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Where Is The paper?

Day 1,841, 17:22 Published in USA USA by Antwone2012

After experiencing this game for a bit, one thing is for sure...Money is hard to come by. Gold isn't worth much and I don't want or plan to sell it. Selling what you make is pointless, and buying things becomes difficult even for commune working. If you don't have a commune job you make a whole $30 dollars without taxes. So my big question is, where is all the money, and how can we save anything with the game like this.

This has to affect every country but it is a problem with the game itself I feel. The governments can't do much about it, and there is no one else to blame. This Plato character (the administration) is at full responsibility for this economic fault. I will assume that nothing will be done because talking to many older players this problem has been around for months. I can also say that they are probably more worried/focused on the 2012 official summit.

Then most people sit around and complain about in game problems and overlook that we are being cheated out of money. The problem must be addressed, and fixed. If not this will just get harder and harder to deal with.

Have to love freedom!

So how about this, let's fix this problem Erepublik team, before you go to your little getaway please.




Syz2 Day 1,841, 17:42

At least you aren't stupid like all those AFA people who think its the nation administration's fault when it is a problem for every nation because of Plato.

Antwone2012 Day 1,841, 17:45

Thanks, I acknowledge it is happening everywhere, and it's pretty lame.

pop George
pop George Day 1,841, 17:51

the real history of this game is hidden by those that have manipulated the game...there are so many examples, but the players forced the Admins hands. There was a version the Admins worked very hard on only to be rejected...What no one talks about is when the commune system started, it was the brain child of someone no longer around, the economy collapsed, the government stop having to buy to arm it's military, there are many more examples of the players harming the game more than the Admins

Antwone2012 Day 1,841, 17:54

The issue would be who can fix the problem, not who started it. Players can only cause problems economically, they can not really fix this problem. If they could then I would suggest that you tell them to start because its pretty bad.

pop George
pop George Day 1,841, 19:22

How does a communist economy work? Cause that is what we got, enough players aren't leaving communes and the Admins what real life money, and how they get any is beyond me...but if enough offer them real life monies they might consider what you ask for, but don't discount that a hacker won't screw it up (has happened many times to this game)

Stan Brown
Stan Brown Day 1,842, 05:10

Truthfully I have no idea what you would do to fix the economy, however there are plenty of ways to get stuff.

The Government has plenty of programs for newbs to recieve, food and weapons.

The Feds run a welfare program that you can request food and tanks from daily.

Join Voters club if you want a little extra CC

Antwone2012 Day 1,842, 12:18

That is just like small solutions to help forget about the problem, you know if it was fixed (yes somehow not sure how) then people wouldn't need those programs.

Jason  Welsh
Jason Welsh Day 1,842, 15:42

I saved gold from hard worker/super soldier medals over a long period of time. I've made myself a mini economic storehouse of companies. no employees, just me working as manager in each one each day. It's enough to self-supply me even if I didn't get supplies from my MU, which I do. Use what you need, sell what you don't, buy gold/upgrade companies when you can. It takes some time but it does add up. (more in next comment)

Jason  Welsh
Jason Welsh Day 1,842, 15:45

Also, admin gives some kind of special offer every few weeks, NEVER upgrade your companies when there's not some kind of discount on it. It's worth it, trust me.

It seems like you want a permanent solution to the problem though and not just advice. There's nothing stopping you from going out and finding it yourself. You could talk with other economic brains of erep and try to pinpoint specifically what part of the game mechanics should be changed and how in order to produce a better economy.

Jason  Welsh
Jason Welsh Day 1,842, 15:48

After that all you'd need to do is get the admins to listen to it, which might not be as hard as it used to be (plato used to be the worst thing in erep history, making drastic changes to the game and not listening to advice from the players and such). Idk though, it seems like they've softened up a little as far as considering what their customers think about the game.

Like I said, nothing stopping you.

Social strategy game=set your own goals and do whatever you want

Jason  Welsh
Jason Welsh Day 1,842, 15:48

sorry for the long response. v/s btw, you have potential to be an awesome player

Antwone2012 Day 1,842, 19:46

Ha not a problem Jason Welsh, and I will look into finding the problem, thing is with economics there can be plenty of problems or just 1 big one.

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