Where are the fun nations?

Day 5,659, 10:19 Published in USA USA by Malpazar
The year was, well I don't remember. 2009? 2011? I honestly don't remember. And I was sitting in the Czech Republic, we had just taken it over in a communist plot and we were hyped. Well that was until the Slovakians came and wiped out our country.

It was a different time then, eRepublik felt so much more experimental in way. People were more willing to get engaged with the community and really propose some wacky stuff. It seemed like back then everyone was far more of a character, or at least more eccentric. You had communists staging coups, religions like Dioism forming and taking hold, entire videos being made about Pakistan's Pride and Power, and you just had well, LARPing.

480p my foot, I can count the pixels on this 15 year old video

Everyday I log in, and sort of just look at the situation, every government seems to be roughly the same, almost running in a business as usual kind of way. Every eNation closely mimicking the liberal democracies of the real world. You know, you would almost think this was being treated like a business rather than a game, the magic and fantasy of a politics simulator boiled down to a few alliances squabbling here and there over who gets to hold the oil and cow resources for a week. Sometimes it feels like instead of a world of Batmans running through Gotham as a caped crusader, we instead are nations of Alfreds cleaning up the Wayne Manor.

Am I wrong? Is there actually a grand amount of nations engaging in a good amount of LARP, Kings and Queens with their respective royal councils? Communist nations trying to spread the global revolution? Dictators rising from the ashes of a corrupt nation to take power and conquer their weak neighbors? Where is the fun?

So here is my challenge to you, the reader, especially if you have been around for a while. What events transpired that you really enjoyed? Leave a comment.

Oh and if what I wrote hit you and you want to see more fun political events in an otherwise dull game, let me know too!

Love You All,