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What is really.....?.....? Part II

Day 1,675, 15:41 Published in Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) by BlackMK

After eMacedonia apeared on eRepublik we eMacedonians were called with a lot of insulting names from our dear south neighbours. Skopians, Vardarskian etc.

As I always say before you insult someone you need to take a look first at your court and find who you are and what is your past. Good example is the picture above. In this article I will try to explain who are those kids on the picture (maybe grandparent of our beloved new eMacedonian Smee Again is one of them you never know) and why Greeks learn Greek language in early 20th century.

In 1923, after the Greco-Turkish War of Thrace, was signed an agreement between Turkey and Greece for population exchange based upon religious identity. All Orthodox Christians of Turkey were deported to Greece, and all Muslims of Greece were deported to Turkey, regardless of ethnic identity. Following this treaty 1/3 of the Aegean

Macedonians who were Islamized moved in Turkey and on their place came the Karamanlides.

Karamanlides or simply Karamanlis are Orthodox Turks who lived on the territory of Asia Minor. They formed the first Turkish sultanate, Karaman; belonging to the Turkish tribe Bozdoğan, which belongs to the people of Oghous, part of the Turkish nation. The Karaman sultanate exist as an independent sultanate between 13-15 century when Seljuq Turks conquered them, but besides most of the Karamanlides retained their Christian faith.

Karamanlis were subordinate to the Patriarchate of Constantinople, which attempted to assimilate all its subject into Greeks. The policy of the Patriarchate was simple: each patriarchal subject is Greek.Therefore, the Karamanlides and rest of the Orthodox Turks separated in a separate Turkish Orthodox Church from the late 19th. Eftim Baba, Pope of the Orthodox Church in Turkey strongly opposed the deportation of Karamanlis In Greece, because they were solely ethnic Turks, Orthodox, and not Greeks.
About 850,000 Karamanlides have moved in modern Greece, contrary to their desire to stay in Turkey. (December 4, 1922, “The New York Times” Page 16, Col. 3)
Turkey, as predominantly Muslim country wanted to get rid of the Turkish Christians, and to receive the Balkan Muslims in their society. Greece, the Orthodox Turks always identified as Greeks, though their native language was Turkish. (E.Z.Karal "Osmanli Tarihinde Turk Dili Sorunu", "The Turkish Language Problem in Ottoman History
See the above photo ( Tragedy Stalks Through the Near East as Greece and Turkey Exchange Two Million of their People, in The National Geographic Magazine. Volume XLVIII, No. 7-12, July- December, 1925.)
Most of these Karamanlides 638,253 or 52% of all Immigrants settled in Aegean Macedonia, to neutralize the Macedonian population. These Orthodox Turks, are now the biggest Greeks and
Karaman claim to be the “true” Macedonians. Of course, they make this claim partly as a consequence of the Greek aggressive propaganda of the last century, but also from the fear their properties which the Greek state gave them, and belonged to the expelled Aegean Macedonians, to be confiscated.
The so-called "Greek-Macedonia" is a fabrication, an artificial creation that serves as the basis for territorial and historical claims of the Greek side. The real ones and the only Macedonians are denied and repressed in order for Greece to have a foreign territory and to steal someone else's history.
However, the repressive assimilation measures adopted by the Greek authorities that were used in the past for the Macedonians, covered also these settlers from Asia Minor. Namely, they were prohibited from any trip back to Turkey, threatened with removal of their Greek citizenship if they did. They were also prohibited by the Greek law to identify as Turks. (Martin Baldwin-Edwards,"The Asia Minor atrocities and the ‘Exchange of Populations")

In 1925, Salvanos Chief of Staff of the Tenth Army Division located in Western Macedonia had a task to make ethnological research of the Florina region which should serve for orientation in the further displacement of settlers.He wrote that those with pure Greek national consciousness are insignificant minority, while the “Slavophone” population is divided into three groups: first, in which predominates the Greek sentiment, the second in which prevailed the Bulgarian sentiment and the third group that was indifferent in terms of nationality and were only interested to keep their daily lives. The latter, a third group, stressed Salvanos, constitutes the majority of the population and call themselves as Macedonians. They consisted of between one half and three-quarters of the total population in a given village, while those with Bulgarian sentiment no more than a quarter, and last, slavophone group with Greek sentiment was only from one to five families within a village. (Minorities in Greece" by Richard Clogg, 2002, page 129)
The best commentary on the end of the second part of “The Making of Greece” will be the one of the Bishop of Florina, Augostinos Kandiotis who said:"If the hundreds of thousands of refugees had not come to Greece, Greek Macedonia would not exist today." (Anastasia N. Karakasidou,“Fields of wheat, hills of blood: passages to nationhood in Greek Macedonia1870-1990“, page 141.)



BlackMK Day 1,675, 15:43

What is really.....?.....? Part II

RD Goxyto
RD Goxyto Day 1,675, 15:44

thekoki Day 1,675, 15:57

Who is really......?


