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Why we need a Peace Treaty for India and Croatia

Day 1,877, 13:41 Published in India Ireland by Death and Taxes

It's not often that I find myself behind the curve. But I am certainly behind it this evening. I'll excuse myself on the basis that most of my RL Indian friends have 270 minutes on me in real time, but that's a poor excuse.

I was looking forward to writing an article on a fantastic victory eIndia had today - along with a host of allies and friends - but this story has eloquently been told by Ash here and also by Graf here So there's no need to reinvent the wheel now is there?

Far more irritatingly for me, however. Arrlo has written an exceptionally eloquent and simplistically brilliant article here which examines the pointlessness of the current India vs. Croatia situation, so there's no point in even attempting to rehash that. So what the hell am I going to write about?

First of all I want to introduce you to another analysis site available called eRepublik Battle-Watcher. You can find it here. Basically, this site allows you to examine individual battles and campaigns in more detail. So for example, our recent victory in Chhattisgarh looks like this, so we can easily see the top 5 on both sides in all 4 divisions, as well as a graph of how and where the battles was won or lost.

By using this website we are in a position of informing you all that in this campaign alone, Croatia, with a small amount of assistance from her allies did in Division 4 alone:

That's just the top 5. So when we add in all the ancillary damage plus the other divisions, we can be pretty sure that this campaign alone cost Croatia 50% of her daily influence at least.

This is:

Not just for Croatia, but more importantly, for EDEN

On our side, we're spending quite a lot of money and resources on winning targeted battlefields. In fact, I can say - especially as it has nothing to do with me - we're fighting pretty smart.

After today's two targeted victories, I would like to think that our Croatian adversaries now realise that this little war is now in an impasse. So then, what to do?

Well, before I make my suggestion we need to look at the following geographical and political situation:

1. India needs time and a clear head to make a coherent decision about what alliance she wants to join, if any. That's a very hard thing to do during a major war.

2. Croatia through her alliance in EDEN, would rather be using its considerable influence assisting her allies. Before people crib about this, I should point out that most of this damage is on behalf of small nations currently wiped or e-wiped. Something India would normally respect.

3. India is a huge eCountry with enormous resources and a pretty small population. It can well afford to have a companion country within her realm as long as both parties can live with each other. Obviously that's not the case now, but while Croatia are here time is required to come up with a dignified way of seeing them leave, or be replaced by more accommodating guests, or maybe just ourselves

4. Croatia benefits from being in India, it's better than being wiped. Unfortunately it's currently stuck in a mindless conflict and needs to time to come up with a solution. Negotiate with India? Leave India and start a proper RW campaign in their original homeland? How about an airstrike in Peru? But it's very difficult to decide coherently in the middle of this war

5. Lastly, both sides gain nothing from this conflict apart from draining resources. This war can go on for the next few months with no clear resolution. So what's the point?

So my humble suggestion is the following. Take this opportunity with India regaining the initiative to formulate a peace treaty. Don't complicate it by deciding upon RW's to get significant regions back, that can be agreed later. Stopping the fighting straight away unconditionally gives us both breathing room.

Then the legislators can move in and work out the legalities and choreography of it all. Both countries have hard decisions to make, and we can't make them in the current poisonous atmosphere.

Country Presidents, congressmen and ministers are elected or promoted to serve the people. I believe the people, the common soldiers, are growing weary of this war, because they know that these victories and defeats are temporary and will be repeated ad nauseum.

I call on the legislators of both countries to seek peace, even a temporary one.


Here's the recent logs from the latest TWO conference. You can read them here.

Here's the critical part of the logs:


MistrzuYoda[PL][MoFA] India is planning offensive against Croatia
MistrzuYoda[PL][MoFA] we are going to help them a bit
MistrzuYoda[PL][MoFA] so in case keeping away Croatians from Idnia
MistrzuYoda[PL][MoFA] we have problem in Europe with RW
MistrzuYoda[PL][MoFA] *croatian RW
MistrzuYoda[PL][MoFA] whats more
MistrzuYoda[PL][MoFA] in case 2 hard RW, or even 1
MistrzuYoda[PL][MoFA] Serbia is out of 10/10
Cookies[SG] Helping India is ok
Cookies[SG] but not all the time
Mininuns[SC] Sure..
DonLex[vSOFA] like i told u before
Cookies[SG] we can help them win some battles but not kick out Croatia
Kravenn[SoFA] ponctual help : not a daily one
DonLex[vSOFA] we dont want CRO on Balkan
Iain_Keers india aren't allies
Iain_Keers keeping croatia weak is good
Mininuns[SC] helping India (right now) it's a bit useless, when Serbia needs help
Kravenn[SoFA] Unlike CoT : it is on our interest to keep Croatia in Asia (2 or 3 resources are enough) and not have them back in Europa
Iain_Keers keeping them in asia is good too
MistrzuYoda[PL][MoFA] yep, but less resources
DonLex[vSOFA] sure, but, we are TWO, not COT
MistrzuYoda[PL][MoFA] than now
Cookies[SG] We can certainly help India win a battle or two, just to cut Croatias bonuses
Cookies[SG] but not helping them kick Croatia out
MistrzuYoda[PL][MoFA] but Croatia is still EDEN
Iain_Keers croatia in europe would mess us
ariyan[King] they had bboom
Iain_Keers we need them to believe they have a future in asia
ariyan[King] they will come back to europe sooner or later
Iain_Keers constantly trying to keep them down in europe = we lose serbia as an offensive force
Kravenn[SoFA] if Croatia is out of Asia, we know the story : pushing on a RW, once they have a region, they will NE serbia. And full serbian resource set could be lost
Mininuns[SC] the longer it takes to Croatia to be in Europe, the better


