WHPR 5620 : Plato Invades the Media

Day 5,620, 09:25 Published in USA USA by James S. Brady Press Room
WHPR 5620 : Plato Invades the Media
People are being called out for it. Federal Program Banhammer is being warmed up.

Dateline: Monday April 3, 2023 (Day 5613 )
Location: James S Brady Press Room, The White House

In Today’s White House Press Report:
:1: Spring Break Missions
:2: Government Media Blitz

Editor’s Note: I have failed in my efforts to draft Phenix Quinn, the quest continues.

Spring Break Missions
Your Byline Here

Frankly, I haven’t looked into this Spring Break Missions thing.
I do see that players can, indeed, find the Publish button when motivated by free stuff. And follow instructions and steps for more free stuff.

Seriously.. I got nothin’. I’ll look into this but doubt I’ll understand it well enough to educate about it.
Anyone who can throw six to twenty sentences on the topic can have this right here this segment. I’ll throw this sh*t out and out put in your Spring Break Missions Tutorial.

Here, this might be useful. Thanks, Alegretto.

Where are the blueprints in the missions

Meanwhile.. What? Good luck? It looks like a lot of player activity so I’m all for it. Good to see such participation. Have fun with it.

Government Media Blitz

Primarily, the DoD Daily is back.
It’s a (eUS/eRep time) morning edition, with updates all day.
A static newspaper covering fluid news is a challenge.
There’s a Morning Report from Voots every day, plus the CotD, Prio and The List all in one place, updated at least a few times a day.
Vote that sh*t up every day.

DoD Daily 5620 : Morning List

Interior’s got a Free Food and Weapons thing going on, a third week of big budget give away is under way.

[DoI] Weekly Food Days 5619-25

Kickstart the media. Every keystroke counts.

WHPR 5620 :

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