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Why I'm Running for US Marijuana Party President

Day 1,635, 02:01 Published in USA Canada by DMV3

I'm taking a break from my usual articles to announce my candidacy for US Marijuana Party President!

Why I'm Running!

I decided to run for US Marijuana Party President because it desperately needs leadership that is focused on rebuilding the weakest top five party in the eUS. Our party was only able to elect five congressmen last election, including the current Party President. Our current Party President then used his in game power to nominate himself to run for POTUS.

I have no issue with Chickensguys, as I do not personally know him. What I do know is that his results as Party President leave a lot to be desired. He seems to be focused on using this party for his own gains, instead of using it to better our nation.

If elected Party President I vow to not run for any other office (including Congress and CP) and focus all my efforts on running this party.

What I bring to the Job!

I have considerable experience running a top five party. I spent three terms as Libertarian Party President, and five terms running congressional elections for the Libertarian Party. I spent another two terms as director of Outreach for the Libertarian Party, and two terms running congressional elections for the US Defense Party. I have worked election coordination with the other top five parties, and know how to successfully navigate inter-party politics.

My plans for the party!

My first act as Party President will be to coordinate and plan Congressional Elections. I will be PMing each party member personally with an application to run for Congress and to sign up as blockers/mobile voters. In the same first email, I will be asking for feedback regarding the direction of the party and inviting party members to a party convention where we can discuss the future of the party and discuss establishing a board of directors and writing a new party constitution. The board of directors will be in charge of party outreach, recruiting new members, and helping to guide the party down a path of stability and growth.

My goal and that of the party will be to create an environment where all party members are able to contribute to the party, have fun, and feel their voice is heard by party leadership.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me anytime.



PappasXXV Day 1,635, 02:08

Good luck in your run.

Sade_vatandas Day 1,635, 02:47

good luck

TheWickY Day 1,635, 02:56

good luck

code0011 Day 1,635, 03:38

yeah, gl with this

ccc kemal ergenekon ccc

Dutch Marley
Dutch Marley Day 1,635, 05:58


Iamnameless Day 1,635, 06:09

good article, gl

Akluvychenko Day 1,635, 09:27

actually it's a little bit hard to challenge the incumbent PP now. CG is still strong in the party
Unless you find supporters from outside the party willing to vote for you, you'll lose

Anyway, good luck

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Day 1,635, 10:41

GL Dennis.

Buharin Day 1,635, 15:11

v o/

Jamarcus Day 1,635, 21:05


santa.zs Day 1,635, 23:45

KÍeep walking!

Mr. Peanuts
Mr. Peanuts Day 1,636, 00:12

Dennis McVicker is a cool cat. Good Luck my friend.

Johnny Goode
Johnny Goode Day 1,636, 02:18

GL Dennis

Pfeiffer. Day 1,636, 15:38

This could not suck.

Dr. Badd
Dr. Badd Day 1,636, 19:00

The CG is strong with this party.

Good will need it

Aersidius Day 1,636, 19:55

Good luck!

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