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Within the next 3 hours, eNew Zeland Alliance with the eUSA expires

Day 1,995, 03:25 Published in Australia Australia by Marbus

Men and wemen of eAustralia, in the next three hours, eNew Zeland will have its alliance with the eUSA expired. It is therefore important that the president of eAustralia strikes up an alliance with the eUSA.

I call on for the president of eAustralia, irule777, to forge an alliance with eUSA. Take this opportunity now, Mr President, because this potential alliance is very important for the Survial of eAustralia. I plead to you to do this, for the sake of our eCountry.

The time is now to forge an alliance with the eUSA before its too late. We must ally ourselves with the eUnited of America, for a better future, for a better tomorrow, for a better eAustralia.

The time has come, so don't waste this opportunity Mr President!



Lord TJ
Lord TJ Day 1,995, 04:08

Marbus, you really need to learn the game mate. eUSA and eNew Zealand are allied through the Circle of Trust (CoT) which is a different alliance to that which eAustralia is a member of (NaN). Alliance politics aside, such things are supported in-game through Mutual Protection Pacts (MPPs) such as the one you describe. However, one MPP between two CoT countries doesn't negate the alliance, nor it conflicting with eAustralia's alliance.

As an e.g. say eAustralia signed an MPP with eUSA now, as the instigator it would automatically cancel out other MPPs eAus has with countries who have conflicting MPPs, thus reducing eAustralia's MPP to one (eUSA - which BTW requires both Congresses to approve and I doubt the eUSA will vote to ratify) and another side consequence could be (depending on how the dominoes fall) that the MPPs we had 5 minutes prior to this action, would become our de facto enemies.

Marbus Day 1,995, 06:12

This is a serious error by the people who made this game, nan, eden, are actually pacts.

This needs to be changed from the other way around!

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Day 1,995, 06:21

We can find room to agree on a lot of things bud but this is the game mechanics we were given to work with and so we must. For now the pacts we have are enforced by MPPs in-game otherwise the pieces of paper they're written on are useless.

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Day 1,995, 06:23

Forgot to note - EDEN are now officially over. They've announced and now it's up to the remaining EDEN countries to ratify their leave via game mechanics. It's now CoT, TWO, Asgard and NaN.

Marbus Day 1,995, 07:28

But its just stupid! It was better when the pacts were called alliances. Just look at the campaign section


"Your allies are currently not involved in any military campaigns."

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Day 1,995, 09:46

But in a sense it's important to note the two are separate. The term 'allies' in-game refers to MPPs. This must be distinguished from 'alliances' which is something else. An 'alliance' (providing an alliance is 100% reciprocated between countries and system alike) is a network of countries who form a bloc. In addition to its defensive and offensive strategies, one of the lesser adopted in-game tools a bloc is powerful in numbers, if used, is the embargo mechanic which prevents citizens of an embargoed nation trading on the initiator's market. There are unintended consequences that prohibit more frequent use.

Bare in mind, one of our allied nations may have an alliance further up that they have a personal relationship with that we will never have. That's a common example with many countries. A very rough comparison: MPPs work in a sense like Facebook friends. Each has a network that interconnects. If one is dropped, it will cancel a mutuality.

Hardening stances isn't always to our long-term benefit.

Tasmyn Day 1,995, 22:10

eUSA can't sign with you, as that would be breaking the CoT charter 😉

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Day 1,996, 03:34

CoT is a minor consequence. Any country that intentionally crosses out their MPP stacks by aligning with conflicting alliances is moronic. That we ain't 🙂

DodgyHagrid Day 1,997, 02:45

New Zealand and it's approximately 400 citizens would be nothing without CoT

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