Where is the “D”?

Day 4,796, 21:26 Published in USA USA by The Pony Express
Where is the “D”?

By Gayliant Snore

Having believed that election defeat would be imminent Chickensguys signed executed order 66.
Executive Order 66 All members of the cabinet are hereby instructed to remove and destroy the letter “D” from all owned keyboards.
Editor’s note. The orer has now gone into effect.
The effect of the executive orer was far reaching an we expect it will continue to affect aily life for many years to come. Some objecte to it, but since it is an executive orser it was only a matter time until everyone acquiesce. I for one, on’t min missing the letter, I think it improves my ability as a writer. So I woul encourage everyone to rop the _ together.

Further, we announce the exciting news that eNPR has now been nationalize, an replace with the new program, 'The Chicken & The Owl'. All rogue broacasts not approve by the aministration of our most respecte an belove Presient Chickensguys are hereby outlawe by executive ecree.

Finally, all clones are to be hunte own and execute, as per the orers of the emperor, I mean President! It oesn't matter who owns them. Whether your name begins with a G, or ens with an S, if you are a clone or are operating them, your ays are numbere!