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Why we live? Is it simply to die?

Day 2,352, 20:13 Published in Japan Republic of China (Taiwan) by WindyPeace

For experience.
No one wants the 'bad' experience. No one asks to feel helpless.
However sometimes life hits hard.

Death may seem like a sweet release from an individual perspective.
However the spirit lives on.
Even in this material world, your imprints and the effects of them continue.
Family, ideas, friends, structures, systems. Everything you did remains.

Essence can not be destroyed. The energy and material that makes things lives on.

Japan is not lost so long as one Japanese remains.

And so the struggle continues...



Flaco Jimenez
Flaco Jimenez Day 2,353, 18:59

10,000 years!

Geezus Day 2,354, 02:59


Aryzn Day 2,354, 14:14

Is this an argument to reinstate the emperor as the divine ruler of Japan?

WindyPeace Day 2,356, 18:40

Emperor must rule Japan with full authority!

WindyPeace Day 2,362, 10:07

The Empire Rises!

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