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Which off the two, people accept more easily, the love or the hate?

Day 1,909, 22:44 Published in USA Pakistan by av khan

This question came into my mind out of nowhere while studying about two weeks ago and it got hold of me. The apparent answer which was coming to my mind then was that people accept hate more easily since that could be the only reason why there is always so much hate around. I immediately sent a text to all my friends through my cell-phone with a message of 'You are the worst.' followed by a second text, few minutes later explaining why I sent it. However, the results weren't satisfactory since most of them thought I was joking or something. So I decided to try the experiment here on eRepublik where there are a lot of people who don't know me.

So about 5 days ago I started sending two PMs to all the congressmen I didn't know from every country though, in the middle of it, I realized that if I go on like this it will take me like 10 days just to send these messages so I lowered the number of congressmen to the 1/100th of the total votes after Canada.

These were those two PMs:

I will call it the 'Awesome' PM in the rest of the article for ease of use.

I will call this one the 'Hate' PM. A point to be noted that both are almost similar in the intensity of emotion just opposite.

At the end, I had sent PMs to the 678 people. Each pm to 339 people.

This third pm was sent as an apology to everyone who received those PMs:

Before I go onto. I must apologize again (though I did it in pms as well, but only to those who replied.) to everyone who received those PMs from me. I am extremely very sorry for hurting your feelings if I did.

I am Sorry.

The Data Collected:

359 people replied to first PM.

156 replied to ‘Awesome’ PM while 202 replied to ‘Hate’ PM.

Below is the pie-chart of the emotions which were dominant in responses of the people to the two PMs above:

Fact Derived From The Data:

1. People care more about being hated than they do about being loved, at least when they don't know who the hater or the lover is. Derived from the fact that the number of replies to the 'Awesome' PM was almost 3/4 of replies to the 'Hate' PM.

2. However, those who do care about being loved find it easy to accept love even when it is coming from someone unknown as compared to the number of people who accepted hate. Derived from the fact that 73.7% people accepted the love while more than half of these accepted is without any question. For details about the second part of the fact, look at the spreadsheets at the bottom of the article.

3. On the other hand, most people when faced with unknown hate find it difficult to accept it. Derived from the fact that 63.4% didn't accept the hate as it is and questioned it though some of them were disappointed by a hateful message anyways. For details, look at the spreadsheets at the bottom of the article.

Assumption Based on The Data

1. One reason of most people responding to hate with confusion instead of hate was most probably the fact that the words of PM though harsh were not rude and vulgar. A proof of that could be that I didn't get even a single FP after sending 339 of those PMs.

2. Most people when given a good enough reason and apologized properly are ready to forgive and forget hate. Out of 356 people to whom I apologized only 3 implied that they didn't accept my apology while about 150 replied either laughing and calling the experiment interesting and funny or at least said that they accept my apology.

Conclusion and Things to Learn:

Though most people will make conclusions on their own. Below are the conclusions I have reached.

Most people are ready to accept love. Some without reason and some with little reason. They can't accept hate. They hate being hated. They hate it when people are rude to them. They are normally ready to forgive and forget and make friends. I received about 90 or so friends request from both the groups.

Now assuming all of the above facts, assumptions and conclusion is true. Here is the big question:

Why All The Hate?

1. Because people are rude. Which brings in anger and ego. Which makes the chances of both apology and forgiveness minimal. DON'T BE RUDE!

2. If someone shows you hate. Do not accept it but do not hate them back, at least immediately, look for a reason. If you can't find it. Ask them. Keep that ego away. It won't do no one any good.

3. Sometimes even after finding the reason its difficult to accept the reason of the hate. To accept that you are wrong, you might even be right, and apologize. In such a case at least don't feed the flames of hate yourself. Just keep calm, don't talk about it and be nice to them. They will eventually accept you even if they might never love you.

4. When someone does something good regardless of whether you know them or not just tell them they are great and awesome. Sometimes do it without a reason as well 😁 You will be happier. The world overall will be happier. You will never be happy by being rude or by bullying and trolling.

Below are the spreadsheets dividing the people into columns going a bit deeper into their emotion but even these list are not as comprehensive as they ought to be since human emotions aren't something we can easily outline. Hence the reason of the less success of social sciences as compared to normal sciences.

Responses to 'Awesome' PM.

Responses to 'Hate' PM.

Some of the most interesting and/or funny responses:


Please vote, sub and shout it. If you like.



MazzyCat Day 1,910, 23:04

Meow 😉 ❤

Oh and.. First for love!!

loftedraptor Day 1,910, 23:22


Waruda Day 1,910, 23:27


Jack Lantos
Jack Lantos Day 1,910, 23:59

bravo, I would be interested to see the response if these messages were sent as tickets

Candor Day 1,910, 00:24

Pure brilliance man, pure brilliance!

Gabinheta II
Gabinheta II Day 1,910, 00:26

huhu was almost a good idea and results are interesting ^^

ligtreb Day 1,910, 00:36

Very interesting study.

iHazard Day 1,910, 00:41


Hadrian X
Hadrian X Day 1,910, 00:44

Conclusion and Things to Learn: DON'T BE RUDE!

Social Experiments FTW! 🙂

Aussie Blokee
Aussie Blokee Day 1,910, 00:52

Nice article, voted.

