What would I change in erepublik

Day 2,443, 09:13 Published in Hungary South Korea by Golika

Dear readers!

This is my entry to Sisk's Contest.


-raise monetary limit to 30 gold/day
-finish the new map whisch is still in beta for like a year now. Add resources to the map and make it remember settings
-add a statistics page, where you can access everything about battles. CO spent, damage by players, countries, allies, bombs dropped.
-reintroduce contracts between countries. Back in the day admins were the protectors of these contracts. A third, neutral country could hold this position in my opinion when it comes to contracts
-would add a box where the president and his government can send a message to players on the main page (importand articles, battles etc.)
-would bring back donation logs, all accessible for everyone to monitor CC movenets and prevent corruption

Political module:

-make a normal rank page of parties
-vote for individuals as congress candidates, not parties (like before)

Military module:

-recources would be reshuffled (or scrambled) every 6 months. So with this boredom could be avoided easily I think.
-would introduce a skill system to 1v1 guerilla. Would reconsider guns and how they work and act
-would introduce 3v3 or 4v4 guerilla fight. A top view turn based tactical combat on a not too big, generated map where you could fight together with your friends (a flashgame within erep)
-would introduce Ally Hero medal, working like TP medal, only would reward players after doing damage for allies. (Would reconsider both TP and Ally hero damage requirements)
-would introduce Guerilla fighter medal
-rocket factory is a useless joke as it is. Would reconsider how it works, what it needs as raw and the damage the rockets do.


-would bring back ticket factories
-would modify tickets. The health reduction is pointless and pain in the ass. This idea is really cool!
-would bring back Work skills, based on player levels. Would affect both manager work and work as an employee (no more overproduction)
-would polish "manage workers" page, set salary for all, fire all etc.
-would introduce a message board for industry owners, where he can communicate with all his workers easily
-would add random events to the game. For example, the good miners of Chile just found a huge reserve of granit. So thus the region would provide an extra 20% bonus for a month. The region could be attacked of course and the holder gets the bonus.


-would figure out the f****n CRFS attack and make it stop
-would introduce a new TOP window on main page, with 10 articles visible
-would introduce a V+D (vote+donate) button at articles, which if you click, you don't only give your vote, but 10cc also to the author if you liked it.
-would introduce Newspaper licence system. Like it is on the market. You buy a licence and your articles gets published in that country too automatically (maximum 3 active at a time)

Thank you for reading, cheers,


ps.: thanks for the 10cc s 😃 but honestly, you don't have to 🙂

What would I change in erepublik