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WHPR Special Edition: The Hanibal LA Rage Quit Scandal

Day 2,072, 02:03 Published in USA USA by James S. Brady Press Room
WHPR 2072 - Special Edition: The Hanibal LA Rage Quit Scandal

The Biggest News Story Since the GF Rage Quit Riot, and your WHPR has the inside scoop!

Dateline: Tuesday, July 23, 2013 (Day 2,072)
Location: James S. Brady Press Room, The White House

Today’s WHPR: The Hanibal LA Rage Quit Scandal

Guest Editor: George Armstrong Custer (aka Chief White Bull)

Serbian President Hanibal LA Rage Quits, F**ks Serbia on his way out
This story is so big, it has to be broken down into segments...

Little bits of this story have been coming out, both in Serbia and the US. It would appear that Serbian President and Ronald Gipper Reagan's buddy Hanibal LA went berzerk, misappropriated a bunch of Serbian government funds and did some other crazy shit. He got himself Temp Banned, then yesterday (Monday Day 2071) got unbanned just long enough to publish an article which resulted in a full Permanent Ban.
Serb Congress also Impeached him.

Today we shall learn, through an exclusive interview, what really happened-- all of it, every detail, from inception through execution.

Hanibal LA, known in the US as Ajay/RGR's favorite Serb b*tt b*ddy, one-time AFA PP, even ex US congressman x3, ex US ambassador to eCroatia x2 / Glove's & IS's terms (see his profile page for more), was elected President of Serbia.
Hanibal was quite genuine in his desire to lead his homeland through the current wars and alliance, to build a stronger Serbia.

Returning home after doin' the horizontal bop with Ajay/RGR for a year in the States, Hanibal finds Serbia and its inner workings have changed. He found himself very discontented with his country's internal politics, the infighting nearly crippling his efforts to move his nation forward.
Then things popped up in RL which required his time and attention-- he would have to leave the game, and the last feelings he would have about his two year investment are frustration and disappointment.
But just leave the game, and arrange a smooth transition to his successor..? No freakin' way.

Now, here's a little enlightenment about this game... many, many bigshots-- heavy battle hitters, top politicians, top gold beasts, etc.-- communicate with each other on relatively friendly terms, aside from their official in-game rivalries.
Hanibal was leaving the game, he was frustrated about how things were in Serbia, he reached out to a well known gold beast... and offered his account. Basically, a little "F.U." to Serbia, to shake things up on his way out.

American oldfags still commemorate "GF Day," when a highly placed US player who happened to be a Mod rage-quit and in so doing shared key passwords among friends.. two days of "rioting" ensued, plundering accounts for funds and changing newspaper and Org names-- it was insane. So now Hanibal has rage-quit, and in so doing has thrown his country into serious disorder. "Screw you all, I'm outta here, bitches!"

So... the account finds its way into the hands of an evil genius. The real Hanibal stays on to help the impostor find his way around, get access to government accounts and Orgs, turns over a ton of documentation in the form of IRC logs and multiple-recipient game mail.
Everything. Everything.
Serbian war stuff, TWO alliance stuff, communiques with Ajay/RGR and his Serb masters.. really top secret Serb information that is now being shared with the heads of the US and CoT.

I have to say this, here... all classified Serb and TWO logs and documents, though now in the hands of US and CoT officials, remain classified.

It gets better. Little known factoid, here-- A Country President has to submit a Support Ticket to Admins in order to change the passwords on government accounts and Orgs. So Hanibal (Hanibal and the imposter, together) does this, to stop Serb officials from preventing the theft of government funds.

Certain Serb officials even helped to develop and organize the series of Support Tickets in exchange for a share of the ill-gotten booty. They further help by providing more IRC logs of classified TWO war strategy meetings. Everyone wants a piece of the pie-- selling out their own country and alliance for a price!

Hanibal (Hanibal and the imposter? The imposter acting alone?) starts making crazy Proposals... if they pass they turn Serbia's relationship with her allies upside-down. If they're rejected, they've disrupted the normal daily operations of Congress and the government, just to be dicky (sound familiar?).
Do you agree on declaring war to Italy
Do you agree on the text used by the president to welcome new Citizens in your country? 'I'll be back.'
Greece has been proposed as Natural Enemy.
President of Serbia proposes to stop the trade with Argentina
President of Serbia proposed a mutual protection pact with Chile
A law to leave The World is Ours alliance has been proposed.
President of Serbia proposed a mutual protection pact with Russia
Do you agree on declaring war to Italy
Italy has been proposed as Natural Enemy.
Do you agree on the text used by the president to welcome new Citizens in your country? 'My name is Cleaner Serbian Organizations.'

It goes on.. and on.. see the Serb Country Administrations pages for more.

Now, the entire Serb government and Congress are not corrupt, or complete idiots. They do what they can to disarm Hanibal. As you see above, Congress rejected all of the rogue proposals (again-- familiar?). This screenshot shows Hanibal being removed from his MU.
It also shows one D E A N M A R T I N transferring $400k in cash TO Hanibal-- after accusing Hanibal of theft, which to this point Hanibal had not done (quite yet), this guy sends a mountain of cash that he had embezzeled TO Hanibal as an act of good faith. HAHAHAHAHA!

