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WHPR Day 2197 - State of Affairs; Spotlight UK; Congress Review; War Map; eNPR

Day 2,197, 05:50 Published in USA USA by James S. Brady Press Room
WHPR Day 2197 - State of Affairs; Spotlight UK; Congress Review; War Map; eNPR

Irule777 and Aramec address the media

Dateline: Monday, November 25yh, 2013 (Day 2,197)
Location: James S. Brady Press Room, The White House

Today’s WHPR:
: 1: State of Affairs
: 2: Spotlight: UK
: 3: Congressional Month in Review
: 4: War Map
: 5: eNPR

Editor: SecMed Melissa Rose
Contributors: Aramec, Irule777, MourningStar, DylanBAS

State of Affairs

Think back, if you will, to a time not that long ago. The ATO against AFA was still in full swing, the political climate was stale and recycled, and America was barely managing to stay on the map. Our country was barely standing.

In the two months since that time, we have been reborn. We had a close election between five very qualified candidates, we now have stable Top parties, and new players are joining the meta and stepping up to the plate. But our greatest set of accomplishments stems from our foreign diplomacy.

Here’s what our State Department and its associated fellows has managed to accomplish in the span of roughly a month:

-Signed a treaty with Spain and Poland, ending the war with TWO
-Become bros our dearest Brazil
-Worked with Spain and Poland to allow us to regain the rest of nation peaceably without breaking our agreement

And where are we now? Currently, we’re at 48 regions, 5/10 bonuses, and peace. We have peace, and we have opportunity. As our first ATO free elections in months take place tomorrow, I want you to remember that we still have a long way to go. Our State Department and our Senators will be tasked with signing the MPPs and navigating the diplomatic waterways of this still changing world.

And so, a word to our incoming Congress members: think.

Our caution has led us to this success, and our thoughtfulness and willingness to listen have allowed us to regain faith in lost friends. Patience must be our number one export. We are not the strongest we can be, and while we continue to rebuild, we must also continue to maintain the delicate peace we have brokered. Many in the game wish to form a new alliance immediately; this is folly. Our success as a country will only come by making the prudent choices and playing our cards at the right time, and no sooner.
So, as our congress members take their seats, I’m gonna keep this mic for now. Because we’ve still got 11 days left in this term, and we’re going to need every one of them to count. Be thoughtful, but listening, but most important be patient. We fought hard for this peace; enjoy neutrality.

Spotlight: The UK

The spotlight segment has returned!

Today we take a look at the United Kingdom, a member of TWO, and a fairly large nation with well over 1,600 players. Saturday, I sat down with Country President/Prime Minister Mwcerberus and several citizens to give you a well rounded view of this world power.

The United Kingdom is currently in a fairly stable and relaxed position. Its TWO membership is going fairly well, and it has an ideal geographical location next to nations it has easily beaten in wars. The nation’s focus is mainly on domestic affairs, with foreign relations with these neighboring countries being secondary.
Several of the citizens I talked to told me the nation is focusing on this new update and is deciding how to handle it’s usually ongoing wars with Ireland and Norway. The UK CP also informed me that they are giving Norway back a region in a new deal.
“Things are fine and dandy over here” the CP said in a recent interview, and according to internal sources, “The CP has been fairly decent”.

But how is the internal status of this nation? According to the CP and most citizens, that has also been fairly good. According to CP Mwcerberus, “They’re all psychotic maniacs” which was very reassuring (and totally taken out of context). Is the UK’s TWO membership affecting their domestic agenda? Not at all! The CP broke down for me how his “sparkling charisma” keeps their relationships going full steam with other TWO members and allies, and he’s sure to allow his cabinet some real relaxation time by “rearranging the TWO meetings around his TV schedule”. In retrospect, who can blame him? “It was Doctor Who” he says in defense, and this reporter is quite convinced that he had good intentions at heart, especially with that awesome episode recently, am I right?

