What is to be Done?(Part Three: Pure Commune-ism)

Day 726, 17:29 Published in USA USA by Fredrick Engels

First thing I want to do is thank Al Mehdi for putting out an ad for my last article that was just awesome. I will write a counter to your arguments about this communes structure after I'm finished with this series, I'd like to lay my whole theory down before I take on criticism. I hope you can understand that. But on to the topic of pure commune-ism:

Pure commune-ism is the epoch where the communes make up 100% of the economy. For the following to happen you'd have to follow the basic structure of my last two articles written here:


So here's what will happen economically in this most important epoch.

Wages will all drop to $1.00. This is just obvious if you've read the above linked articles, with everybody working for a commune they all make $1.00. Pretty simple right.

Currency to Gold exchange:
Now comes the question of how much of x currency is exchangeable with 1 gold. After doing some math I discovered you should get 5 gold for 30 x currency (this is of course only if your countries minimum wage is 1 USD). Here's how I basically got that: 5(gold) divided by 30(days of labor)=0.166666666666 or simply put 0.17 currency, which means 1 gold is about 0.16 to 0.17 currency. Here's how I got the numbers: 5 gold= 30 days of labor because for every 30 days you work consecutively you get 5 gold in return. This 5 gold for 30 days of labor is the only constant when it comes to earning gold(unless you actually buy gold with real money), all the other ways to get gold either involve variables( You can gain more strength levels using weapons, and it also rises lower or higher depending on your wellness) or they happen infrequently in different time intervals depending on conditions( getting to level six will take less time if you can fight in a war). Or you can get elected or media mogul, but that provides us with nothing to measure and compare like labor does. So if we're using the labor standard of 5 gold= 30 days of labor, 5 gold=30 currency since 30 days you work=30 currency. It's basically saying a=b, b=c, therefore a=c. The formula would be 5 gold/(minimum wage X 30).

There will be problems on the economic side of course, the main problem being the minimum wage. How ironic it is that the only thing put into the game mechanics to help workers out as a class is also the thing that works against their liberation. The problem is during this epoch, unlike the other ones, the market is wholly under control of the communes. Before you could distribute all the products to the workers and then sell the surplus on the market which gives you a pool of capital to be used on wages and raw materials. But now you have communes who all need wages and no capitalists to sell products to so now how do you get the money to cover daily wages and the 0.01 for raw materials. This can be done in a various amount of ways.

1.Donating back to the commune.
After you work you immediately get paid your wages. So once you get paid you could donate it back to the commune so that tomorrow you can get paid. This alone can not work though since there is no way to get money for new players coming into the game. Which brings us to the next point.

2.Donate gold to the government.
Once you do this gold can be converted to currency. Here's how it works, gold is donated to the government, the government then proposes to convert the gold into the currency. After that the currency is donated to an org which can then be donated to the communes. Wallah! You now got some mullah in your pockets. Gold could also be donated to create new companies for new players coming in.

Another potential source of money is from foreign trade with other nations. You know how you had all those surplus products that you didn't have anybody to sell it to here? Well now you can either stockpile that or sell it in other nations. Hopefully we would be able to export goods to communes who need help too.

I think all these methods should be used at the same time for maximum effect. Now those are just some ways to get some money, if you have anymore post a comment telling us another way.

Government now would only have a few things to do, most of which I described above, but a few other things would be to change the taxes so they're favorable to the communes, initiate training wars, initiate MPP's, etc.

Now I'd like to discuss the minimum wage issue. Minimum wage is, like I said before, ironically something I don't think we should support. As you have seen above it creates conditions where we always have to chase after capital, we have to live in a world where there will always have to be exchange values, of money for commodities, where communism can't live up to it's full potential. As you have seen above it is a nuisance in the end, which is why I've suggested we have the option to get rid of it by legislation in congress. Please support the effort HERE by signing it.