WHPR 5663 : Voots Takes Us To WAR!

Day 5,663, 12:37 Published in USA USA by James S. Brady Press Room
WHPR 5663 : Voots Takes Us To WAR!

Nice kitty, soft kitty, purr you sonofabitch, purr!

Dateline: Tuesday, May 23rd (Day 5,663 )

From the Desk of the President
President shefutzu

If you ever have questions about strategy, please message our MoFA Voots or MoD Thee Dude. They are more than happy to respond.

News From Abroad
MoFA/SecGen Herr Vootsman

Herr Vootsman 🇺🇸:

So backstory is we have China as base
And occupied all of Russia, Turkey. Georgia, Greece , Arabia
And Albania
And Mexico
And Venezuela
Then (and I can come back this later), but Cro landed in Georgia
And pretty much spread north to Russia
And west to Turkey and Greece
And North Korea and Snow Korea.

Anyways when Cro was spreading
We weren't blocking at all and thus Noone wants to defend
And we released all those regions in RW’s.
Then Cro attacked inner Mongolia (China), and beat Bulgaria.
Cro also had initiative on Macedonia, who was In Xinjiang,
But CODE RWd that region and took from China.

This was around May 11 I think.
And then a whole bunch of Laws started flying.

President of Greece proposed an airstrike against Portugal.
President of Bosnia and Herzegovina proposed an airstrike against Lithuania.
President of Thailand proposed an airstrike against Latvia.
President of Chile proposed an airstrike against North Macedonia.
President of Russia proposed an airstrike against Portugal.

We countered with some blocking Air Strikes.
Latvia prepares an airstrike on China
President of Iran proposed an airstrike against Thailand.
President of Bulgaria proposed an airstrike against Russia.
President of USA proposed an airstrike against Greece.
President of North Macedonia proposed an airstrike against Croatia.
President of Romania proposed an airstrike against Slovenia.
President of Republic of Moldova proposed an airstrike against Uruguay.
President of Ukraine proposed an airstrike against Croatia.

We fought for China in Inner Mongolia to remove Cro there.
Cro did over a trillion trying to hold it.
Cro took Xinjiang and got initiative on Bulgaria, and then took Tibet from Bulgaria.
Romania moved to inner Mongolia
And from there put blocking laws on Slovenia who was trying to swap into Xinjiang (from Russia).
Greece attacked Portugal and lost (lol)
Bosnia reproposed on Iran and landed (without a fight)
Thailand invaded from the southern border, and later Air Struck Lithuania and lost.
Argentina landed on Moldova (Without a fight).
Argentina got initiative on some neighbors, but Romania was able to remove Argentina from China before they could launch attacks on Ukraine or Peru.
Uruguay landed on China’s core (in their resource region, which we left unblocked out of agreement with China)

Chile also conducted an Air Strike on Lithuania and lost.
This was a pretty close battle at first, but with allied support and staying up late, they won.

After Lithuania defended the Air Strike from Thailand, they maintained initiative and managed to remove Thai from southern China too.

Russia and Turkey landed in the Korean peninsula and have been kept out of China, and largely remain in hiding from our attacks.
Uruguay was removed by air strike from Moldova.

In particular, Lithuania winning her air strikes, prevented CODE from having another country next to Croatia's two regions in Western China with which to rotate and block.

And as these events played out, we launched multiple Air Strikes on Croatia, some had to be reproposed due to borders/ blocks.
Ukraine hit first, and while unsuccessful, did do some damage.
Macedonia was able to get their Air Strike launched and attacked Tibet on Tuesday.


First round was intense.
In the beginning Cro ignored air, and both sides pushed hard in D1234.
D34 went epic with Macedonians, despite being outnumbered in number of tanks (let's say 30 to 90 or so).

They fought hard, pushing well past 40k PP.

It was close but Croatia won all ground Divs in the first round.
They made a push on air, at t87 (87 minutes in) - turned the wall, but allied forces were able to turn it around to win the first Air round. Score 19 to 7, Croatia

Round two was similar.
MKD focused on D4. Cro won D123 without effort, D4 went epic early and stayed a Cro wall the entire time, MKD won air uncontested.
Score 35 to 14. Croatia.

I got some trolling from Cro at this point
Money can't buy everything. There always must be a heart.

All ground Divs for Croatia, no matter what.
This round, Croatia kinda ignored ground at first, with MKD holding all Divs with a few billion.
Until maybe 45 min in when Cro began to push back.
D34 went epic again.
And this time MKD was holding the walls.
CODE then pushed Air, which went epic.
Air epic was close, but in the end we held the wall, 24,824,655 to 24,561,991

Tiny margin, potentially one extra fighter on our side made the difference.

Cro did make D2 epic uncontested and won D1, while MKD won D34 and Air epics. Score 40 to 44, MKD.

Cro still contested the next two rounds, pushing both to D4 epics

MKD won both epics and all other divs except D1.
By round 6, Cro/CODE gave up, and MKD closed the campaign in 9 rounds.

The following day, MKD attacked Xinjiang and removed Cro from China uncontested.

Update from the Interior
Leroy Combs

Harlot’s Initiative continues to provide Food for all applicants and Q7 Weapons for those Strength 250k and above.
We've disubursed 6,750,000.00 wellness and 9,800 tanks in just this recent round.

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WHPR 5663 : Voots Takes Us To WAR!

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