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What They Have To Say: Our New President

Day 1,852, 20:41 Published in USA USA by JamesCarthrage

I sat down with Ronald Gipper Reagan, emdoublegee, and kody5 to talk about the new administration.

Ronald Gipper Reagan And I

1) Do you know our new president?

I have known him for years, yes.

2) Do you think he will help all parties needs (if possible)?

No, he is just another Pfeifferist puppet unfortunately and is concerned about destroying the AFA.

3) What issues do you wish the president to address? Why?

Ideally, I would like someone to be a unifier and end this political civil war, but I am not holding my breath.

4) With the AFA having a majority in congress, how will this government operate?

The AFA has the power to influence certain votes, but more Congressmen would certainly help improve our ability to do so.


emdoublegee And I

1)Do you know are new president?

Yes, I know our new president. I haven't had a lot of interaction with him prior to this term, but he is one of those guys who selflessly gives of his time and energy for the betterment of the eUSA, it doesn't matter if he is the President or not.

2)What qualifies him to lead?

Wiggy has a lot of experience in this game. While some would call him an elite for it, I think that experience is something that is needed in our country's leadership. Not only does he have the experience, but he delegates things. His cabinet is there for a reason, and he stretches them to make command decisions and get stuff done without his constant supervision. That is important.

3)Are there any issues you would like to see him address soon? Why?

There are some questions I think a lot of people want to hear about, such as if we are going to have a major war soon, what direction is our foreign affairs going, that kind of thing. While I am interested in hearing that, I think that there is a rhyme/reason to what the President is doing and it will come out when the time is right.

4)What is the main benefit you hope to see out of this president? Why?

Main benefit huh? Hmm....I think what I would like to see most from this term is a solidarity towards the American people. We have the PTO threat right now and there are a few different ideas for how to take care of things. What I would like is a unification of the different parties to take on the AFA issue. Things have been moving in that direction, but the AFA is on the offensive right now and we need to spin that around.


kody5 And I

1) What is your parties stance in this election?

Our stance is for the Unity Election for the President.
Other elections are always for your party.

2) Do you know the new president?

No but alot of people do. ive just been e-Dead for awhile.

3) What do you want the new administration to make as its top priority?

getting Rid of the AFA. the International scene cant be overlooked though. i think we need to start a new alliance as well.

4) Any major issues you want to address?

The AFA. They need to leave.


Was My Horrible Questions, Or Was emdoublegee The Only One Who Gave Full Answers ? Nah, It Was My Horrible Questions.



emdoublegee Day 1,852, 22:17

good stuff, thanks again for the interview! V/S

Candor Day 1,853, 01:00

Voted. I like interviews.

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