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Why I will not be on the forums

Day 1,815, 22:49 Published in South Africa Bolivia by atrawall

I'm done with the eSA forums. I'm tired of them.

Al Kazar and Zansi have done nothing but make them awesome. Everyone else on the forums sucks.

I don't mean this to attack individuals, but collectively.

I'm tired of pushing issues. We have some core issues that have been discussed in depth on the Forums and I'll bet half of you still don't know that "EDEN" does NOT require us to MPP all their allies.

Everything that is used as an argument for ANYTHING has been repeated 10 times over in each thread, even when it's been proven WRONG! How many CTRL (ALT) threads did we have popping up, AFTER the alliance had died?

I feel like the only real advancement of the country is coming in debates between me, Tenshibo, Fhaemita & the occasional Seisan appearance. (Plus a couple of new guys)

I've been a champion for 3 or 4 ideas now and they've failed in the votes miserably. Which makes no sense, because I'm seeing 20+ votes, yet 4 out of the 5 people talking can't even vote in the eSA congress.

This is my decision: I'm going to play the game and do what the rest of congress does. I'm going to go through the motions and not think or even attempt to converse on hot-button topics anymore.

I intend on being PP of DB-PF, and still getting into congress, and really pushing for DB-PF to make it in. Maybe if we get a little change into our government it won't be so stagnant, but until then: I'll check back in next term. Because there's no point in trying to get anything accomplished, because we can't even generate a discussion, let alone actually accomplish anything.

Unless of course it's attacking the Desert Lions. (That apparently hasn't gotten old yet? Though I'm certainly tired and bored of it.)

Mind you, this isn't me being upset because my movements didn't pass, this is me being upset that eSouth Africa is crumbling, bit by bit and nobody cares.

See you next term Congress.



Badger06 Day 1,816, 23:10

Voted, i know the feeling all to well especially last month, could never get cabinet and congress to share the same views. Cabinet wanted ALT but congress didnt want ALT, they didnt really know what they wanted,s o shot everything down. Good luck in the DB I wish you well friend

Vanessa1309 Day 1,816, 23:12

Oh k, so you are doing what you hate others doing, makes a lot of sense....NOT!
What if everyone did what you are doing, guess that will grow eSA

Vanessa1309 Day 1,816, 23:13

PS I am happy you are moving to DB, all the best, but it will be difficult to fulfil your goals there without the forums.
Besides, if you like Zanzi/Al's work so much, don't you think this is a crappy way of showing it?

atrawall Day 1,816, 23:28

Everyone already DOES what I'm planning on doing. I've been too passionate about too many things since my return, and that passion is waning towards a passion for apathy. If I continue doing what I'm doing, the enthusiasm for this game will be entirely gone.

Congress has too many Chefs and not enough cooks. Everyone has their own Idea, and no one actually wants to work to see them through. The closest we got was ALT, but that's not an option anymore.

Locutus Day 1,816, 23:30

Yes, my young apprentice, come to the dark side..

atrawall Day 1,816, 23:33

Eventually, eSA is going to actually have to DO something in an alliance or something else before more players drop out of caring. Maybe I'm throwing toys in the crib, but ultimately I think that we have 4 groups of people all holding their breath until they get their way. Let's do something we can be held accountable for.
Let's do something different. Even if it does end up being wrong
Look at what happened last week when we actually had something to fight for. The game became fun again...

Uber kiko
Uber kiko Day 1,816, 06:57

@Loco The dark side is actually DSW lol

Dule87 Day 1,816, 07:10


Jizzie McGuire
Jizzie McGuire Day 1,816, 12:25

See you on the DB forum, mate. At least that one doesn't suck.

AdUnit Day 1,816, 15:43

Yeah the forums don't work the right way. I can't even see the discussion thread so I stopped caring. I feel your pain

kuckuck Day 1,816, 16:04

I have been away lately but sad to hear that.
Try to take it easy, I have seen to many times this game's burn out effect on big enthusiasm.

Zagarius Day 1,816, 17:24

All nominations for eSA awards for the Months of October are hereby listed as disqualified...

As this article is not in the best interest of eSA and her people. I apologize for this, but you left me no choice.

Mr. Wet
Mr. Wet Day 1,816, 17:36

what the hell are you talking about zag?

Zagarius Day 1,816, 20:29

The article is a slam at the forum community.. the awards are a COMMUNITY award, so his attack on them and us is grounds for disqualification.

kuckuck Day 1,817, 04:46

I have been around the forums and I have seen good things going on like the community awards and Mr eR. Also have seen some new faces around. I disagree with the article, I understand your political frustrations, but don't blame it on the forums.

Nickerball Day 1,817, 09:37

@ Zag: What on earth has this article to do with the awards? What it shows is that you are using this article to get out of the awards, something that means a lot to the rest of eSA if not anything to you or Claudio

Uber kiko
Uber kiko Day 1,817, 10:20

Zag are you serious? -.-

atrawall Day 1,817, 20:22

He's just disqualifying ME from the awards. Not eliminating them all together. I accept this, though it doesn't change my activity through October. Maybe I should keep my displeasure to myself and just go inactive like most others so that I can get my awards.

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