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Who do you think you are...Joe Franco?

Day 1,823, 01:34 Published in Israel Israel by danis1982

Greatings eRepublikans! Here we have the most powerful person in all eIsrael with us!

Some people call him de Messiah, Other ones, the best president eIsrael had ever, yet the most beloved and powerful member of our community is with us!

danis1982: Hi Joe, how are you?

Joe Franco: Hello Daniel, I'm doing more than good and how are you doing? Can I start by saying that I'm a great fan of your monitor progress reports and even more your interviews.

Most beloved and Messiah? You got to be kidding me!

The surgery was a success. Of course I have to mind my eating and drinking. Just no excesses, like everything in life.

danis1982: Fine, thanks...let me now get back to the game......since you left, we saw SA, K0mu, Rickolas and Meow2 as presidents....what do you think about each of them?

Joe Franco: I like them all personally as humans and friends online let that be clear Daniel.

SA: First term he was thrown into the Arena, second term he hardly had time to be CP due to rl work.
K0mu: Distant and ruled through his Cabinet
Rickolas: Careful, maintaining and solid.
Meow2: Has to make some very hard decisions, till so far good.

Clear strong leadership, transparency and communication with a flair of innovation will make the difference between an average and a good President.

danis1982: mmm i see, yet, each elections we see people asking you to run for presidency....are you? it's that on your mind?

Joe Franco: Never say never my friend. But if I decide to run it wont be in a few months. Perhaps next year.

danis1982: Also, we all know the "Hard Talk with Joe Franco"....and you surprise us again with something new, "Who do you think you are...?" How is that great Ideas like that one pop up in your head?

Joe Franco: You could describe me as a creative thinker. I think in solutions.
As owner of my own business, because of my experience and ability to think outside the envelope. I sometimes surprise myself with my ideas 🙂

danis1982: Also all eIsrael is waiting for you statics of the year...we didnt forget that...Do you have any other idea in you mind for the short time?

Joe Franco: The Oscars for the Israeli community, always a fun moment of the year, I agree. I have some ideas how to help Israel out of the economic depression, but as always old CP's are more seen as burden than assets. In that light I would like to comment: it is relatively easy to be elected, but the real work starts after that.

danis1982: Talking about presidents....We saw the "Presidents Unit", what happened with that?

Joe Franco: A typical great idea on paper but pragmatically it did not really work. The old Presidents, including me, did not produce the chemistry together to become a think tank.

danis1982: Some final words for the prosperity?

Joe Franco: Real Unity! Only real Unity will lead Israel to a higher level. If a community is ready to fight for itself and her country together; real life Israeli shoulder to shoulder with any other nationality or language, then we have no limits. All goals can be achieved!

Answer with Yes or No

CP : Yes
Name change : I have seriously been thinking about it.
Q7 factory : Absolutely Yes
Gold buyer: Yes, can't resist the special deals!
Knesset : No thanks
Any lies: If you tell the truth, you do not have to remember anything!

Thank you very much Joe Franco for this interview! and we all hope to see you again running for the presidency soon!

Here is the list of the congressmembers that already donate this month 5 gold to the state:

2 Angie Varona Free Volunteers Party
7 danis1982 The New Badass Elements
29 RuviG Israelis Party
1 a neria Israel First
32 Shoham Israel Israelis Party
11 Eysh Israelis Party
21 Menachem Begin The New Badass Elements
26 romshaked Israelis Party
17 John TG The New Badass Elements
36 TalTheBear Israel First
8 DorKill22 Israel First
16 idanrcool Israel First
27 Roni Rubin The New Badass Elements
35 T.GodFather Israelis Party
25 Perfect.Knight Israelis Party
37 tsahi K Israel First
30 SandalaiM Free Volunteers Party
23 MrBannana Israelis Party
19 Kiochan Israelis Party
14 Golan.Bi Israel First
6 boris972 The New Badass Elements
22 meow2 The New Badass Elements
40 Yoav_Israel Israel First (Yet: +10 Gold from Jun/12, Jul/12)
31 Sergeant Autumn Free Volunteers Party
38 victory lsreal Israel First
34 Sicarius Israelis Party
20 Light Bulb Israelis Party
4 Augustus Grim The New Badass Elements
5 Axazel The New Badass Elements
12 GAVASH Israel First (Yet: +5 Gold from Jun 2012)
10 eynetane Free Volunteers Party
18 K0munista The New Badass Elements (Yet: +15 Gold from May/12, Jun/12, Jul/12)
28 RushBullet Israel First (Yet: +5 Gold from 5 Jul/12)
15 Hapoel Petach Tikva Israel First
13 giladrubin The New Badass Elements