Bobby Canell
Bobby Canell Day 1,910, 00:55

Very interesting, good job.

roboz Day 1,910, 01:05

Thats something different. Nice work

Haselrig Day 1,910, 01:12

You are awesome. Well done.

Black Baroness
Black Baroness Day 1,910, 01:24

cool \o/

McLarenDr Day 1,910, 01:29

great job.!

Edelmann Day 1,910, 01:35

Note that the hate pm has a relativization in it which alone can screw the data.

voleutis Day 1,910, 01:47

you my friend just got a BIG vote and an immortal sub
waiting for your next article

Had3z Day 1,910, 01:59

and here I thought I had my first Hate mail... so where is my weapons lol

Léon Reno
Léon Reno Day 1,910, 02:06

Great. V-S

Robdog31 Day 1,910, 02:11

Very interesting study and intriguing results! A social experiment like this should be attempted in real-life to record people's responses to love/hate ... Would make for a good TV show lol 😉

Geronimo100 Day 1,910, 02:20

You're awesome and I hate you!

Just kidding, nice experiment and interesting results.
Kudos av khan.

av khan
av khan Day 1,910, 02:28

Thank you everyone : )


Would you like to elaborate? I mean, I am not a student of psychology though I like studying people as a hobby. So I would like to listen to what you have to say.


They will be coming your way tonight or may be tomorrow. But they will come. You don't have to worry about that ^_ ^ I was just busy compiling results and writing this article.

bulla Day 1,910, 02:53

Cool experiment, av khan, but receiving crazy PMs as yours is not strange for a congressman.They receive PMs like those everyday. Congressmen just thought you were trying to buy CSs, hahahaha, ROFL.


John Largo
John Largo Day 1,910, 03:07

Of course I respond to hate with confusion, because everybody loves Largo

Mikael Kanto
Mikael Kanto Day 1,910, 03:14

Good job! I tried to find your evaluation of my answer)

H U L K Day 1,910, 03:21


You are Awesome

plovets Day 1,910, 03:39

V! Thank you!

Warmeno1994 Day 1,910, 03:39

I answer with an "I will cry :'(" But I wasn't dissappointed, i just was being a little being ironic. But I hate u too (L)

LitoII Day 1,910, 03:41

Awesome work : D

Finally eRep got useful in RL : ))

Satyre Reynes
Satyre Reynes Day 1,910, 03:45

Don't play with the peoples minds or their brains gonna explode in your hands o7

av khan
av khan Day 1,910, 03:47


I was actually confused about your reply myself. And I wasn't sure whether you are a female or a male. It is quite possible for females to cry over this. They are sensitive beings. Which is why I tried not to send hate mail to more than 1 female in each congress. Hence the confusion about your reply. So when confused, I took the most apparent meanings. If anyone thinks please they were put in wrong groups please be sure to tell me. But rest assured it wouldn't have affected the result of the experiment since that was based on less deeper emotions.

Clydeo Day 1,910, 03:48

I liked the last screenshot hahahahaha. That is what some people say to try to get cs.

Gias Gouliev
Gias Gouliev Day 1,910, 03:53

your opinion about me is not my problem 🙂

Edelmann Day 1,910, 04:00

av khan: Neither do I study psychology, but I would say that the way you "designed" your messages frames the respondents. The "awesome" one has not really any additional content besides you're awesome, but the "hate" one: "Though most probably, it won't mean anything to you" - I would argue that it affects the answers, e.g. that people tend to think "yeah right, fck this guy, I don't care" or "well it doesn't really mean anything BUT WHY".

Dacicus Maximus
Dacicus Maximus Day 1,910, 04:10

Saz something that i dont know
that was me : D

MDejzi Day 1,910, 04:11

Vote,i like it,that's an very good frame of peoples actions.
Job done and well,im happy being a wonderful part of this study 😛

av khan
av khan Day 1,910, 04:12


Ah, yeah, interesting. Actually what I meant by 'Though most probably, it won't mean anything to you.' was that 'You wouldn't care about it.' or like 'It won't have any effect on you. (You are such a bad person after all)' but I agree that people might have taken the meaning you mentioned.

Kero One
Kero One Day 1,910, 04:12


Atea Day 1,910, 04:13

Voted and eventho I was "happy but confused" a PM like that makes everyones day a lil bit better :😁

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,910, 04:29


Mickskitz Day 1,910, 04:33

Well done, I am glad I made it into the cool column for the Hate message. I didn't ever receive the other message though with the apology, but that is fine. however by the time I received it a few people had mentioned that they had received it so I was not as shocked as some people, which may be why I wasn't as confused.

mEd de Leeuw
mEd de Leeuw Day 1,910, 04:38

Very nice article, finaly something original, voted!

iqxy55 Day 1,910, 04:48


mufekk Day 1,910, 05:00

hi, i do not hate you...! -lol

golubgox Day 1,910, 05:18


Policy Day 1,910, 05:28

This congressman definitely has shit on lock

vrsoldiers Day 1,910, 05:29

hahahhaa... replies were super kool!!!

Saints XI
Saints XI Day 1,910, 05:36

vote 😃

Nick Slaughter
Nick Slaughter Day 1,910, 05:39

Sloter je bio ovde! : D

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