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Why food is still the best weapon

Day 1,505, 05:36 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by ePocalypse

I wrote an article about this very subject 418 days ago and although a lot has changed since then, the principle remains the same. Food fights are by far the most efficient way of fighting.

I will explain why with some example data from a complete noob (Hi Tom).

Right click, view image for larger version

The same principles apply whatever strength you are as the formulas remain constant.

As you can see from the data, food fights are considerably cheaper than fights with weapons. Therefore, the only time you should use weapons is when you are already planning to max out on food fights. It’s cheaper to do more food fights than it is to use weapons. Take the objective of 20,000 damage in the above example. It would cost £496.24 to do the damage barehanded but £757.58 to do the same using the cheapest weapon option. Not only would you save £261.34 by fighting barehanded but you would also gain additional XP from the extra fights.

You can also see from the data that if you are already maxing out your food fights and so wish to use weapons for additional damage, Q6 weapons are the only way to go. Don’t waste your money on lower quality ones.

It’s important for the nation that everyone fights smart. That means fighting as efficiently as possible. By doing this, you will do more damage, save money, rank up quicker and gain XP quicker.

So next time you’re thinking about asking for weapons from government or an MU, why not think about asking for food instead? The more efficient we all are, the better our results and development as individuals and as a nation.

Hope this helps some of you.

Dan Moir



Invalidation Day 1,505, 05:39


Tomazim Day 1,505, 05:39

Sucks to be tom

Invalidation Day 1,505, 05:43

Tom Fletcher is bad.

Alexander J. Burrell
Alexander J. Burrell Day 1,505, 06:33

Good article.

SDanny Day 1,505, 08:14

v + s Good work!

Niemand Day 1,505, 08:31


Emergy Maxfell
Emergy Maxfell Day 1,505, 09:23

Voted (=

illshouyu Day 1,505, 10:42

While I appreciate the insight, I'm not especially amused by seeing the population being told to only buy from well-established businesses.

I don't have any player statistics to back me up, but I imagine there are more than just a "few" of the UK population producing weapons under Q6 and probably a lot more than the few who are lucky enough to be doing it.

ePocalypse Day 1,505, 11:01

It doesn't work like that though illshouyu. If you're gonna buy weapons, buy Q6 for your own good.

Anyone making lower quality weapons, Platobot will buy them up anyway. Where there is no demand, Platobot creates false demand. That's why the economy is screwed.

So, bearing that in mind, don't waste your money on lower quality weapons and put yourself at a disadvantage. Either take the cheapest food available (at whatever quality it works out at - currently Q2) or if you can max out on food fights, buy some Q6 weapons too.

Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 1,505, 11:35

The winner of a battle is not the one who paid the least amount per unit of damage, the winner is the one who did the most damage.

iGuy Day 1,505, 11:44

151 barehanded fights to get 20000+ damage.

500 max eatable health; 500 would go away in 25 kills or so, so just over 6 times 500 health. 500 health recovers every 5hrs and 6x5 equals 30(hrs).

considering you work and train in my land with 10 interactive buildings (-100health) meaning +1hour.

a day and seven hours to get 20000 damage on the battlefield.

you might as well just spend real money and get 50 gajillion rockets and say who needs food, only if you're not a very patient person.

SirMorton Day 1,505, 12:59

Agree to some extent... BUT
in case someone wants to stockpile their bonus (Daily MU Order) bazookas, needs to fight with weapons, otherwise the bazookas will be used.

ePocalypse Day 1,505, 13:12

Yeah. Stockpiling of bazookas is currently a bit of a problem. If you want to save your bazooka's, the figures show that you're best off buying Q6 weapons.

Addy is so clever. Of course the most damage wins which is why you fight to do the most damage you can. Whether that is fighting more with food only or by buying Q6 weapons as well. People have to do what they can within their means.

Tom Fletcher
Tom Fletcher Day 1,507, 10:55


Astral Macedonian
Astral Macedonian Day 1,550, 08:00


GTorge Day 1,551, 08:15

Very good, even from a UKPP perspective.

Snugz Day 1,662, 09:39

still enjoying this article

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