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WolfPack Telecommunications and Biotechnology Group Week 31 Shareholders' Report

Day 1,911, 14:40 Published in USA USA by Farmer Harvey

Hello Shareholders!

At the WolfPack Group, we have decided to improve transparency and open a Google doc with company records, updated daily. The link to the doc is

The Agenda:

1. Revenue Report
2. Revenue Break-down
3. Dividend Report

This Week’s revenue came in at 1,867.90 USD, virtually unchanged from last week. Food and RM prices have stayed low.

The overall economy is hurting, which obviously hurts the company. But what the company essentially does is invest your money for you in factories that you could build yourself. But the WolfPack Group does it with much higher efficiency than the shareholders could as a whole. So if you didn’t own stock, you would still be getting the same returns that you do with it, except I do your work for you and with higher efficiency. Or you just have gold sitting around, dying a slow death to deflation.

The WolfPack sold a total of 59,976 Raw Materials and 17,700 Finished Products this week.

55,440 FRM at an average price of .0200 USD = 1,108.80 USD
4,536 WRM at an average price of .0200 USD = 90.72 USD

Finished Products
5,000 Q1 Food ave. price of .0230 USD = 115.00 USD
12,700 Q2 Food ave. price of .0436 USD = 553.72 USD

There are 5,000 outstanding shares. 2,500 open to the public, and 2,500 saved for the WolfPack's ownership.

With a revenue of 1,867.90 USD that comes out to a dividend of .37 USD per share to be paid today to each shareholder.

Top 2 Shareholders (By share-count):
1. Braveone1838 600 Shares
2. rudaisreinis 250 Shares

Thank you for investing in The WolfPack!

Thank you for your time America and the World!
This is CEO Farmer Harvey signing off.


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