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What happened to our game?

Day 2,151, 02:24 Published in Croatia Ireland by Bad BIue Boys

Hello eWorld, I'm writing an article on english today, because I'd like to hear opinion of other people worldwide and hear the possible solutions for the problem currently killing every community in this game - boredom.

How did we end up in situation like this one?
There's many contributers who led the eWorld to the current situation. It's firstly Plato, who almost killed communities, who killed way of fighting we had in V1. For those who never played V1, we had wall there too, but we could have see total damage and damage needed to win the battle, to turn the wall. We didn't had this kind of health, you could fight only once per day, well you could fight twice, but then you wouldn't be able to fight tommorow twice. It was called "kamikaze" when someone fight twice in one day. In order to win battle you had to organise your troops, you had to organise whole country, you had to design community to be ready to hit when it's most needed. That was the reason a lot of people grouped themselves on IRC channels, hang out together. Because, alone noone could win a single point, you could only waste your health by fighting alone. That kind of military module was awesome for communities because everyone fought for eachother and their country. The game went from group to individual mode and it was devastating.

Today, Plato is offering us module in which you have to build your own account and rely on yourself, because it almost doesn't matter are you fighting alone or together with your comrades. This module made a lot of people leave the game, because they haven't felt the passion you feel while fighting together in some battle. Perfect example of what I'm saying would be this battle. Hello Kitty, the epic battle of V1.

Putting that aside, countries were also able to use tactics a lot more, you could retreat in a battle so countries could move really fast through the map, everyone were searching the way to go somewhere and fight for its alliance. It was truly the great time of eRepublik. Today, only design is better in military module.

But, I wouldn't agree it's all Plato's fault. Even with this new modules we had some interesting times and we could have a great time here, even use tactics more and have chance to win or lose battle, something we don't have in today's disbalanced eWorld. Who's guilty for that? People. We have different kind of peoples in RL world and it looks like those greedy leaders get on power in many countries. eSerbia is the world power no.1; it's obvious and there's no reason not to say that. eSerbia can win battles with few of their best friends alone. But that wasn't enough for them, they wanted total domination. It all started with ONE, it supposed to be super-alliance with super-powers of eWorld. Spain, Poland, Serbia, Hungary and Macedonia, when you add some smaller but very strong countries to this list you get truly strong alliance. But they wasn't able to win so many battles, they wasn't able to have total domination, why is that?

In my opinion they didn't had the good motivation and team cohesion. They wasn't friends, they weren't brotherhood. They openly said they are together only for power and mutual gain. On the other side there was EDEN, old alliance made of countries who haven't went for power together with SPoland (Croatia stayed because of Greece and Romania in EDEN even though we had invite to join ONE, how ironic is that looking today?). EDEN was organised perfectly and EDEN countries fought for eachother strongest they could, we was outnumbered, but our soldiers tanked more.

When ONE countries realised they won't be able to rule the world they just found TWO, hoping that alliance could change their faith. And they were successful in it. Why? Because some "new" people came on power in Greece, Romania, Argentina and other countries associated with EDEN, they thought if they all change side then maybe they will be the ones who dominate the game too. It was greedy and selfish from them, leaving many of their friends alone and most important - killing the game.

EDEN had its issues too, eCroatia wasn't active enough to stop this happen, we were passive and we just observed the situation. EDEN accepted Turkey which led to a lot of dissapointments between its members. I personally, knew this will happen, that was the reason I was so much against Turkey joining EDEN, this had to happen. Soon after that CoT was founded and alligned with TWO, that was the start of process of killing the game. EDEN couldn't fight alone for more then 1 year and it was finally dissolved. After that we all know what happened. TWO and CoT got in war and when countries had to pick their side they've choosed the stronger one - TWO. I can't understand why would someone who have the chance to change the game and make it more interesting do that, but obviously those countries have their reasons. Power hungry and greedy leaders are the ones who should be blamed for that.

So we have two factors which led to current situation. Not only Plato, it's not all his fault.

What can we do to stop this?
I'm really not sure anymore. The reason I was playing was to help my allies and my country, I lost almost all allies and one reason to play this game. Now, even if those old allies ever come back it won't feel the same. I think eCroatian community is very sensitive and conservative, we dislike changes, we don't accept on them. But, we can't stay like this forever, we chosed to be on the side of underdog, to fight against TWO.

Now TWO recruited even more countries under their hat and it's impossible to fight them anymore. We have to admit defeat, but they have to admit we was honourable in this game. Maybe it's time for restart? Maybe we should let ePoland and eSerbia pick their allies one by one like on street football match? Serbia pick Hungary, Poland pick Spain, Serbia pick Slovenia, Poland pick Croatia? That would make the game interesting, but it's impossible solution if you ask me.

Maybe we should all just hope things between some TWO countries will went bad and there will be two clans over there who will fight for power between eachother and then found two different alliance. It wouldn't be much different from the way I spoked about in last paragraph. It would certainly be more interesting. So let's all hope big head power greedy leaders decide to find some of their courage burried deep inside of them and make the game interesting again.

What are your thoughts and ideas? What you think it's needed to change the game and bring back the fun? Post your comment, vote this article and shout it, let's find solution together.