4a4arA Day 1,675, 15:59

i think they should be called SLAVO-gREEKS if we are slavs as they said nowadays

Superior MKD
Superior MKD Day 1,675, 16:24

votadakis o/

JaneAsterix Day 1,675, 16:24

Лекција бр.2

El Che G
El Che G Day 1,675, 16:24


thedragon Day 1,675, 16:27


LittleGeneral Day 1,675, 16:37

mnogu dolgo ama vredi da se procita..

ete neka si vidat gejovite koj se i shto se..

rolocalca74 Day 1,675, 16:43


kojoti2 Day 1,675, 16:51

Sumirano do sega

Imaat ALbansko i Tursko Poteklo

Tret del od utre natamu : D

Stole Lazarov
Stole Lazarov Day 1,675, 17:00

C'mon greeks....Tell us did you learned this in your RIGHTEOUS History or this fabricated as well

ArmaDello Day 1,675, 17:02

напиши и за тоа како античките грци се од египет.

AronMacedon Day 1,675, 17:59

So let be writen,so let be done

BlackMK Day 1,675, 18:02

Ќе биде се напишано и објавено, по ред!

SaJrUs Day 1,675, 22:07


Bojan aKa T-MaC
Bojan aKa T-MaC Day 1,675, 22:21


United Macedonians
United Macedonians Day 1,675, 22:40


ajvaRmen Day 1,675, 23:11

Фактите не лажат . Ќе се расплачат денес кога ќе го видат ова .

aLesandar Srbljanski
aLesandar Srbljanski Day 1,676, 04:36

Zapazanja o Juznoj Srbiji (Makedonija)

O nasim ljudima se radi.

BlackMK Day 1,676, 04:44

Фала што покажа колкави пријатели сте, се надевам дека што поголем број македонци на време ќе го увидат тоа.
Да живее Београдски Пашалак зошто кај и да е ќе останете и без Војводина.

kojoti2 Day 1,676, 05:43

Crnce ne moj da pocnam da postiram ke ostanat nemi kako juznite sosedi 😃

za niv ima uste povece materijal 😃

KarateMK Day 1,676, 05:57


BlackMK Day 1,676, 06:05

Којоти знам дека има материјал,
Првин јужниве да ги изрендаме убаво а после идеме на северните.
Се со ред xD

seki6 Day 1,676, 07:24

zatoa sa takvi crni ka cigani i zatoa sa krvni neprijateli so turcite

MacedoniaFORCE Day 1,676, 07:49


Da Dottore
Da Dottore Day 1,676, 07:52

Pa ako trgneme taka i na istocnite treba da im odrzime cas po istorija 🙂

Bojan Koloren
Bojan Koloren Day 1,676, 07:53

neverojatno uzivanje se statiive
ispran mozok imaat ova grcive ko nikoj na planetava

najdobar paragon e: hitler za evreite aleksandar za grcite
samo sto grcive si go slavat nivniot hitler

BlackMK Day 1,676, 07:56

Бојан, имаат и факти и докази,
Повеќето се и кај нив, а некој дел и го кријат.

kojoti2 Day 1,676, 07:59

да не заборавиме дека дел од историолошки наоѓалишта се затворени за јавност.....

А да не ги заборавиме и сите натписи во цркви избришани македонски офарбани и напишани на грчки...

ај може у некоја наредна статија и тоа ке пуштиме

ajvaRmen Day 1,676, 08:21

Да напишете сѐ . o7

Strastniot Day 1,676, 09:04


GoodBeer Day 1,676, 11:12


kojoti2 Day 1,676, 11:39

Crna Atina e dolga tema za statija 🙂

Lebarot Day 1,676, 14:18


DESTROYFYROM Day 1,676, 14:41

little pathetic beings...........

Angel ctz
Angel ctz Day 1,676, 16:50

ohhh GOD.....

BonsStones Day 1,677, 00:44

read and cry greeks

Meddussa Day 1,677, 00:45


VAse the Great
VAse the Great Day 1,677, 01:26

The truth hurts...

Left666 Day 1,677, 02:18

the lies killing me .. Slavs .. look your names , your faces . YOU ARE SLAVS . Just compare you with a Bulgarian or a Serbian . you are same-**** ... slavs .. north slavs (7-8 B.C.) and of course u have no future as "nation" ...

VAse the Great
VAse the Great Day 1,677, 02:37

The race of the Hellenes has been wiped out in Europe. Physical beauty, intellectual brilliance, innate harmony and simplicity, art, competition, city, village, the splendour of column and temple — indeed, even the name has disappeared from the surface of the Greek continent.... Not the slightest drop of undiluted Hellenic blood flows in the veins of the Christian population of present-day Greece.

Al3xMKD Day 1,677, 03:57

Глас претплата и шаут.

Браво, требаше некој ова да го кажи.
Само продолжи вака!

Pyrros of Epirus
Pyrros of Epirus Day 1,677, 04:09

lol fyrom

BlackMK Day 1,677, 06:12

Comment deleted

actualguns Day 1,677, 06:57

We are Greeks
We are Turkish Christians
We are proud of our origins!

MichailArchangel Day 1,677, 13:58

Formic you are FYROMIAN. Don't be ashamed of this, it is not insulting, it is your official name. FYROMIAN

Say it loud,

IncognitoX Day 1,678, 02:39

Formic you are FYROMIAN. Don't be ashamed of this, it is not insulting, it is your official name. FYROMIAN

Say it loud,

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