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Who is the real enemy?

Day 1,589, 06:59 Published in Iran Bulgaria by Pakmanesh

Dear friends and players of e-republic,

I write this article in a hope to find a permanent solution for the dangerous situation that currently the neighboring countries of e-Turkey are in.
I do not need to mention the events happened in the past few weeks with respect to e-Turkey’s relationship to ONE and disrespectful behavior towards old friends and allies.
Why don’t we set aside our differences and enmities and focus on the real problem. I am pointing specially to the surrounding counties of e-Turkey and demanding the elimination of e- Turkish threat once and for all. E-Turkey’s policies have proven that this country is simply not a reliable partner and has no respect for any other country. They have turned the act of back stabbing into a common practice and cannot be trusted in any way.

I urge the e-Greece government to wake up and end the hostilities with Bulgarians immediately and follow their example. Instead of depleting your resources in defending a traitorous country like e-Turkey, together with Bulgarians, Macedonians, Serbs, Cypriots and Iranians form a united front against this evil country and simply wipe it off the map of E-Republic. After conquering e-Turkey’s original territories we can divide it and each e-country can keep the territories which can provide the daily bonuses and take an equal share. If we all have one common enemy then E-Turkey has proven by so far that it would indeed be the most suitable candidate for this role. We must join our strength and point our arrows toward our mutual enemy. Let’s learn from the history and deal with e-turkey in a manner that would be equal to their own traitorous behavior.



Pertazeta Day 1,589, 07:18

the small one

eMehran Day 1,589, 07:26


Persian Myth
Persian Myth Day 1,589, 07:27

Big vote & S

eRanian Day 1,589, 07:49

V , S

jas gawron
jas gawron Day 1,589, 07:59


Do you not miss your fights with Turkey, Greece?

I n f 0 r m e r
I n f 0 r m e r Day 1,589, 10:46

Persian version !!

OleMisCojones3 Day 1,589, 14:26

Comment deleted

BearCare Day 1,589, 15:09

against this evil country

xahhaxhxa 😃

buba4ko Day 1,589, 15:14

Greece is dead already : )
Please tomorrow fight as much as you can for the liberation of Northweastern Iran!
Bulgaria has to lose that region

JaBu Altair
JaBu Altair Day 1,589, 17:13

haha that is soo comic,noob article

PeyRock Day 1,590, 05:55

against this evil country

HercZDS Day 1,590, 17:12

eBulgarians hate muslims, and this is very public in erep. Go look at their political parties, go read their articles and comments. You're just their pawns.

eIran, why are you fighting for their cause?

SikiciOttoman Day 1,591, 03:24

i didn't read after 1st paragraph.You are really a dumbass :laugh:
Between,your protector " BULGURIA" is running far away like chicken because they are afraid..PenisKopf .So you're again in side of us..Protect your ass Stupid guys.
I guess you will delete this article because bulguria leave you alone XAXAXAXAXAXA Cowards

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