Svenen Day 2,151, 02:25


NKFV Day 2,151, 04:29

great article, u c**t!

El Samurai 17
El Samurai 17 Day 2,151, 07:12

If anyone wants a better game I can introduce you to a game like erep v1 🙂 Pm me 🙂

x x x ALBANIA x x x
x x x ALBANIA x x x Day 2,151, 09:47

the problem of alliance: is to make them not more than 10 or 15 countries plato can chanches dhe rules,

ulicni fantom
ulicni fantom Day 2,152, 18:35

Maybe that admins stop MPP mehanisme. Not one country will have MPP, then everyone should travel to fight for that country.
Or bring some numbers. For example: only 2500 fighters may fight in that round, and so on...

But the best way is to restart it, and we will enjoy V1. 😃

Capitan Segundo Redondo
Capitan Segundo Redondo Day 2,151, 02:31


eazyjp Day 2,151, 04:16

Mafia podio

Aphroditea Day 2,151, 02:37

It's the very first time that I must agree with your words.

Hristodoulos Day 2,151, 02:41

Mr. Greedy Plato destroyed game long time ago.
The biggest number of players start to playing game cuz V1
all past game changing and updates are not improving game much, game is nothing without players and updates they r based to take money from players on greedy way each week and to give basically nothing, so that is the main reason why we have situation in world like this one today, people get tired to pay rl money for nothing and they simply leaving game. Game concept should be rising population in every country not only small amount payment users in each one.

Sozo Day 2,151, 06:03

Sadly, I agree. Once the admins discovered they could bring in cash by sacrificing balance and focus on the community for the imbalance of favoring smalls amounts of high spenders, the game as we knew it was done. Now we are all left riding this dead horse, trying to beat what little enjoyment we can get from it before it dies. The admins, like TWO, see no need to change because they like things they way they are.

xXxDefactorxXx Day 2,151, 06:06

players destroyed the game
they spent money
and made 'em greedy

eWhiteCrow Day 2,151, 08:43

I would totaly say that most people stopped playing, (Including me for 3 years) because of the economy and the so-called media.. Plato destroyed both of them.. I for example like the business.. That is why I started the game in the first place, now i joined again, just to screw around with a friend, who asked me to help him.. But I think that if plato fixes the Economy module and finaly make things a bit more realistic and reduce the difference in str. It is just not acceptable right now how everything is around militery module and 1 person can hit as hard as 1000 without any hard problems. I totaly think all this should change and after that, we can think about the real game.

Rex Ormunde
Rex Ormunde Day 2,151, 09:00

I very casually play this game. For me, it just comes down to the gold buying really. I wish there was another version of this game that I could pay $5-$10/month or /3 months to access, get better support, updates, and not have the gold buying feature. Yes. It means that much to me that I can't get super involved because of it at this point. Still, I'm somewhat around, watching all the fires.

Sozo Day 2,151, 10:38

I doubt they will change the 1 > 1000 system, it's what keeps the money rolling in. So long as the only way to become a significant force in the eWorld is by gold buying (and not hard work and economic success ingame) the money piles higher. Who knows? They may have even intentionally wrecked the economy to create exactly this environment, though that would indicate an unprecedented amount of forethought on their part.

eWhiteCrow Day 2,151, 11:10

Sozo - I am absolutely sure they did it just because of that... I am a game tester and I work at companies like that... They are not stupid, they know what they are doing and they see what happend to the economy.. If they were interested in changing it to be more fun for the players, they would have done it years ago..

Asturiesh Day 2,151, 02:44

ahora en español que me da peressa 🙂

uxiors Day 2,151, 07:09

Hazte el curso de injlés por correspondencia :3

Liberticide Day 2,151, 02:52

A great thing to read, thanks dear. Day 2,151, 02:52

Comment deleted

The Great CornhoIio
The Great CornhoIio Day 2,151, 02:52

The world won't change on its own. TWO is comfortable right now and they won't change things to make the game fun. The game needs intervention from developers. Because wars are pointless at this moment.

SPQN Day 2,151, 03:11

Can't agree more on the "Because wars are pointless at this moment."

Where's the fun when you know you'll win every battles, and where to find the motivation to start quite useless battles on the other side?

By the way :
If just for a weekend or 3 days, no CoT & friends country starts or even fight i those RW ... it would be quite No Battles At All !
That could help erepublik-labs think twice.

The Great CornhoIio
The Great CornhoIio Day 2,151, 03:29

Rw's won't happen anymore. No1 will fund them since they are doomed from the start to fail. And CoT governments will soon have no money since there will be no congress. So, world peace incoming.

SPQN Day 2,151, 03:38

Word Peace or "eRepublik GameOver"

SexyCicko Day 2,151, 02:55

sta ti bre vejnas o v1 ti si lvl 28 xD

Dman112 Day 2,151, 10:45

ja sam 26 a vidi mi datuma pravljenja, mjeseca dana nakon tebe 😃

veky1991 Day 2,151, 12:32

Stariji sam od obojice, a level 25 😃 Nakon što je eRep prešao na v2 prestao sam igrati, nedavno ponovno aktivirao acc (iznenadilo me da toliko dugo drže accounte u bazi podataka). V1 je bio uživancija u svakom smislu, i s razlogom privukao toliko igrača. Mislim da je bolje bilo da su se držali onog "Don't fix what ain't broken".

quasarr Day 2,151, 02:56

vote..great article o/

Ely.nea Day 2,151, 02:59

I remember this period. Nostalgia : voted

veky1991 Day 2,151, 12:34

Same here.

