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Day 1,825, 15:21 Published in USA USA by Jerry White

Capitalism has failed the working class of the United States and the entire world. Increasingly desperate conditions for the vast majority—poverty, ever declining wages, and ridiculously high taxes—are combined with the most fantastic levels of wealth. CEO's and the Elite's like RGR and Hannibal LA make more in a day than us worker's make in an entire year, and they two make more in an hour than most Americans make in their entire lives all because of multis.

At the root of all the problems of modern society—inequality, war, the attack on democratic rights—is a social and economic system, capitalism, in which everything is subordinated to the interests of a tiny elite. The alternative to capitalism is socialism: the reorganization of all economic life under the democratic control of the working class, to serve social needs, not private profit.

Socialism means genuine social equality, on a world scale. It means that satisfying the basic rights of the working class—the right to a job, education, a decent standard of living, a world without war—is the aim of society, not the enrichment of the financial elite. Socialism means the extension of democracy to the foundation of all of society: the economic process. It means the control of this process according to a scientific plan for the general improvement of humanity.

Socialism will be achieved only through the establishment of workers’ power. This will require a difficult struggle. But the “final goal” of socialism—the abolition of economic exploitation, all forms of inequality, the oppression of one group of human beings by another group, and, consequently, the removal of all restraints on individual creativity and the flowering of human culture—is not the outcome of a mythical quest. The revolution that will lay the political basis for socialism is prepared in the course of countless struggles by the working class, in the US and internationally, to defend its interests and oppose the efforts of the financial and corporate aristocracy to impose the burden of the crisis on the masses. Socialism is not a gift to be given to the working class. It must be fought for and won by the working class itself.



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Jimmy Cincinnati
Jimmy Cincinnati Day 1,825, 17:11

Good piece of work here, honestly.
You add some pictures and you tend to get more votes.
Let me know if you need help with that. Just trying to help.

Silas Soule
Silas Soule Day 1,825, 19:36

This is the part I often trip over: "...a scientific plan for the general improvement of humanity".

At this point, I would be pleased with just a musical plan for the general improvement of humanity.

Jmaj Day 1,845, 16:40

This is a great policy. I believe you are a true socialist.

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