eIndia you must understand. The main alliances will use you as they see fit. For whatever suits their plans. A peace treaty allows us the time to make a considered judgement. Those who advocate a war are doing so NOT in the interests of India. Be independent. Be strong. Give yourself time to make a decision


Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Day 1,877, 13:48

Supported bro o/

klop123 Day 1,877, 13:52

Voted and supported! o7

MikiST Day 1,877, 13:55


Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,877, 13:55


Peace for the moment. Both sides need to reevaluate their issues and sort them out, then take it to the right battlefield.

Stolch Day 1,877, 14:43

I believe you got all of it wrong here.

First most top countries in this game have been built upon the adversity of being manhandled by a much stronger opponent.

Few know that Croatia was much stronger then Serbia early on and had it's way with it. PTOiting and so on, we know how that turned out.

Poland was occupied by Germany early on, Hungary was assaulted and brought to 1 region by Romania.

Bulgaria had about the same population when Romania decided that they're big and they can go through it despite the wishes of the smaller country, we know how that went.

Chile and Argentina, France and Spain, Greece and Turkey (yes Greece was relatively small country before big Turkey decided it wanted it's allies resources and attacked it).

The game is full of examples.

This war has energized the community, it has made things interesting for India, true not under ideal situation, however it was not of India's choosing.

India has not fought such a war in it's history and rarely has had real wars to begin with, but one where they're part of a major conflict never. This can be used to spark players into working to bring in more players, make a BB and bring India to the next level.

Virtual gold and resources will earned and lost, players is what counts and though I can't assume to speak for others I believe this last fe days have been the most exciting for many Indian players and in the end of it all this is the most important thing.

Lastly but not lastly, there is no going back to a timid small country in the corner of the world quietly going by. India has been put on the map now and there is no going back, it cannot avoid being engaged anymore and this is one of the most positive results.

India should be thankful to Croatia and EDEN, because it was their treatment which has been the catalyst for this quality change to the country and the players will come. With the impressive patience and commitment of the last days I am sure they will come.

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,877, 15:21

That's fine Richard. But before we get carried away, people need to realise that they are swapping one master for another. As the logs show, TWO will 'play' India vs. Croatia and make the war last as long as possible. That's not in our interest. What's in our interest is to make a democratic choice about what alliance we want to be in.....if any.

Eaten bread is soon forgotten

Plugson Day 1,877, 15:31

India has been a fascinating story of battles, alliances, and power-brokering. Thanks for another installment in the series, DaT.

Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho Day 1,877, 15:40

EDEN is pathetic with it's organization. Just sayin', other than that if peace between India and Croatia is accomplished, I will be incredibly surprised.

A referendum should be held is what it sounds like. However, just as I feel Ireland doesn't fit in with many countries in CoT, I also feel that India doesn't either. Although there may be more in common with EDEN nations, that doesn't change the fact that EDEN HQ is currently flushing itself down the drain.

Stolch Day 1,877, 18:32


So not to change one master with another, go back to the one that beats you with a whip?

I don't agree with that statement by the way and believe it is very biased. It was anything but a master when so many people came to fight for India against a much stronger opponent, without having any interest to do so, even as you're trying to point out have the opposite interest.

So either others have an interest to help India or there is no "master" there to be had.

To be honest I'm getting exasperated listening how everything is being explained through the prism of Serbian or TWO interests, no one else exists or has interest or even plays the game for that matter.....

The logs PR tactic of mr "Greece buys 11% of the gold in the game so STFU and do as I say" quit again has long ago lost it's effect, now it is mostly PR for the opponents.

The irony of it is that by signing peace with Croatia India would be catering to the interests of TWO more then waging war (which we know is evil) but in this case is ok, because Croatian interests are also fulfilled. Seems like double standarts to me....

By the way I agree India should not rush into any decisions based on it's future while it is waging a war wich has brought emotions to the forefront, however that does not mean to bend over backwards for it.

ultimatewinner Day 1,877, 19:00

D & T > eIndia does not need peace treaty. It is just a game and if we wipe out that's ok but who knows it may bring baby boom for eIndia. If it is draining eCroatia/Eden damage, it is good. eIndia does not have real war for a long time so it is win-win situation for eIndia considering this is mainly war game.

