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What will be your weapon in the upcoming apocalypse?

Day 1,657, 17:28 Published in USA USA by Captain Black Sheep

Zombies are coming but have YOU armed?

Post your weapon below and start running!

But remember vote & shout to warn everyone!



DIRTY ANGELS Day 1,657, 17:44

A plant pot great!

masterdrewby Day 1,657, 17:48

hmmm,my leg lamp will be interesting.....

Gnilraps Day 1,657, 18:33

My wife? I'm all set.

Katelynne Day 1,657, 20:20

notebook charger 😃

Allen Webster
Allen Webster Day 1,657, 23:54

trash can

Robert Guiscard
Robert Guiscard Day 1,658, 01:20

Bookshelf. Kind of unwieldy...

DMV3 Day 1,658, 03:40

Rubber bucket! I'm f*cked!

SlapHappee Day 1,658, 17:19

Tube sock

creitzell Day 1,658, 18:42

My dog. She is a mastiff, so good there. She is also completely worthless as a guard dog.

Hope Solo
Hope Solo Day 1,658, 20:23

A towel. Used and tossed by my little one.

bigcdizzle Day 1,658, 20:23

Yes. it took me a moment to realize there was a chair hiding under those pillows.

I thought I was truley F*cked.

Slyk Willy
Slyk Willy Day 1,658, 20:36

piss bomb

Tristan Myza
Tristan Myza Day 1,658, 21:08

A small stone raccoon statue...well I guess its better than nothing.

Jon873 Day 1,659, 00:18


Carla's Lover 4eva
Carla's Lover 4eva Day 1,659, 01:02

Pair of scissors

Bobcat Tepes
Bobcat Tepes Day 1,659, 07:02

Hotel Mattress and pillow. And they might have their own biological warfare components in them too.

S3nn Day 1,659, 07:15

A phone dafuq ?

Ignas2526 Day 1,659, 08:12

My teapot 😛

Gen Patton
Gen Patton Day 1,659, 11:59

ha... mine just isn't funny but practical. .40 S&W Glock (I'm in the office of my gold store)

Kilad Day 1,659, 13:48

my P38 can opener

shiloh13 Day 1,660, 00:03

My window,I'm out of here.

I am The Best23
I am The Best23 Day 1,679, 18:12

a CD in a case

albanianh Day 1,698, 04:12

Nuclear Bomb

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