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What Would Ronald Reagan Say About eAmerica?

Day 1,826, 23:56 Published in USA USA by Ronald Gipper Reagan

So, as many of you know, Ronald Reagan is a personal hero of mine. I cannot compare myself to a man of such great virtue, character, courage, and leadership, but I want eAmerica and the world to know that I do my best to live up to his example both in real life and in this game. He wasn't always the most popular guy in the world too you know. He, and his supporters, were ridiculed,and besmirched by their opponents, much like ours do here.

He didn't quite make it to where he wanted to go and how he wanted to save our country and the world in 1976, but he sure as heck got there in 1980. My friends, it is almost e1980. The day is coming where the Reagan Revolution will sweep the eWorld by storm! You might be wondering, what would 'The Gipper' think of the eUSA government, and the opposition to this government. I hope this will show you exactly what he would think of the un-American tactics of the current tyrannical regime, and whose side he would be on. 🙂



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NueveOcho Day 1,826, 00:05


Luger Kalashnicov
Luger Kalashnicov Day 1,826, 00:12

v + s o/

Dillan Stone
Dillan Stone Day 1,826, 00:20

By the way, the difference between you and Ronald Reagan, sir, is very simple, as the Gipper himself might put it. Mr. Reagan, for all his faults, was a patriot who truly believed in America, and wished only to make America stronger. Whether he actually had the right tactics is a matter for debate, but his heart was always in the correct place.

You, on the other hand, seem to be interested only in taking over America for the purposes of aiding your Servian masters and feeding your own ego.

K1tho Day 1,826, 00:22


Tyxy Day 1,826, 00:30


Pary Sixty 7
Pary Sixty 7 Day 1,826, 00:45

v + s

Candor Day 1,826, 01:51

"I've noticed that everyone who is for abortion is already born"

That made me lolrl

So my Reagan true story:

RR gave a speach in central America somewhere. After he's done, he's lightly applauded and sits down. The next guy gets up and gives his speach, and this guy gets a standing ovation. Reagan stands up to, bowingto the guy and clapping with vigor.

Until his aide bends over and whispers in his ear, "Mr. President, that man just interpreted your speach".

Bah! true story.

The-Comedian Day 1,826, 03:01

Another cheesy quote that shows you what a retard this guy really was:
"There are no great limits to growth because there are no limits of human intelligence, imagination, and wonder."

Sorry, pal. WRONG!

soshinth noah
soshinth noah Day 1,826, 03:04

s & v

LiLo1 Day 1,826, 04:22


Viarizi Day 1,826, 04:39

V, now..






EzioAuditoremk Day 1,826, 04:52


loftedraptor Day 1,826, 05:32

Support the AFA and RGR! Pay the Elitists back for 3+ years of Oppression, Domestic PTOs, Dirty Tricks, and Bad Stewardship of America. New Players, Do not be fooled by their slander of players who disagree with them.

Join the AFA, we have Cookies and lots of Pizza! 🙂

Rumenko LizME
Rumenko LizME Day 1,826, 05:49


Sir LeatherNeck
Sir LeatherNeck Day 1,826, 06:09

lol, getting a bit desperate. Reagan at his very pinnacle was at most an average president, with a crackpot wife.

Saint Nikolay
Saint Nikolay Day 1,826, 06:14

it is just propaganda : )

LordRahl2 Day 1,826, 10:55

Well I know what he would NOT do for sure:
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,825, 15:07
"Pay 500 gold in reparations and you can be a member."

So RGR demands a poll tax of unbelievably high value. Poll taxes were racist laws designed to suppress the voices of disadvantaged minority Armenians. Ronald Reagan would be disappointed in your regressive policies.

LordRahl2 Day 1,826, 10:55

AJAY's(RGR's) new policy:

"There have been several famous (and infamous) cases of head taxes in history, notably a tax formerly required for voting in parts of the United States that was designed to disenfranchise poor people, including African Americans, Native Americans, and white people of foreign descent."

LordRahl2 Day 1,826, 10:59

AFA patriots: Do not fall for the American displayed by Ajay(RGR).

Reject Ajay's elitism. Reject his exclusion of American voices.

Ajay stands for himself and dinguses his quest for personal power at your expense will calls on a Great American.

Ronald Reagan would reject Ajay and his elitist message.

Will Ajay allow me on IRC to dispute his false claims? (no.) Will he allow me on the AFA forums to dispute him there? (no.)

This is elitism at its worst. For shame Ajay. For shame.

RebelBlood Day 1,826, 20:44

What does a real life dead president of the US have to do with you RGR? The only similarity between yourself and the real Reagan is in name only. That would be like me /w a name like Ron Jeremy, the only similarity would of course be the size of our ........... guts 😉

If you can't stand on your OWN reputation, don't stand on someone who actually earned their own.

@Viarizi - yeah yeah I know your going to go tell daddy Plato - can't wait to be threatened about being reported *shudders*

Jd Jack Serenade
Jd Jack Serenade Day 1,827, 05:29

V 50 + SUB 1451

5440 Day 1,827, 19:12

He'd probably be trying to use CC to fund eNicaraguan resistance wars.

Slyk Willy
Slyk Willy Day 1,827, 21:13

I have been gathering members for a meta alliance to sell damage to the highest bidder to offset loses caused by the lack of bonuses our past and present leaders have lost for us.

If anyone is interested in joining this alliance please PM me. I don't care what your political beliefs are or what country you serve. This will be used as a tool to solicit cooperation from the US government buy turning critical allied battles in the favor of the enemy until the us government brings back bonuses

Julian Caesar
Julian Caesar Day 1,830, 15:12

Ronald Reagan was a horrible president. One of his many faults is the fact that he was an actor, just like Ajay.

R. W. Reagan
R. W. Reagan Day 1,836, 11:42

Here is what the real Ronald Reagan says to Ajay Bruno about this country: GET OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!!!!!

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