What Do You Wish For?

Day 2,571, 09:07 Published in USA USA by George Griffin
Good afternoon my lovely friends

I decided that my article publishing has gone down a lot since a couple years ago. Do you know why that is? I'll tell you why... It's simple, this game has slowed down quite a bit. We used to be a country full of excitement with a crazy mix of people living here. Every month was exciting and action packed. I've been playing this game for years and I have see the changes before my eyes. Is it sad that I'd rather have this game back in the V2 ERA? The game made more sense back then and kept me on my toes. I miss so many things about this game and this is my article based on what I wish for and hope to see...

I miss the elections! I miss when the votes got up into the thousands and people went crazy. I miss the leadership and the quality of thinking. Back then you had to fight for what you believed in. I miss this aspect of this game. These we're honestly the best. Election time was always fun and you never knew what to expect. Now, you kind of know what you're getting. It just seems plain now, you know?

I miss the amount of success. The power and badass articles. I miss the suspense of everything leading to powerful elections. This game used to be great. It used to power people to strive to achieve the ultimate goal. Where has it gone? What has happened? We lost our ambition and our communication. It's not over, we can regain control and lead our country to the top. What are we waiting for?

You have a choice in a matter of hours. You have a chance to make something happen. What will you do with it? Ask yourself, what can I do to make this game better? How can I change my country? We need everyone to step up and get active. I want to see leadership and nothing but success. We deserve that! It's not about parties and who can be better and who can throw down the most damage. Stop with that BS and get behind our country and fight to the top. We're all together as one. Fight together for god sake.

We are eAmerica and no one messes with us. I fear anyone that steps in our path.

Thank you,
~ George Griffin