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Why you will vote for Prince of Austria tomorrow:

Day 1,903, 08:45 Published in Austria Austria by Harzakc

The far-right's rise could yet come.
National Front has a big pool of potential new voters.
The party tries to look respectable, which usually means ditching the undertones of their evil plans.
Now they even chose a "female" leader.
They obviously try to detoxify their brands.

What to do?

Our strategy must be to peel off the large, weak rumps of their supporters: These people aren’t committed to far-right parties, but often choose them only during the campaign.

So, what can we offer these people?

There are some things we can do for these voters.

For example:
We should continue to stigmatise far-right parties. That’s because stigmatisation works! We should show respect to far-right voters, but NOT to their parties.

Still the best long-term strategy against the far right is to educate more people.

Can u identify with these people or do u want to be part of these people?
I guess not.

So vote AGAINST Nationalism,
vote FOR austria,
vote for Prince of Austria!

peace out,



ZoltanB Day 1,903, 08:48

Why you will vote for Prince of Austria tomorrow?
Because there is no other candidate. Very democratic : D

Harzakc Day 1,903, 08:51

my job is done. nice.

Prince of Austria
Prince of Austria Day 1,903, 10:16

And why there is no other candidate? Because its not my fault x D
So why the 20 questions? Damn..

Gullberg Day 1,903, 11:19

Why you will vote for Prince of Austria tomorrow:

Because he is in the best party ever!!!

Vreath Day 1,903, 11:27

Why you will vote for Prince of Austria tomorrow:

Because otherwise I shit on Lars Ulrich's face.

Duuuutan Day 1,903, 11:46

ZoltanB be free to vote for meeeeee 🙂
I'm candidate for CP 😃
Now you do have a choice 🙂

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