Okay... so we have some Serb officials still working with Hanibal as President, some Serb officials selling out their country for the promise of cash, and Ajay/RGR is still chatting away with Hanibal (and the imposter!) about his plans for PTO'ing America and what kind of help he needs from Serbia, and crying a river about his difficulties.

Ajay/RGR is grasping at straws, my friends.. AFA Serbs want to go home-- they're tired of not enjoying full Resource Bonuses in America and want to return home to full Bonuses. They're tired of the month-to-month moving from one PTO'd Party to the next. They're tired of being publicly humiliated by their AFA Party leadership. They're tired of being misrepresented by Ajay/RGR's feeble, stale media propaganda. Those who serve in US Congress aren't able to dig up enough people to grant US citizenships to-- even with a substantial bribe attached. They're tired and want to go home.

Okay, let's see if we can wrap this up a little...
I didn't get any numbers of how much cash and gold was moved out of Serb government and Org accounts. Some went to corrupt Serb officials for their assistance, and for providing classified documents. Most went, by the real Hanibal, to the Serbian people, in the form of free food giveaways-- he transferred bulk volumes of cash and gold to people he trusted to follow through. Hanibal fed his people as his final protest on his way out of the game.
I asked, straight out-- did any Americans get any of this? The answer was "No, not one thin Serbian dinar," and I believe it.

What was the deal with the Temp Ban, and then the Perma ban?
That's easy-- Serb officials, presumably straight and loyal ones, submitted Support Tickets to bring their President's peculiar behavior to the attention of the Admins. Admins saw enough to be suspicious, and brought down the Temp Ban while they looked into things. A few days later, they decided there wasn't proper proof of wrongdoing, and un-Banned Hanibal.
Then Hanibal's newspaper was published one last time, and Admins took that as "the last straw" and brought down the Perma Banhammer.

Goodbye, Hanibal LA... for what it's worth, you brought some fun to the game and played a great straight man to the clown Ajay/RGR. Giving away the bank to your people was a class act. Good luck with RL.

In closing... I wish to thank you for patiently reading through this entire wall of text. I want you to know that my interview with the unnamed "evil genius" ran a full two hours, then boiling down the material and developing this story has taken another two hours.
At this point, I have just one thing to say.


George Armstrong Custer (aka Chief White Bull), Guest Editor
"I would be willing, yes glad, to see a battle every day during my life."

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WHPR Special Edition: The Hanibal LA Rage Quit Scandal
Biggest News Story Since the GF Rage Quit Riot




OVALNI REBORN Day 2,072, 02:04


Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Day 2,073, 02:11

Good way to die. He went with guns blazing.

Hail Hanibal LA!

Paz Mundial
Paz Mundial Day 2,072, 02:05

sub polee

James S. Brady Press Room
James S. Brady Press Room Day 2,072, 02:05

::: Shout It! :::

WHPR Special Edition: The Hanibal LA Rage Quit Scandal
Biggest News Story Since the GF Rage Quit Riot

Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Day 2,072, 02:25

Hanibal LA


I actually chuckled about this!

George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Day 2,072, 02:33

I can't wait for Ajay/RGR's comments!

Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Day 2,072, 02:49

You mean... RGR rage. xD

Dacicus Maximus
Dacicus Maximus Day 2,072, 02:25

No congress for USA

Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Day 2,072, 02:49

At least we have a government system with the orgs good. At least our CPs don't steal orgs and do that kind of stuff and leave the country a mess.

Huehuehue. Keep intertaining us Serbia!

(I know you're Hungarian, but still.)

Dacicus Maximus
Dacicus Maximus Day 2,072, 02:57

Its not a big deal there. Several countries like Serbia, Romania, Ukraine has similar problems many CP stole the treasury in this countries so LA not a surprise for me. In Hungary even if we didnt steal anything the ppl say we are thiefs so we are under heavy pressure about managing the money.

Clydeo Day 2,072, 06:26

I'd consider losing a good chunk of your treasury a big deal.....

Norbengo Day 2,072, 09:34

Actually Americans got nothing from this except for logs that have already leaked... Basically Hanibal took the money for his account after it could do no real dmg to Serbia 😉
Good move, as always 😁

Jon Barack Bluejacket
Jon Barack Bluejacket Day 2,072, 22:48

What, no US Congress?

How will we do without the petty insults that they hurl at each other in private everyday.

Let's give Congress a few months off. God knows, they deserve it.

Quintus Modius
Quintus Modius Day 2,072, 02:52


funky_ribar Day 2,072, 02:54

pure porn xD

Tyler Bubblar
Tyler Bubblar Day 2,072, 02:57

Epic and well worth the wait on the developing story!

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,072, 03:04

"I have to say this, here... all classified Serb and TWO logs and documents, though now in the hands of US and CoT officials, remain classified."

They have leaked already.