But in all seriousness, the UK seems to be relaxed, focusing on keeping relationships going, and keeping citizens happy. And for now, it seems to be working quite well. Until next time, I’m Irule777, and you’re the people cutting into my TV time.

Congressional Month in Review

Our 71st congress was composed of 10 Feds, 8 USWP, 8 LAP, 7 AMP, and 7 WTP. It has faced its ups and downs, its calamities and triumphs, and here they are on display through the window of retrospection. We have never seen anything in Congress like this month, and we will never see anything like it again.

Week 1: 37 members attended, Quorum was 19. A move was brought up to get rid of the Quorum idea because of the problem of abstain votes, but it was quickly shot down by popular opinion. The leadership team was elected and composed of
Speaker: Evry
Deputy Speaker: Kortanul
Deputy Speaker: AlexJ1890
Congressional Whip: NewAzazel
Librarians: rainy sunday
IES Director: Malarkey83

This was the week that Pfeiffer returned to the eUS. Approved by Paul Proteus, this caused an uproar. It turned out however, that Malarkey83, the IES director, had approved him behind the scenes. This sparked the idea of a “white-list” - a list of people who could be approved before they even apply.

There was also a measure to change section 2:21 of the eUS code to be more specific on the prerequisites for attaining SoH status; primarily making in-game eUS citizenship mandatory.

A budget was approved which paid our dues to the now-defunct CoT, allotted money for the military, and paid for our MPP’s (among other things).

Week 2: 29 Congressmen signed in, quorum was 19

Stephen S was censured for a rogue citizenship acceptance, although the citizen was non-malicious and had simply not had his form approved yet. Despite a discussion on whether to end the censure or not, it was not moved to a vote and the censure stood.

A new citizens message was created which reflected the message of the new President and added another warning about the AFA.

A vote was also proposed in-game by Josh Frost to leave CoT, after Chile left and the alliance officially capitulated.

Week 3: 30 Congressmen signed in, quorum was 16

The moving ticket and VAT taxes were raised to 15% in response to the near-free moving tickets being handed out.

Evry proposed a change to the eUS code amendment stating how the president may select SCI members. This proposal was intended to prevent any given president from placing crony yes-men in the SCi who would make irrational decisions on an order.

don hrleone made a rogue proposal to donate 91cc to a foreign bank to commemorate a RL event. He was not censured, but he was shamed for his lack of forethought.

Week 4: 29 congressmen signed in, quorum was 15

A new citizens message was proposed to thwart RGR’s effort to change his party name to dupe new players.

Discussions are ongoing on how to take advantage of the new empires and determination.
War Map

With America all but secure, War rages on in Europe

With the introduction of Empire Nations and Determination, the world has erupted into flame. The faint glow of a burning Europe can be seen over the horizon even during the daylight. This might have something to do with Poland relinquishing its last foothold on our Eastern Seaboard. New England has been all but reclaimed as Poland is now trying to keep the pieces of their once vast overseas Empire together.
New Empires are being forged as you read this, old ones toppled. The World is in upheaval, the ground shakes with cannon fire! There are new rivers forming from the constant stream of blood. Keep your helmets on and your eyes peeled. It is only a matter of time before fighting reaches our shores once again. Stay ready, fight smart, fight hard!

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eNPR had a very special episode scheduled last week. The lovely-as-ever Artela returned to the eNPR Microphone. This episode was centered around Foreign Affairs.

The Next episode of eNPR will be at it's reqular time on Friday at 1800 erep time. Join your hosts Melissa Rose and Gnilraps for an hour of fun!

Melissa Rose -|- Tyler Bubblar
"I would rather rot in hell for all of eternity for standing by my principles, than get into heaven by leaving those principles behind"

Staff:Aramec, Irule777, Gnilraps, MourningStar, DylanBAS,

WHPR Day 2197
State of Affairs; Spotlight UK; Congress Review; War Map; eNPR

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