Didei Day 2,151, 03:04

Do you wanna know what happend to the game(?), I'll tell you: Parter came! 😉 [if you are old enough to remember it]

Mr. Alex Great
Mr. Alex Great Day 2,151, 03:07

Its last news from Poland: 10 articles for 3 day;
egov say that Pol have 2372 act.ppl.
Compare with France and Russia (or Ukraine)

Do you have any more illusions?

LacticAcid Day 2,151, 03:07


kek11 Day 2,151, 03:14

Votado we need to return to the V1 !

TTi09 Day 2,151, 03:19

Agree, great article

War3hous313 Day 2,151, 03:26


Dr. Strangeclock
Dr. Strangeclock Day 2,151, 03:30

well summarized history of eWorld, and callings that should be heard!!

i would only add the PTO phenomenon, the cancer of eWold, which in my opinion should be the reason in disguise of what eWorld we have today! it is precisely that greed that you mention for gold and domination- but then, not much different from RL, if we ever wonder why!

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 2,151, 03:36

What happened to our game? CTRL happened! That's what set the dominoes falling.

Also, TEDEN scored better victories over a numerically superior foe in the TEDEN-ONE days than EDEN did against Phoenix, I don't know why people still harp on about Hello Kitty. ONE was far stronger than Phoenix after all.

"Maybe we should let ePoland and eSerbia pick their allies one by one like on street football match? Serbia pick Hungary, Poland pick Spain, Serbia pick Slovenia, Poland pick Croatia? That would make the game interesting, but it's impossible solution if you ask me...."

Lol yeah, it would be more 'interesting', but WHY would TWO decide they've had enough of winning and decide they'd like a return to a balanced e-world? Its not gonna happen. What needs to happen is COMPETENT nonTWO countries need to create a new alliance opposed to TWO and build it up from there, leaving the door open to countries like Romania, Argentina, Turkey, Bulgaria, Chile etc. There isn't going to be an IMPERIUM-like, overnight solution to this problem, where SPoland suddenly chose Cro/USA over SerbHun. Pie in the sky.

Bad BIue Boys
Bad BIue Boys Day 2,151, 03:38

If it didn't happened in Hannibal times it will never happen for sure.
I agree with you, but I think you're underestimating what boredom can create. I wouldn't be so surprised if TWO countries just start fighting between eachother.

WayneKerr Day 2,151, 13:26

we might as well, seeing as CoT offer no fun...

Chise E Tamai
Chise E Tamai Day 2,153, 04:34

Personally I think it comes down to CoT screwing off and pissing off ex-Eden members too much. I still remember the times in which Eden just dissociated, and CoT and TWO trying hard to get the ex-Edens on their side...angers and grudges sent people to TWO.

Gwynbleidd Atlius
Gwynbleidd Atlius Day 2,151, 03:48

Personally I think that Admins should implement a better division of alliances. This could means that the first 5 Countries of the eWorld couldn't stay in one single alliance all together. Surely this could solve some problem also if they could be allied also without MPP and help each other.

Now that TWO has complete control there's no hope for medium-little countries to get dome honour in battle, they cannot just win. To solve that the shield is not enough, to solve that should be created a new way of fight where influence is based on relative damage! So a Division 1 member who strike for 1.000.000 damage counts more than a Divison 4 Memeber striking 4.000.000 damage.
That's in my opinion our only hope.,

Gwynbleidd Atlius
Gwynbleidd Atlius Day 2,151, 03:49

sorry for errors I wrote by Phone 🙂

Fanaxidiel Day 2,151, 05:32

Yes, of course, it's because of it. xD

Gwynbleidd Atlius
Gwynbleidd Atlius Day 2,151, 11:08

Giuro! Non avevo selezionato EN come lingua della tastiera 😐

Almirante Cjhurruca
Almirante Cjhurruca Day 2,151, 03:49

Impressive article! I endorse every single word

Marko Klis
Marko Klis Day 2,151, 04:01

My opinion is that admin need to invent something in the game which will divide Two alliance!

baroti Day 2,151, 06:18

Wich admins? Servian 12 years old kids?. C'mon they have better things to do like hunting for articles about Kosovo and baning people for writing those articles. The only solution is to quit this stupid game.

Ante General
Ante General Day 2,151, 07:42

You missunderstood admins for moderators. Moderators are players just like you and me but with more power that they abuse quite a lot, while admins are the creators and developers of the game, and all the changes we saw and will see in the future, are made by them.

LoD_Hack Day 2,151, 04:03

I'm totally agree with this article. We need to come back to the eR origins.


"Come back to the eR origins with activated MPPs only in the original territory,bastions and foreign exchange.

And please,remove the Work as Manager."


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