If at this moment eIndia even thought about cooperating with eCroatia, eIndia will be dead for at least one more year (as people will leave eIndia). Yah, if eCroatia leave eIndia immediately on their own then we can talk about cooperating with eCroatia after few months. So, Sir eIndia does not need peace treaty.

Roger Griswald
Roger Griswald Day 1,877, 19:06

@Death: I liked the article. It is also great to have someone post an irc log that actually shows what many of us have been saying for weeks. eSerbia will never let eCroatia get wiped from eIndia.

@eRichard Parker, why did you get a new account? Also it would be kind of you to please let us all know what your name and role was in a previous eLife~wink. As to your comments, you are foolish to try to get eIndians to disregard the logs as inaccurate or misleading, especially when tWo members on the log have confirmed them. Please stop insulting our collective intelligence. Also I am growing bored with your endless accusation that everything is PR or propaganda. Mostly because everything is one of those two things. ITS THE MEDIA for crying out loud. Get some new rhetoric or move on friend because your repetition is growing tiring and your new avatar is only like 6 days old.

Roger Griswald
Roger Griswald Day 1,877, 19:10

Oh and for the record I would support a peace treaty negotiation if it was initiated by eCroatia. I think everything is on the table, however it is the agressors role to initiate peace talks. Defenders assume that they are not an option until they are offered.

@ultimatewinner: we are all losers in this conflict, babybooms are born out of familiar conflicts not bizarre ones. Most new players will be confused why eCroatia is attacking eIndia and give up on an overly complicated impression of the game.

Hem Sharma
Hem Sharma Day 1,877, 22:27

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,878, 23:46

Richard, no-one is advocating going back to EDEN, there may be no EDEN to go back to. All I, and I believe others are saying, is that this conflict will be never-ending, will be an enormous drain in resources on both sides, and fundamentally, after all the TP medals are handed out, fruitless for both sides.

Particularly when, as a nation, we are stuck in no man's land in terms of alliances. Get the big ticket items sorted out first, the rest will look after itself

Stolch Day 1,878, 02:03


It took you long enough....but who I was in my previous e-life is no secret including to you, so this comment of course is smoke and mirrors again but thats fine, your bias is clear as morning dew. The interesting part is that now that there is someone to actually engage back at your own propaganda you're getting irritated when presented with arguments.

I'll tell you what my agenda is, I returned to the game after leaving it for good, hence the ne account now, to help India grow so it never again would have to bend over backwards to bigots who think they can insult people in a game only because they did not get their way and for virtual money.

I find that no only appalling but it makes me sick! There is no excuse for that and there has been no remorse for it either.

The second reason is that I've known many of these Indian players for a long time and I know them as people with principles who have many a times selflessly helped friends and allies without asking or expecting anything in return, so I'll do what I can to help them become independent and strong and lead India to prosperity so they never again have to listen to "generous offers" to leve a region for congress rather then total annihilation.

Many people know me in this game and all know that I have principles and I don't stray from them, I'm here to play for India but will not engage in politics, I have no right to do so. However I'll defend their right to self-determination to the end!

Hope I answered your querry

Stolch Day 1,878, 02:04


You're advocating Croat interests representing them as being Indian as well. When you've been invaded the interests of the invader are anything but something to consider when deciding what to do.

That happens only if you get subjugated.

lovac na jelene
lovac na jelene Day 1,878, 03:21

eRichard you really are full of shi***T... seems like erep baby is doing all of CoTWO prpaganda for them... wow, what integrity...

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,878, 04:20

Richard, I think you're perspective is interesting, experienced and worthwhile listening and paying attention to. But there is no doubt that like a lot of other on both sides, you are using your own e-experiences to judge the current situation in India.

My perspective is simple. I am not advocating anything other than a cessation of the current conflict so all of eIndia can decide her future. In those discussions, your perspective is no worse or no better than others.

Roger Griswald
Roger Griswald Day 1,878, 05:36

@eRP: The only smoke and mirrors being used is that BS answer above. You still didn't answer my question? Please tell us your previous account name(s).

You can say what you want about me, but anyone can look at my profile page and see much of my history and read my backlog of articles. For you however all they see is a young eIndian citizen. However this is hardly your history and I am giving you a chance to end your deception and simply tell us who you really are.

Also for future comments, saying you rejoined the game to stop propaganda and bigotry in eIndia is not only offensive (because it isn't the reason you are here), but incredibly unbelievable.

orangejuicemmm Day 1,878, 07:33

Stick to the pacific ocean Richard Parker...

Hey Malbekh..just keeping tabs 😉

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,878, 08:33

Hey OJ, how'you doing? Thanks for dropping by.

Lord Marlock
Lord Marlock Day 1,878, 10:33

Only after u come to terms on how ur side acted in this whole affair will u be able to put the things into a proper perspective.

btw, not sure whether the air strike is an option once utilized.

Ethel Rosenberg
Ethel Rosenberg Day 1,878, 15:29

A well written article as usual Mal - straight to the point. Thank you!

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