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 2,072, 07:21

The only reason for them to remain Top Secret is to cover the fact that there were Americans involved in the theft, there is no other reason to keep the secrets of your enemy; prove to America that our political leaders were not involved....

HeapSeppo Day 2,072, 08:46

How the hell do you think they got all this? Of course the impostor was one of elitists. It's quite obvious.

Lord Haldir
Lord Haldir Day 2,072, 08:48

Of course they are involved 😉

George Barker
George Barker Day 2,073, 02:23

Why? Besides, it's quite obvious.

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 2,072, 03:27


Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 2,072, 04:04

He's such a POS.

DrowningMan Day 2,072, 04:30

funny 😉

eisenmutter2 Day 2,072, 04:47

nice story - don't understand the permaban just because of the article though

HeapSeppo Day 2,072, 08:47

I'll give you a hint, it was not Hanibal that wrote the article.

eisenmutter2 Day 2,072, 08:53

so because of the article the admins realized that the ip of the citizen they just released from tempban has changed half a month ago?

ok so if i get tempbanned for multiusing and sell my account then i will instruct the new owner not to publish an article about america... good to know

Darian Dracona
Darian Dracona Day 2,072, 09:06

He was already tempbanned for multi and then got perma for some more shennanigans he pulled...

Jack Lantos
Jack Lantos Day 2,072, 05:08

it's something different

wondering what's with the 400,000 currency from deanmartin? thats like 800 real life USD

Viarizi Day 2,072, 16:11

Pto money from AFA

Bruce Killah
Bruce Killah Day 2,072, 05:27

voted... voted hard

weasel2 Day 2,072, 05:38

Hostilian: "probably not because some people know where he lives and are not too tolerant".

I surprise myself by being concerned by this and hoping sincerely Hostilian is just overstating.

Romper Day 2,072, 06:05

I doubt he is. Did you not realize yet that Serbs don't play the game, they live their RL in here?

Dacicus Maximus
Dacicus Maximus Day 2,072, 07:50

lol said the one with the biggest xp number

Romper Day 2,072, 07:59

sure, the one that can afford it xD

Norbengo Day 2,072, 09:28

lol Rompy, you're the only one who's living it and spending thousands of euros on it... hypocrite...

No one will do anything to Hanibal, except maybe buy him a drink, this is only a game and he made it fun for a while 😉

Romper Day 2,072, 10:29

haha says the Serb who plays in eUSA hoping to get revenge for RL bombing of Serbia by NATO!
Don't speak for others, you can't know what they will do. He received threats and it scared him.
As for you, I have to disappoint you - what ever you do to eUSA in this game, it stays in the game. Same goes for Serbia - no matter what you "conquer" here, you are still the same bankrupted country in RL.

Norbengo Day 2,072, 13:37

Rompy are you on drugs? Why do you lie so much?
Relax kid, its only the game., theres no need to bring RL in it

1. I don't hate the US. I love it. I even have the green card IRL and I've spent years now in Bozeman, MT.
2. He hasn't received any threats he told me so himself. Stop lying.
3. Serbia isn't bankrupt country IRL.

I know you are RL hater, I bet Serbs made you huge RL butthurt, only someone like that would spend so much money on a game, but still it isn't the reason to lie so much.

Kid, wake up, these are only some pixels 😉

Remove kebab
Remove kebab Day 2,078, 15:14

hahaha romper you are biggest fail, you say someone hes no RL? omg ur spending here money because you can afford? ur probably ugly sick guy in RL. also we are bankrupted? look at your croatia, hahaha debt is 4 times bigger then Serbia one and you are smaller country with less people hahahaha Croatian complex!!1

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Day 2,073, 03:40

I'm not sure I am overstating. He effectively stole RL money from many people. If somebody stole like $500 from some American would he approve? Surely not everybody is armed and dangerous, but there certainly are some people that are. And it is sufficient to aggravate one of those.

crashthompson. Day 2,072, 05:41

Good way to end the game.

A.Strindberg Day 2,072, 05:54

Add me as a friend and send me some food and weapons if you wish to.

Hugz ;🙂

PaulTC Day 2,072, 06:03

lol hanibal must be really important for you guys.. Huge article dedicated to him.

Lemon Vodka
Lemon Vodka Day 2,072, 06:38

Kiss more serb ass.

PaulTC Day 2,072, 06:56

cry more butthurt murican

Lemon Vodka
Lemon Vodka Day 2,072, 09:28

You`re the only one crying over here, the rest of us are laughing.

PaulTC Day 2,072, 13:21

Then I'm the only one around here that's gonna have a Congress seat this month.. lol

Lemon Vodka
Lemon Vodka Day 2,072, 13:24

I bet your gf will be really impressed by that.

Jon Barack Bluejacket
Jon Barack Bluejacket Day 2,072, 22:59

Again-- having a Congress seat is not a great accomplishment. I got four that I didn't even want (guilt pressure to run).

PaulTC Day 2,073, 02:13

Lemon Vodka, don't be so mad, I can give you an eRomanian cs when you're tired of playing with 0 bonuses.

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