Why Dioist Pakistan is e-Mughal Empire.

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Today I will draw your attention to the various similarities between the Dio Empire and the (irl) Mughal Empire which Pakistan and most Pakistanis see as a precursor to the Islamic Republic as the last great Muslim Empire of the sub-continent.

1. Legendary Founders

Both the empires have founders who are true legends in their own rights.
For the Dio Empire it is :

God Emperor Dio Brando
An unmatched ruler who guided his people from the plains of nowhere to the holy sand of Pakistan. A capable and wise ruler well-versed in the arts as well as the sword.

For the Mughals we have:

Padishah Babur
The warrior-poet founder of the Mughal empire. His was also a very tough path, where he had to fight his kin and after being forced out of the plains of Central Asia he did not give up. He proved his mettle by founding the Empire who would dominate the Indian region for the next two and a half centuries.

2.The Books of the Founders

Both of the founders of these empires were not just capable warriors but also thinkers and philosophers.

For Dio it was

The book of Dio which gave guidance to his followers.

For Babur :

The memoirs and wisdom that would guide his children as they set out to make their name in the world.

3. Conquest

Both of these empires rose quickly and went on a path of conquest where they defeated all those who opposed them. They quickly became the most dominated powers in the region.

Dioist Pakistan

Mughal Empire

4. Betrayal and Decline

The vacuum left after the great leaders had left and the subsequent betrayals by members of their own ranks weakened the empires. Whether it be Mir Jafar or "He who must not be named" the betrayal of own dealt extreme damage to the empires.

5. Hope

However even now these empires remain a pillar of hope for the communities of the loyal that look upon the glorious past and seek to replicate it (May they be blessed in their endeavours)

In the en😛
Long live the Empire!