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What's the lowest damage for Battle Hero you've ever seen?

Day 1,743, 08:00 Published in South Korea United Kingdom by Kwon Eun Seo

Hey guys, so I recently have been in Thailand because I am trying to get mercenary medal (currently at 13/50 countries!) and Thailand was a good spot to collect 2 countries (Thailand and India). I have to say, these two countries are pretty inactive. Today, I just saw someone that took Battle Hero on both sides of the battlefield and got one for doing the only hit for Thailand during the entire battle. I wonder how they even managed to take over a piece of India lol

Why can't I be that lucky?
well anyways, I'm close to getting some extra gold to upgrade my training facilities, just need hard worker medal in 10 days and Super Soldier in 9-13 days. Now that college has started though and I'm getting a part time job, I don't have the time to watch a battle and wait to strike for a Battle Hero 🙁
Also, thanks to all the supporters for subscribing, liking, and even messaging me tips from my previous news article, eRepublik truly has a lot of nice people!
-Eun Seo Kwon - I just realized my initial is ESK 🙂



ArawnLives Day 1,743, 08:02

LOL, the reason why they managed to take a bit of our country was the Serbians who back Thailand. But they're rubbish in RWs as a result. And don't worry, you'll get lucky soon - lots more battles to be fought!

BoB WlW Day 1,743, 11:35

You've got my s + v
Many luck on the battlefield and I wish you to find some easy battles for BH medals 😉

Jeremy Jeong
Jeremy Jeong Day 1,743, 14:08

v11 your screen captures tells me that you might need erep advance and erep mercenary achievement~

Have fun!

g0g40 Day 1,744, 03:49

Its because there are no newbies in Thailand

GODKA Day 1,745, 04:44


the tormented one
the tormented one Day 1,745, 05:17

about 1000

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