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What a white elephant

Day 2,039, 06:14 Published in Philippines Republic of China (Taiwan) by Al Raposas

It has been a time since I published anything. More than a month really. Its all because I was busy building a micronation. Anyway, all I can say now to all presidents in the past months (excluding BPU, though his term is short)? A white elephant.

In history, white elephants symbolized wealth and power. Surely our PTOers have displayed such with their EXP levels alone.

But then again, white elephants also signified uselessness despite its being sacred. As any other elephant, you have to take care of these beasts with their daily needs of food, water, etc. But in return? Practically nothing. If other elephants were ridden, this elephant cannot be. Its sacred. Deal with it.

Kings in Southeast Asia used to give white elephants to other nations as a sign of prosperity and peace in their home kingdom. But what happens inside the kingdom? These same kings give white elephants to a) less liked officials who do unsatisfactory work and to political enemies.

When they had the sacred white elephant in their shelter, all those people had to do was to take care of the big animal. Soon enough, the high costs of maintaining the elephant will bring the recipients to ruin.

What do you think then? Is my observation wrong? Of course I saw some activity in the Foreign Affairs (I am the ambassador to South Africa) but little else outside that department. Population also dwindled, and the treasury is not even earning.

Now then, will you keep the white elephant?



DragoonXRyu Day 2,039, 07:29

There really are no mechanisms for us to keep PTO'ers away or run them out of the country.

Boy Pick Up
Boy Pick Up Day 2,039, 08:23


RaymondN Day 2,040, 01:07

The answer is no. I would rather own a white elephant statues or figurines than having a real white big elephant in my backyard.

Boy Pick Up
Boy Pick Up Day 2,040, 05:25


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