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When all else fails, use maximum force

Day 1,821, 23:00 Published in India India by Rohan AnanthaKrishna

Well hello there all readers. This might be the last installment to the series of stories on the MU conspiracy. I hope this article too gets the required minimum votes of 15 and atleast 5 comments on how good it was.
P.S no photos. sry

Reinforcement HQ at Karnataka receives a message from the battle field at Kerala(they moved forward those bloody Thai's):- "Need hel.....massive robo....from thaila....killing massive troo.....thai soldier fast!!"*bomb blasts in the background and transmitting is lost*

At the White House a message comes from the New Delhi Ratrapathi Bhavan saying :- "Extraction flawed. Machine is active and destructive. Moving toward west and fast. Co-ordinates show Cape of Good Hope. What to do? Move fast"

Later reinforcements find out that they are attacking against a robot from the future or outer space and in speed send a message:- "The enemy is a robot. Probably from outer space. Negotiate with the Thai fast! We need to destroy the robot fast. Damage is huge. More than what 10k bazookas can do in a second."

From the US a message replies from the White House:- "Well damn. But we can do none. Why? Cause it's in your hand b*tches! We are gonna PAAARTAY! You should have planned this out you greedy idiot."

With negotiations ended the last message from the Thai:- "Okay, we shall help. We were only doing this because the Serbians made us. Now with croatian help we are ready to retaliate and free ourselves! We are sending our resources and some BOOTIES for your help! Go get them" (pics of those booties where sent. But due to some problem they were scrambled though they are coming right now in person)

With the combined forces of Thailand and India with the MU a huge fight ensued. Huge casualties were counted on the combined forces. With no scratch on the robot. Certain researches from the combined forces go into the ship that housed the robot for help. Everything is in a huge fritz. With the robot closing toward the Arabian sea to more to the Cape of Good hope there comes a transmition from the South African administration:- "We heard you're fighting a robot from coming to SA. We are aiding with rockets and bombs we sent a few to blast him. Send messages if more are to be fired"

Researcher from the ground Zero find the remaining MU members still alive. Returning them and continuing they find the home site of the robot. There are computers showing the real reason for all this. It reads:- "Humans are evolving. We have shot a rocket towards the planet Earth to make sure that a virus will spread, affecting only human populations and killing them with ensuing epidemic. If rocket damages then the rocket will part into 2 with one going into the Larger continental peninsula(Eurasian peninsula India) and the other to the continental tip of the one near the former(Cape of Good Hope in Africa) Good luck Rantazord and good hope" The computer crashes and now finding the real intention of the robot send the info to SA to shoot rockets at the co-ordinates. SA does as requested and the virus gets destroyed in the nuclear rocket as requested.

But back here in India the robot has entered into the Arabian Sea. The computers come back in the home site with a message:- "Mission priority failed! Self destruction required. We have fitted you with a nuclear bomb enough to wipe half of the planet and making the other side blacked out. We wish you best of luck and shall give you high horours in our world. Salutations Rantazord"

Well then we all know the end part. It's all in our imaginations. It's the end of the line for me cause I won't we writing any more stories for this series. I'm sorry if you wanted the end but that's left for you. Now it's RR

This is owned by The Idealists and Rohan AnanthaKrishna and no duplication will be allowed from this story. All requests will be seen in the comments section only. No copying will be allowed(C)(R)



Mr Immanuel Kant
Mr Immanuel Kant Day 1,821, 23:10

I was going to steal this for my own paper, but you copyrighted it : (

Wild Quark
Wild Quark Day 1,821, 23:15

Aww start a new series then!

Uv Ajed
Uv Ajed Day 1,821, 23:16

"Uses maximum force on the english fella above me"

Rohan AnanthaKrishna
Rohan AnanthaKrishna Day 1,821, 23:22

Well it will take time for a new series for my head to conjure but i will try my level best and hamturk if you want to have some parts of my copyrighted paper then pay up 5Gs then i'll allow for the paper. I u want it for all the 3 stories then pay up 17Gs

Rohan AnanthaKrishna
Rohan AnanthaKrishna Day 1,821, 23:38

2 stories means 11Gs

kapahii Day 1,821, 03:39


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