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What has been done in the past few months and what's next?

Day 1,700, 04:40 Published in Serbia Serbia by Naqash is BACK

Many things. The most important one, beating the Turks out of Vidin while ammasing record damage.

12,374,241 for Serbia
Achieved while successfully conquering Vidin from Turkey on day 1,654

This is the thing I'm most proud of.

But there are still many more things to be done. Serbia needs help right now while being attacked by more and more enemies. The biggest help should be found within our own ranks, or put simply, we need to unite and reorganize.

I'm a soldier, man of war, not of politics, but it is clear that the people in high ranks, who make decisions, should do something about our current situation.



bernoldi_salieri Day 1,700, 21:59


divizija 1 i 2 dobijaju dnevno 10 tenkova i 600 helta!

Prijavi se i postani Ratnik !


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