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Who's Awesome? I Am Awesome! (the GEF isn't)

Day 1,181, 22:53 Published in Austria Germany by Markus S

As my friends of the GEF (Tschörmany Elite Fail0rs) made a “cool” article about how “cool” they are, I thought I’d show them how much cooler I am 😃

So Yeah I AM cooler than those fail0rs of the “GEF”.

The result of my awesomeness 2 Campaign Hero Medals and 9 Battle Hero Medals (8 for Austria and One for Hungary)

Greetings and Kisses from Austria 😘

P.S. yeah this article is shit 😮 so what


Markus S
Markus S Day 1,181, 22:54

First denied

donAsher Day 1,182, 00:33

really awesome. glad to saw it, even heppier not tried BH against you:)

omg_87 Day 1,182, 00:58

Nice :>

reaktionaer Day 1,182, 03:04

Oh wow, in einem Regionswap BHs geholt, starkes Ding ^^

Mit 125k dmg campaign hero, soviel hab ich ja pro Runde gegen Italien gemacht 😛

slayer10 Day 1,182, 03:10

das hast du ganz fein gemacht

omg_87 Day 1,182, 03:48

War wahrscheinlich sogar finanziell lohnend ...

GodFatherBear Day 1,182, 04:06

Lol... i guess you are "cool"

Theo Merz
Theo Merz Day 1,182, 04:43

guter junge

Markus S
Markus S Day 1,182, 04:58

super reaktionaer willst nen brot habe? :3
und nein omg leider wars nicht finanziell lohnend, hat aber spaß gemacht :3

Markus S
Markus S Day 1,182, 04:59

argh smileys sind weg >_>

nach dem ? ein : und eine 3
und das gleiche nochmal nach dem gemacht

JaFe Day 1,182, 05:41

Markus can into KSK 4 the fail Propaganda-style ):

KTTRS Day 1,182, 05:50

Keine coole Signatur.... : 3

Bofrst-Mann Day 1,182, 10:18


Austrian Mentor Program
Austrian Mentor Program Day 1,182, 11:32


Yhamilitz Day 1,182, 19:43

Awesome (:

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