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Why are we Blindly supporting CP candidates?

Day 1,866, 23:48 Published in South Africa Bolivia by atrawall

I'm baffled by recent events.

We are 6 (Were 7) days away from CP elections. We have 2 candidates running fo CP, one is already supported by another party, yet I haven't seen ONE article announcing a Candidacy, let alone a PLATFORM...

On top of that, you have PARTIES who are BLINDLY supporting candidates who have not written out a platform yet.

Is this really what we've become?

Our CP candidates don't even have to WORK for our votes anymore?

I'm aware that members of UP have in-fact arranged a meeting with Al Kazar to discuss his future plans and I admire that. It shows that UP has the drive to figure out what they are looking for in a CP, and decide from there. Not just based on a name.

However, I'd like my choice for CP to give me a reason to vote for him. I want him in the media. I want him on the forums discussing actual politics and helping make important decisions.

We have 6 days... Why rush into this? Your name will still appear there on election day, whether you support him the day before, or 6 days before.

Slow Down.




Locutus Day 1,866, 23:54


Wilpanzer Day 1,866, 00:00

It was hilarious last term when I saw people like Rexdeus say "He's the right candidate for this term" and "His candidacy looks promising" before he even posted his platform...(his platform was posted a few hours before the election)

Out of all honesty, I have no confidence in our government anymore. Our cabinet is full of inactivity and our congress consists of 4/5 active people fighting constantly over non-congress matters.

Good article, I fully agree...

atrawall Day 1,866, 00:07

When it comes to individuals, I do understand. I've had communications with certain candidates on my own, but how can you decide as a party who to support when all there's been is individuals talking with him at separate times.

UP met as a party and talked with the candidate. Which is awesome.

LiquidIce Day 1,866, 00:22

I understand what you are saying. I agree 100%. The only reason I am running a poll this early is to get the feel. There will be a final poll with all relevant candidates that will run fairly. Last month under Kiko's PP, there was no poll. He decided who to support and members were pissed of about that. I want to avoid that. I want my members to discuss and then decide.

Ps. I am PP and I can run as many polls as I like... 😉 LOL

Nickerball Day 1,866, 00:42

You have a very valid point Claudio. What happened to the goals each candidate sets for himself? The goals he sets to get the citizens to vote for him? There is nothing like that anymore.
CP elections have lately become like rounding up sheep with a sheepdog. You have one guy who stands aside and whistles and the dog who does all the nudging and urging and the sheep just following, well just like sheep usually do, No purpose at all without a sheepdog showing the way. Such a waste

Al Kazar
Al Kazar Day 1,866, 02:05

Valid points raised. I will be running for re-election so as to continue towards my goals. My platform is therefore already known. I will, however, publish my goals for the next term closer to the election.

CP candidates often provide relevant information to party presidents before publicly publishing their platforms. This can give PP's the information required to present options to their parties or to make an informed decision as to which candidate to support if they are not running their own candidate.

Dule87 Day 1,866, 03:19

Excellent question Claudio !

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,866, 08:56

CP elections in eSA have become a joke

irule777 Day 1,866, 09:02

CP elections in eSA have become a joke

Badger06 Day 1,866, 09:14

good response Al, I was not even a PP last month and had a good idea of your goals and ideas well before elections

Madalin Mastertrap
Madalin Mastertrap Day 1,866, 11:32

Very good article and an important problem to be solved. V+S

My response to this ?

kuckuck Day 1,866, 14:01


Had3z Day 1,866, 15:12

I am quiet aware that no platforms or campaigns have been posted as I am in working on everything sorry for the delay folks

Mikhail Alexander
Mikhail Alexander Day 1,867, 00:32

This is a great article and basically describes the point completely. The elections have become a joke and something needs to be done about it, this is not how the country can move forward and until we pull our finger out of our arse, we need solutions to these problems and finally have elections that we can agree on and at least have something to disagree or agree with.

Ejdatful Day 1,867, 05:12

I agree with some points except some. We have had a meeting as you know and decided to support one of the candidates. Although they publish a platform, they get only 30 - 40 votes to their campaign articles. The main problem is inactivity. We have inactive cabinet members and it is normal the we are supporting candidates blindly. There are lots of two clickers in our community and all they know as politics to vote for a candidate. We have to improve the activity maybe with rewards to make people got involved.

Badger06 Day 1,867, 10:33

or YOU could ask the candidate, it takes 2 to tango people

atrawall Day 1,867, 10:54

The candidates should make themselves accessible and transparent. This actually wasn't a criticism of current candidates as much as questioning players support for candidates who have publicly offered next to nothing.

Madalin Mastertrap
Madalin Mastertrap Day 1,867, 15:10

Claudio Kilgannon is right

Rexdeus Day 1,870, 09:07

@ Willdeboer , maybe i knew more of what was planned before the election platform was publicized, we had communication with Al before hand and my main reason for my statement was that Al was planning to get more people involved again in cabinet, might not have happened as planned, but not that easy to know before the fact. Glad it gave you a smile though 😃

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