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Why Newellington is an ally of Israel

Day 1,822, 13:02 Published in Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Israel by Newellington

I once was a citizen of Macedonia. When you look into the history of Macedonia, however, you find that there is a whole lot of corruption in their capital city of Skopje. When I say corruption, I am not referring to the "party animal" nonsense found in American politics. I am referring to lobbying, bribery, and treason. Now, with exception of treason, you would be able to find all of these things anywhere you looked except in one location.

In the Middle East, tensions are at boiling point at print time between Egypt, Hamas, Israel, and Iran. Israel, especially, is very much a warzone. However, in this warzone of a country, you find a whole lot of religious history. The three major monotheistic religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam claim Jerusalem as their holy land. For this reason, conflict is always brewing. However, when you look inside all of this conflict, you find that the main reason for this is religion.

Now, of course, this is extremely disappointing. You would think that religions basing themselves on peace and unity would focus on peace and unification. However, they don't. Instead, they opt to go to war over whose God is real. However, this religious tension does not carry over into the main branches of power. Instead, those who represent Israel listen to the interests of everyone and base their decisions off of which will cause the least tension. This is why Newellington has made an alliance with Israel and is applying for citizenship.



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