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Day 1,156, 13:07 Published in Belgium Egypt by A Vegan

Hello everyone.

As it is gotten clear that respect, justice and fairness are none existing in the eBe community I am searching for citizens who would like to move to another eCountry where injustice, hypocrisy and intolerance aren't as wide spread as in this broken community.

The plan is to move to another small eCountry that hasn't been infected by hatred and start a new and better elife. Go with me to the new world and leave this dying community!

If you are interested please send me a PM here or in game.
Hate messages are not needed.
The eWorld is waiting for us!



The Vegan Society
The Vegan Society Day 1,156, 13:11

The Vegan Society is prepared to help with travel expenses.

Xgentis Lempereur
Xgentis Lempereur Day 1,156, 13:37

If you want to leave do it alone.

seanlynch Day 1,156, 14:00

Come to Ireland, you'll be welcome, bit no PTOing lol.....

Sammy Tanghe
Sammy Tanghe Day 1,156, 14:00

I will give you three wise quotes from Adolf Freiherr Knigge to put things in perspective:

"Learn to bear criticism. Do not be childishly biased by your own opinions."
"Respect yourself, if you want others to respect you."
"Act well and properly, less to please others, more to keep your own self-respect."

and one from myself:

"respect is not something that is given for free, but something that has to be earned"

Marie von Gablitz
Marie von Gablitz Day 1,156, 14:26

Amazing I thought I have saw everything in eRep but this is lol m2

Ray Captain
Ray Captain Day 1,156, 14:31

Here's an idea... Quit making hate articles and hate threads AVegan... Just stop

Kylero Day 1,156, 14:39

Comment deleted

Stilpo Day 1,156, 14:53

@Ray Captain - this goes beyond a hate article. Deliberately trying to lure active players away from Belgium is subversion. Subversion based on selfishness rather than loyalty to another country, but subversion nonetheless.

Mick Somatoze
Mick Somatoze Day 1,156, 15:11

As JL Dehaene once said "Let the neast go!"

Mick Somatoze
Mick Somatoze Day 1,156, 15:12

Must have been "beast", dislexia in my fingertips! 🙂

Ray Captain
Ray Captain Day 1,156, 15:32

=O I subscribed... Just to have the pleassure of unsubscribing!

Manong Z
Manong Z Day 1,156, 16:18

🙁 Vegan, you should have thought of this more thoroughly.

Thomas Keesman
Thomas Keesman Day 1,156, 19:17

perhaps a more relevant question is 'who has already left?'

of course there will be a barrage of juvenile bon mots, and nothing will change. ever.

but seriously, who has left [not talking about me], and why? if you believe the country is in trouble, look inward - and not with self-satisfaction. if you don't feel it has any problems, don't bother to think.

Boklevski Day 1,157, 23:24

Why again did we ban one of our most loyal citizens for a whole week for attacking A Vegan, while A Vegan can publish this kind of articles attacking the whole eBelgium community?

Boklevski Day 1,157, 23:27

@ Thomas Keesman: In fact, I came here from another eCountry and still enjoy the atmosphere in the community. Articles like above are actually an exception here, which is quite surprising if you look to the amount of flame articles some countries face daily, and the amount of players insulting each other.

Thomas Keesman
Thomas Keesman Day 1,157, 23:46

Bok ~ you are of course right about the flame-articles out there.
the sad fact here is this is one half of a dysfunctional dialogue - but no one seems to be ready to admit their own part of it.

anyway, i moved to get away from this, and seem to have allowed myself to be sucked back into it. good luck to all.

tiltas Day 1,157, 02:26

Boklevski, shadow's temp banned was justified. period.
get over it or read all the hatred he wrote on the forum. I doubt he was seen or reported for everything he wrote in there.

Aldous Zamiatin
Aldous Zamiatin Day 1,157, 04:43

I don't see anything wrong here (except of the sharp tone and some demagoguery, but that's just A Vegan) - if someone wants to leave, it's his/her fullest right to do so, and why not invite other volunteers to travel along? I remember people leaving "en masse" to eNew Zeeland, and we were all wishing them all the best. The way I see it, those who will leave now would have left sooner or later, and a change of scenery can be healthy sometimes. Maybe we'll see some of them back soon, who knows - being away can put things in a different perspective. Or not, but you will know it only after you've tried it.

If you don't feel at home here, and you just can't succeed to change that, then there is no reason to stay. I really hope you'll find a more cosy home some place else.

Boklevski Day 1,157, 07:35

@ tiltas: I know how Shadow can react. I have had the honour to disagree with him on several occasions, so I know how he debates. I choose to live with it, as they are actually quite funny (this is a game, after all, and he knows it's not to be taken too seriously). To clarify: I didn't doubt the mods' decision. It just felt especially unjustified after reading this article.

@ Aldous: yeah, you're probably right.

So to all who are leaving:

Bye. Best of luck. Seeya.

Pieter557 Day 1,157, 07:37

@boklevski: you forgot "now gtfo" 😛

Misanthropist Day 1,157, 07:43

what a commotion...

@Aldous: +1

NicknameFromRonny Day 1,157, 08:25

@Aldous: +2

Stilpo Day 1,157, 10:04

Yeah I suppose you are right Aldous. And now that I think about it, the kind of people that would leave Belgium just because aVegan told them so are probably not the kind of people you guys want hanging around your country anyway!

Thanks for the perspective.

A Vegan
A Vegan Day 1,157, 10:12

So the people who had left in the past and returned are not the kind of people you want to be around in eBelgium? So half of our gov, a lot of congress members and even one of our forum admin are not worthy to be eBelgian?

Not that is a strong statement!

I am not the first who invited others to move around btw...

Stilpo Day 1,157, 10:23

^ It is not THAT they left, it is WHY they left. Others have left for better opportunities but stayed friendly and deliberately kept open the possibility of return one day. You are leaving out of spite and burning all of your bridges as you go. Can you really not see the difference?

Glenn Wauters
Glenn Wauters Day 1,157, 11:47

Look at me, I left Ireland after having spend such a large amount of time there
But I still live on good foot with them, and I regulary visit their forums
If I would ever return to Ireland, I wouldnt be considered as a bad eIrish (I hope 😛)

Also, aVegan, whatever you do, do not move to Ireland, I dont want to see you making me black in my eHome community

Helviro Day 1,157, 12:34

bye bye, have fun abroad and feel free to not come back.

Just one hint for you eIrish or wherever aVegan chooses to travel to, watch your gold and certainly look out for some strange offers on the monetary market.

stonix Day 1,157, 13:22

Byebye vegan!

May the trollz be with you..

shadowukcs Day 1,157, 13:59

Comment deleted

Grantek Day 1,157, 15:30

Best wishes AV!

Ray Captain
Ray Captain Day 1,158, 10:17

Who keeps voting this up?!

Pieter557 Day 1,158, 12:33

his alternate personalities ofc

A Vegan
A Vegan Day 1,158, 13:17

3 votes are from me as I have 2 companies.
The rest come from friends I guess.
Or maybe others who also think their is something seriously wrong with this community.

Misanthropist Day 1,158, 13:45

why are there a lot of people reacting cynical or even offensive on this article? For the love of God...

seanlynch Day 1,159, 15:22

Geenie mac, just let him go, he's not breaking any rules!

Misanthropist Day 1,160, 02:11

Bunch of hypocrits!
When nogex1 leaves, everyone is friendly... wtf

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