White Lion Order

Day 625, 04:57 Published in Singapore Finland by Erius

[My apologies to my Finnish readers, this article is writen only in English. You can still read it and be part of this organization. Please take contact if you are interested.]

Greetings eSingapore!

I`m Erius, former president of eFinland and now High Priest of the White Lion Order. As a High Priest I am the leader and representative of our Order and now i`m going to introduce our organization to you, my fellow singaporeans. White Lion Order greets you and hope that we can make our relationship stronger throught these ages.

Logo of the White Lion Order

We come from the land of the ice and snow

White Lion Order consists of former finnish players. For now we all have the citizenship of eFinland but are willing to gain citizenship of Singapore when we have prooved our worth to you. We are half military order and religious group. We all follow the words of Tewio, the Great White One – first of the living. I`m going to introduce our religion to you, my dear singaporeans, when the time is righ but for now it`s not important.

Flag of the White Lion Order

Our organization has moved to Singapore because of it`s small size and neutrality. We have been looking for a good country where we could settle down and start to build our organization – Singapore is perfect one for this.

I have already keep in touch with your goverment and (I hope that the message has been delivered) proposed that our organization would act as a own unit in Singapores army. Most of us are experienced soldiers and dicipline followers and we are ready to fight for Singapore under the control of the singaporean goverment. This idea is because we want to show you that we really are going to act as a singaporeans, not finns. We haven`t come here to TO you (we are too few in numbers for that and we haven`t even think about it) but for to start again our eLife. And we are willing to start it again in Singapore.

We are willing to take part in your politics, but for now we are just happy to help Singapore. We cannot expect that you could offer us your citizenship straight ahead and because of that we are willing to show you that we are worthy of your trust. We will also found couple of new companies and we welcome everybody to work there. We fight for Singapore, we work for Singapore and after we have earned your trust we might be a singaporean citizens. We wait that moment.

Our organization is at the moment small group of believers and warriors and we are looking for new faces to our ranks. If you are interested about all this you are welcome to our IRC channel at QuakeNet #WhiteLionOrder. Ask for a password from me or Tuukka_Almighty. Soon i will publish a new article about our religion – Tewionism which has guided us here.

White Lion Order greets Singapore and contratulate the new president Woshiempire!

Best regards;