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Win gold with useless currencies

Day 1,351, 13:25 Published in Croatia Germany by eDeutschland

We all have small amounts of some currencies in our account, which can't be directly exchanged into gold. Let us use this untouched emoney by bringing together those small amounts.:

Donate your currencies, which can't be exchanged to gold, to this account: then vote, leave a comment with your vote-number and shout this article.

The more unused currencies i'll receive, the more i'll be able to exchange into gold. Remember, only donate the small amounts of currencies you won't use anymore!

In exactly 5 days (Day 1356 erep time - tracking time of all donations i got), i'll give 90 % of the exchanged gold to 3 lucky winners, which will be chosen via

So again, how can you participate in this "contest"?

- donate your unused currencies to this account:
- vote and shout this article
- leave a comment with your vote number (feel free to also subscribe my newspaper)

Have a nice day and good luck!

PS: forgot the boobs


Martin Stettler
Martin Stettler Day 1,351, 13:32

v1 and already donated

marko12345678 Day 1,351, 14:17

v8 sub73

victimmarkV Day 1,351, 17:32

V15 S75 donated

HiteiKan Day 1,351, 18:52


Erik War
Erik War Day 1,352, 02:38


Gabrovo1 Day 1,352, 05:50


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