When you dance with the devil the devil don't change he changes the senate

Day 825, 21:28 Published in Australia Australia by Ryan Neufeld

Australians I come before you asking for your help with a difficult task.

I have been living in your great nation for some time now and over the time I’ve been here I have had the opportunity to make many observations about your great country. You are a strong and proud people full of the WIN necessary to take the world by storm but your country consistently takes a back seat to the political infighting and foolish partisan politics of the senate.

I have had the opportunity to get to know many eAustralians prior to coming to your country as well as now during my time with the Crimson Devils and your country. Sadly a lot of your great citizen chose to either sit back and let things go on as usual or up and leave to other countries.

That ends here with you don’t sit back and let your country continue to be a mere shadow of its potential give me your vote and know you can expect the following, someone who will:

- Stand up to the political hardheadedness and stupidity of our countries senate

- Represent Australia with a non-partisan perspective

- Work for a stronger military through cooperation with militias

- Help keep new and old players in the game through involving them in great organizations like the Crimson Devils which increases fun by 1000%

These girls are voting for me, so should you! Vote Ryan Neufeld in Tasmania!