Here we have the list of the congress members that the state is waiting to donate the 5 GOLD:

3 ArikAharon Israel First
9 ephraim123 Israel First (+5 Gold from Jul 2012)
24 Neta12 My Israel (+15 Gold from Jul/12,Aug/12,Sept/12)
33 Shpitz Israel First
39 ViorKerzner Israel First

To arrange your donation, please contact our MoF, RuviG!

Am Israel Chai!


xXIsrael WinXx
xXIsrael WinXx Day 1,823, 01:39

28 RushBullet Israel First (Yet: +5 Gold from 5 Jul/12)

PowerToys Day 1,823, 01:57

Great interview!
Good questions and great answers.

oboj Day 1,823, 02:28


orerez Day 1,823, 03:13

Hebrew translation ?

danis1982 Day 1,823, 03:29

@Rush, In July you were KM, I have no reports from the MoF about your donation that month. Sorry mate.

@Orerz: its comming i hope.

NIGHTMARE WARRIOR Day 1,823, 03:33


Joe Franco
Joe Franco Day 1,823, 03:34

Thank you for the interview danis1982!

Kutluk Bilge Kul Bekir
Kutluk Bilge Kul Bekir Day 1,823, 03:37

joe panpa o|

Komnenian Day 1,823, 03:41


Sam Krak
Sam Krak Day 1,823, 03:48

Great interview!

Nathaniel Birchwood
Nathaniel Birchwood Day 1,823, 03:57


Kiarash . Razor
Kiarash . Razor Day 1,823, 04:01

I was secretly hoping someone actually wrote a bad article about Joe just to see the flame war in the comments. Oh well, I guess I'll have to just make do with this ^^

Nice interview. And it's a strange place to be in when you already know the answers....

Eysh Day 1,823, 05:10

Clear strong leadership, transparency and communication with a flair of innovation will make the difference between an average and a good President. !!!!!!

I admit Joe is one of the only players who I can see being friend with in RL (most of you won't take me as a friend and some I won't) but everyone, please read his view especially the sentence above.

Joe, I thank you for being part of the team I'm in, you make this game better and of course eIsrael better.
Be healthy!

dimikala Day 1,823, 05:37


Van Der Waal
Van Der Waal Day 1,823, 05:41


Rhodesknight Day 1,823, 05:52


SandalaiM Day 1,823, 06:39

i made also interview with joe but i had no time because of the rockets to publish it 😛
great one danis! i carfuly read every word there!


Dellodas Day 1,823, 11:37


Gabinheta II
Gabinheta II Day 1,823, 11:39

nice interview and mostly glad to know Joe is ok in RL : )

Meitnerium 109
Meitnerium 109 Day 1,823, 11:40

Visit Israel asap lad, I want to meet you face to face!

Perfect.Knight Day 1,824, 23:28

joe is indeed one of the greatest people around. truly an icon inside our nation. 🙂

Anyone78 Day 1,824, 05:08

israeli terrorism!

kami kase
kami kase Day 1,824, 06:46

israeli terrorism!

Joe Franco
Joe Franco Day 1,824, 08:31

Too bad there isnt a hebrew translation though.

John TG
John TG Day 1,824, 09:23

voted for Joe Franco
The legend player of Israel

1sheri.g Day 1,824, 10:10

plz vote and shout for Children....

Israel Please Stop Killing Children in Gaza! +18

NorthLight Day 1,824, 10:37

israeli terrorism!

hazem95 Day 1,824, 18:12


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