Thai Tranny Whore. 🙁

JonathonEdwards Day 2,105, 06:58


AdUnit Day 2,105, 08:02

Good work

Shoi12 Day 2,105, 18:31

False 😛

4 regions to Spain and 100k 😛

Salvator3 Day 2,105, 18:58

I'll take your word for it, as your MoFa for Canada. However, my sources told me 3 for 150k. Thanks for the update.

Shoi12 Day 2,105, 19:04

It was 3 for 150k, then they changed the terms, because they're just so cool 😛

NB, PEI, NS, and NFL and 100k to Spain yayyyyyyy 😑

Salvator3 Day 2,105, 20:49

Ahh, great! Thanks for the update 🙂

Marcos Arolia
Marcos Arolia Day 2,105, 21:11

The war is actually in Aussie's favour currently.. With the end of the National Shield, we have been able to regain Victoria and Tasmania. Otherwise, it has been a stalemate.

Salvator3 Day 2,105, 21:32

It was a hard one to call, because it depends on how victory is defined in that particular conflict. In this case, because Indonesia controls a number of Australian territories I called it in Indonesia's favour, I know Australia was recently wiped so that does of course factor in. The current battles however do seem to favour Australia & their allies, so I may change that status in the next article, we will see how it unfolds.

010901 Day 2,106, 04:05

Stalemate! Also, i think in the beginning of the war, we (Indonesia) also controls Queensland, but now we don't. And Australia did managed to be down with 2 regions at some point, so that makes a possible Australian strategic victory, BUT, Indonesia managed to kick 3 Airstrikes out in less than 2 weeks, so it's hard to say who's "winning".

ChewChewShoe Day 2,106, 00:13

Quality stuff mate!

Giorgos Zaikos
Giorgos Zaikos Day 2,106, 03:42

Great newspaper \o/

Strength and Honour

Samoss The Great
Samoss The Great Day 2,106, 04:03


Very comprehensive article

Loving it


Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 2,106, 04:16

Voted, Informative and an entertaining read


Neil Lewis
Neil Lewis Day 2,106, 06:44

v69 s232

F.Simple Day 2,106, 11:44


mhifzan Day 2,106, 18:58


p00kachu Day 2,107, 03:16

I thought we'd been a member of TWO long before January 2013?

WookieO Day 2,107, 03:43

V & S

An interesting read, good work o7

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