What you would change or add in the game?

Day 2,445, 08:00 Published in Chile Pakistan by Light Angel

Hi, these are my ideas:

1. Give the overall damage of the battle for each division dynamically , i mean we can see the damage that is done during each battle and the top 10 fighters.
This would give reliability for the battle,specially in tied campaigns.

2. Force the using of the other weapons , the easiest way is by creating missions which can be accomplished only by using those weapons ( the prices of those weapons would finally go upper and the younger players can start to earn something ).

3. Limit the number of energy bars that can be used in 24 hours.Lets say we can use 5 bars with Q7 weapons + 7 bars with Q6 weapon + 9 bars with Q5 weapon etc.. (lets say 50 at most) . This feature would also have influence on the market prices of the lower weapons and in some way give us balance on the battlefields against credit card players and the economically now advanced older players.

4.Lower the price of participating in rebellion war,with this price of the gold now , its very unprofitable ( at least while the economy is like this).

5.The last one , there are no more good articles that can be read.So , there could be some contests where once in a month the players with the best articles in every country could participate in global level (all the world) and the winner will get some decoration , gold or other rewards (I guess this will encourage the writers to be more interesting with their articles ).